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Friday, 17 August 2012

Snazzily Steampunk...

...did you know that there is a steampunkery competition going over on the Snazzy Design Team blog? Aha, oh yesh indeedily... and... even better, there's some lush prizes too! All the deets and the rest of the teams artwork etc are HERE but afore ye go, here's my little offering for the DT. It is a 6" shadowbox with a little hanging frame dangling from the inside.

The box was simple to alter... slap some Frayed Burlap Distress Stain all over it, using a paintbrush to apply the Stain in the insidey bits (to get the Stain out of the bottle is simples: press the valve onto your craft sheet, squeeze the bottle and drag it towards you, the Stain puddles out... perfect!) Anyways, the Stain was left to soak in a bit and then I gave it a helping hand and dried it with a heat tool. Then I used Gathered Twigs DI and blended smidges of this over the frame to add some shadey bits. Then I spritzed water into my paw and flicked it, where it landed it bleached the Stain out a bit... so it looks nice and old. Finally I used a dry-ish black Dabber and dragged this lightly around the edges. I did the same for the ickle frame too.

The centre piece is card that I used a That Special Touch mask on (penny farthing) and Old Paper DS, smooshing it all over - this means that the image is less crisp but that is the look I wanted, so it was in the background - shame it doesn't really show in the pics lol Next came some stamping: using the Chocolate Baroque Steampunk set and Black Archival, I stamped three images, making masks for the two outer ones so they were all overlapped nicely. I coloured them with Stains and a waterbrush and then set about making a banner for the bottom of the card. That was a doddle - Stain card with Old Paper and then stamp the word repeatedly, cut out, edge with Gathered Twigs and stick on. The insert for the ickle frame is one of the larger wordy stamps, again onto the Stained card and cut to fit. Check out the hat! Isn't that super cool? That hat itself is an Embellish Your Art Studio 490 embellie, I added on a Tando wing (painted with Black and SnowCap Dabber) and then a cornucopia of Idea-ology cogs and stuff. All of these are glued on with the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue - tis amazing stuff see! Finally, popping all the pieces into place, I added some more embellies to the shadowbox and voila... finished :O))

I stayed up til 01.30 this morning playing in my Room of Stash, I do love late nights in the Room of Stash! We spent the evening stuffing our faces with Indian takeaway (nommetty-nom: chicken tikka madras, chicken tikka masala, pilau rice, naan and free bombay potates) and watching Peter Kay on the telly - oh boy, my jaw is still aching from all the laughing, that guy is the funniest man in the world! If you haven't seen his Tour That Didn't Tour - Tour you must see it... Right, I shall away, things to do and all that and my hair desparately needs styling, which takes an hour for me to wrestle with it so it doesn't resemble feathers lol Have a lovely day peeps... TTFN!

Hels x

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Simon Says...

...cor blimey and thrice, how long since I joined in with the brill challenge that is Simon Says Stamp & Show??? Too long!!! Anyways... I have spent a few delightfully inky hours making a T'Pouch for my entry for this weeks challenge which is Steampunk. If you haven't seen this challenge before, do head on over to the blog to see all the amazing art by the Design Team... truly inspiring!

Anyways... that there pic is my entry... the T'Pouch...which reminds me... I did a quicky tut the other day with the "how to" make one of these... HERE are the deets for that :O)) SO.. the T'Pouch... made from white card and coloured with Distress Stains. I was having a smooshily fab time with Distress Stains yesterday afternoon and did a bit of mixing with Picket Fence and Milled Lavendar... it goes a gorgeous milky lilac colour... but I wanted it a bit darker so I added some Dusty Concord into the mix... and then once this had dried I added some Black Soot.

Amazingly, Milled Lavendar and Black Soot were the two Stains I wasn't going to bother getting... I thought that the Black Soot would be a bit OTT and the Milled Lavendar pad is one that I hardly ever use... how chuffed am I that I decided I NEEDED the whole set huh? VERY!! lol After making an inky background for the T'Pouch and the tag, I did a bit of background stamping with Snowcap Dabber... but this was really pale so I went over the top with Black Archival... the white still shows through and it actually looks darker... if that makes sense :O))

The stamping is a combo of Studio 490 stamps and those Steampunky ones by the Duke of Distress... I love that sentiment... and the chap with the box Brownie... I added some metal bits and bobs... oooh and look at the ickle bottle.. it has rusty screws in it... cute! The key dangling is one I picked up in an antique market in Chesapeake Bay when I was staying with Ellen in America last time... I could have spent a forrrrtune in there too... they even had an Underwood typewriter... but it would have cost me several million-squillion quids to get it back to the Room of Stash so I just had to stare longingly at it... and then walk away.

So... yesterday afternoon... the men came to put the sealy layer jobby onto the path in the back garden... and AlfieCat was confined to barracks... not wanting him to paddle through it and get it on his paws. Well, I strolled around to the post box and on the way back I was chased by a little black and white kittycat... she lives over the other side of the Spinney and is often seen lurking in the back garden... anyways, I said hello to her and gave her a bit of a pet... and then carried on to the house, noticing that she had disappeared behind me. Next thing, I am in the kitchen and I see her prancing up the just sealed path... so I nipped out and managed to pick her up... straight into the laundry to wash her paw-paws... the seal was drying but I don't know what's in it etc. So... there I am, holding a cat that has now decided she isn't all cute and cuddly and is, in fact, a right little monster. Then... I hear hissing... I turned to look... and as soon as kittycat noticed my attention wasn't on her, she bit me!!! And the hissing? That was AlfieCat who had puffed himself up to three times the size *he does look silly when he does that because his head stays the same size, so he looks like a big fat lump with a pin-head* and he was giving me and kittycat the Eye of the Muckergee.... eeeek... I quickly dried kittycats paws and out she went... in the meantime, the hissy-spitty AlfieCat is getting ready for the biggest strop ever! Honestly, it is like having a toddler lol I am just about forgiven for bringing another cat into the house, although he is still glaring at me every so often. Anyways... that's me for today...Thanks for looking... time for inkyness again... TTFN

Hels x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Stamper - Week 159 - All Around My Hat

Goodly Morