Friday, 29 July 2016

Carte Blanche for Blossoms & Bookpages!

Goodly afternoon!  Ooh I love it when a plan comes together!  It isn't often that I think of a project and actually make it so it looks like it did in my head.  This project started out in my head looking like... well, exactly like the finished article!  Unusual for me, I usually just slap stuff anywhere and faff around for hours trying to get things to look right.  Over on the Creative Carte Blanche blog, I chose the theme for July, Blossoms & Bookpages.  I chose the theme because I wanted to make this project... and being of slatternly persuasion, it is oft the case I will not end up making something because other things get in the way.  Perfect excuse to get my fingers inky and make something for the living room too.

I bought an old copy of Hans Christian Anderson's childrens stories a few months ago from a charity booksale... it cost me the princely sum of 50p.  One of the stories is Thumbelina.... I have a bit of an addition to fuchsias... well, actually, a lot of an addiction (I have 79 different varieties now *see, told ya, addicted*) and it just so happens there is a new fuchsia called Thumbelina.  I also have the Heartfelt Creations Fuchsia Dies... so... put them together and you get this project!

The shadowbox is from The Range and is 8" x 8", I smidged a wee bit of black paint onto the bare wood, sanded it back and then blended Ground Espresso DI over the surface to get this nice aged look. 

The fuchsias were made by sticking the bookpages onto card, die cutting the shapes and inking with Picked Raspberry and Wilted Violet DI's to get the colours and then assembling the blooms.  The stems of the flowers are thin strips of bookpage/cardstock inked with Peeled Paint and the branches were made (very fiddly-diddly) by twisting bookpages around wire then inking with the green ink plus a smidge of Frayed Burlap.  The base inside is more bookpages, collages, knocked back with Antique Linen and Bundled Sage Distress Paint, splattered with Peeled Paint and Bundled Sage Distress Spray and then gently inked with more Ground Espresso to bring the whole design together.

I decided against adding any embellies (I know, what???) and wordage as I want the blooms to really stand out, it is simple but so pretty I didn't want to take away any limelight from those fuchsias.  Anyways... that's it really... I spent ages making this... the blooms are pretty easy to put together but it was the placement of them and the wrapping of the wire and making sure that it looked exactly like it did in my head...  Thanks for looking, have a grand weekend!  TTFN

Hels x

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

It's Showtime!!!

Hurrah and thrice!!! Today I shall be returning to the old tellybox on Create & Craft with ScrapBerry's... show times are 2pm and 8pm and the channels details are Sky 674, Freeview 36, Virgin 748 and FreeSat 813 and you can also watch live online HERE on the Create & Craft website.  Oooo and before I forget, did you know that ScrapBerry's have a blog?  HERE it is... full of fabulous projects from the DT and also a monthly challenge too!  Please do remember to take a cuppa and a packet of biscwits with you tho, you might be there a-while all a-gog at the beautiful creations!

Here are a couple of samples I made for the shows - the first one is using the ever so pretty and gorgeous Summer Joy papers and bunny stamp... there are three stamps in the collection... I love them all (obviously, cos they are bunnies and they are so cute!)   This one is made using the 6 x 6 papers, Bunny is stamped using Archival Ink and then I used a waterbrush and Distress Ink to colour her in.  I added little flowery stamped bits - again watercoloured using DI's and shabbied up the edges with a distress tool and some Frayed Burlap DI.  The bow is made using the shabby ribbon in the kit and the wordage is also in the kit... a bundle of pre-printed shapes, sentiments and more bunnies.  Sir Alan Rabbit tells me he is rather smitten with this little bunny girl :O))

Next up is the Mechanical Illusion kit.   Right up my street because it is all steampunkery and a little bit brown (you know me, I loves brown!)   I altered a little papiermache bookbox...  I just covered it with papers, added some Distress Ink, cut out some of the "oddities" in the paperpack and popped them onto the box along with some of the resin stickers, which are totally fab and match prefectly to the papers.

I really must get a wiggle on and get meself to bedsies... I have been faffing about trying get the old claws to look halfway decent, tis funny how gardening and papercrafting really make ones cuticles manky but it is worth it... you should see the size of my cucumbers already!!! I will try remember to get a photo of them before I scoff them all up :O) 

I hope you can join me for the shows... oh and!!!  My lovely American pals will be pleased to know that I am going to be on Create & Craft USA on Wednesday!!!  HERE is the American website... all the channel details are listed on there: Direct TV is 85/222 and Dish Network is 221...

Right, bedtime!!!  Thanks for looking and have a great day!  TTFN

Hels x

Friday, 1 July 2016

Carte Blanche for a New Theme!!!

Cor blimey!!!  Who fastforwardeded June already?  Happy July all... I am here today to let you know about a brand new theme over on the Creative Carte Blanche blog starting right now.  And... I chose the theme *sooo excited!*   You know how much I loves flowers... and I loves books just as muchly so bung the two together and a fab theme of Blossom & Bookpages is born!  To see all the details on how to join in the creative fun, CLICK HERE... I have arranged a First Edition Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone to whizz you across the cyberverse to get there toute-suite.

In other news... I shall be back on't tellybox on Tuesday 5th July at 2pm and 8pm with glorious goodies from ScrapBerry's... more of that later... at the moment I am disappearing in a puff of dust and glitter whilst I try to get my Room of Stash in order as it... um... really has got a little bit... out of hand!

Thanks for looking... I will be back soonly!  TTFN

Hels x

Friday, 17 June 2016

Feathers & Flutters...

Cor blimey and thrice!   I can't believe how quickly this year is whizzing past, June already!!   Which means it is time for me to show you my offering for this month's Creative Carte Blance blog theme of "Winged Things".   Now, it is no secret that I usually managed to bung a butterfly somewhere on my creations and I positively squealed with delight when I saw what Susan had picked for the theme this month!  Hurrah!  Any old excuse eh?   To see all the details on how to join CLICK HERE and you will be transported immediately on the back of a giant bumblebee to the Creative Carte Blanche blog.

I decided to try and bung as many winged things as possible onto my canvas... starting with birds.  I used the most delightful Birds of Paradise papers from ScrapBerry's as a base and being as I'd cut up a lot of them, I used the offcuts, layered them up and created a blocky collage.  Each piece of paper was edged with Ground Espresso Distress Ink to create a bit of a border on them so the layers stand out a bit.  The second bit of the winged theme is beeswax.  Well, it comes from bees... and they have wings :O)   A liberal slap of wax melted in my Melt Pot, all over the papers, adding extra depth in places for a more rustic effect and just set it aside to dry... no re-melting with a heat tool as this will make the wax soak through the paper and spoil the effect.

I made some paper roses using Tim's Tattered Florals die (wish I had a quid for every rose I've made... it must be in the thousands now, I am addicted lol)  These were then dipped into the melted wax in the Melt Pot and set aside to cool off.  The wax soaks into the papers a bit so it gives a slightly darker effect to the roses.  I did the same with Tim's Tattered Leaves, crinkling them up before dipping so they keep a bit of shape.  Tim's new Doily die?  You seen it? You got it? I LOVE it!!!  I have them both *greedy* and used just half of one of the cuts to dip through the wax... a waxy doily, how cool!

Of course, I needed a sentiment, so I stamped one of Tim's new wordy stamps, quickly painted beeswax over the top and then popped 3d foam onto the back of it.... the reason for the 3d foam is simples... you need to use hot glue to fasten anything to beeswax surfaces... hot glue would re-melt the wax on the stamped words making them look a bit ugly... the foam prevents re-meltage when the hot glue is applied and also lifts the little word block up and away from the surface of the canvas, making it stand out more.   I stamped a Darkroom Door butterfly, dipped that through the wax too and then popped him onto the canvas too.  A few more embellies to finish and there you go... lots of wings and things!

I shall away now... I am busy with the Ink Buds this weekend... and I also have news of more TV shows so watch this space for times and dates etc.   Thanks for looking, have a grand weekend!  TTFN

Hels x

Thursday, 26 May 2016

It's Showtime!!!

Ooohlalaa!!!  I have been all of a dither with the anticipation of today because... I will be on Create & Craft at 1pm and 8pm with ScrapBerry's.  The channel details are: Sky 674, Freeview 23, Freesat 813 and Virgin 748 or you can watch live online HERE.  I've a few samples to show you... three of the collections that will be featuring on the shows - plus the ScrapBerry's DT have been working up a storm to make the most beautiful samples... to see the DT blogs, just click their names and I've arranged for you to be whisked across cyberspace on a huge ladybird :O))

Check out Olga, Mariusz, Maja and Romy.... the DT members who have been creating gorgeous samples for the shows today... seriously talented peeps they are. 

You can also see more delightful things made using ScrapBerry's goodies HERE on the blog and did you know there is a ScrapBerry's group on yonder Facebook?  All you need to do is search ScrapBerry's and the option to join will pop up.... there are loads of members there sharing all their creations so it is well worth joining.

I hope you will be able to join me at 1pm and 8pm.... I am ever so slightly nervous because it has been nearly two years since I was last on the tellybox!  I have no idea where that time went!!!   I shall away now...  thanks for looking and have a great day!  TTFN

Hels x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

WWWow! Carte Blanche!!!

Cor blimey, you know I loves a good old challenge theme and this month, over at the Creative Carte Blanche blog, Cheryl has set a grand prompt for us all.... to use something Wild, a Word and some Wood!   This one certainly got me all of a dither and I decided immediately to not go down the usual route of a wooden thing to alter but instead to decorate a wooden thing.... and then I completely got sidetracked after rummaging in the Room of Stash and remembering this old wooden spool that a friend gave to me yonks ago.  It has, to be honest, been sitting folornly gathering dust on a shelf, so I took it down, blew on it (rids the fruzzins and dusty bits, that does) and set about scavenging in the garden for something wild.

I have some ok, lots of hardy fuchsias and they needed a tidy up so I gathered together some of the twiggy bits and the idea formed to bung them into the spool.  A passing pigeon obligingly dropped a few feathers on the lawn so I nabbed those up too and popped those into the middle of the spool too. 

I didn't want heavy decorations so I decided on acetate butterflies, perched lightly on the twiggy bits (with the aid of hot glue, I hasten to add) and I added some resin blooms for a splash of colour along with a Word Band to.... add my word!  Voila, done... and whilst the photo's are a bit dodgy, it does look really pretty and delicate in real life.  One of these days I shall get myself a decent photo... until that time I shall keep trying! 

To join in the fun, CLICK HERE and you will be whisked off to the Creative Carte Blanche blog and you'll be able to see how to join in, where to upload your entry and also, do take a cuppa and a HobNob as you will be wanting to feast your eyes upon the gorgeousness that my teamies have been making this month too.

I shall away now... busy, busy, busy this week... I have news, verrrrry exciting news... all will be revealed very soon... watch this space ;o))   Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x

Friday, 22 April 2016

Carte Blanche to Box Clever...

...Cor blimey and thrice!!!  Two blog posts in a week!!!  I know, I know, whatever next eh?    I have been playing again for the Creative Carte Blanche theme for April, which is Cigar Boxes.  However, I have had a lot of feedback telling me that us poor UK peeps are struggling to get hold of cigar boxes.  So, I had a little think and decided that whilst a cigar box is preferable (it is the theme after all) I would bend the rules slightly and alter a papier mache box instead.  *that also means if I bend the rules, so can you ;O)*

I have a gorgeous paper pad from ScrapBerry's that has been whispering to me for a few weeks now, it has!  It's been positively yowling to be chopped up you know... and who am I do disregard such a request?  The papers are called Photo Archive and are a 6" x 6" pack... full of lovely muted tones and greens (I have saved those for another project, I do love my greens... altho not kale or any other healthy thing like that of course!)  Armed with a 4" square papier mache box (also ScrapBerry's) I set about the alteration.  Starting with a smidge of Vintage Photo DI all around the edges of the box and then cutting into the papers to make them fit... sanding the edges of the papers, scruffing them up a bit and then popping a bit more Vintage Photo onto them, a smidge of glue and voila, box covered.  Seriously this took about 15 minutes (I love a quicky I do!)

Now to decorate it.  I had intended to go down the old steampunk route and bung loads of cogs and screws and stuff on it.... and then I veered off into a floral fantasy (I spend half my life in a floral fantasy you know) so I just had to use mulberry roses... also from ScrapBerry's - in actual fact, everything on this project is from ScrapBerry's!!!   Anyways, I added smidges of Vintage Photo to the flowers to tone them in a bit, stuck on a pearly swirly, added a twist of waxed linen thread, popped the metal "special" plack, plaq, pl... um, thingy onto glue gel to raise it up and then added the diddy little bottle cap with the resin image inside *how cute are these!!!*   A couple of resin blooms finished my little box and it is now ready and waiting for a few special trinkets to find their way into it *am thinking secret stash of choccy*

That's all from me for today... afore I go I will just let you know that I will be in Preston tomorrow, demoing and Inspirations, with my old mate Pauline -the pair of us, under one roof, demoing... what have they let themselves in for!!!  So, if you are at a loose end, fancy a natter and a watch of me getting down and dirty with some Gelatos, please do pop by... entry is free and doors open at 10am.    Thanks for looking and have a grand weekend!  TTFN

Hels x

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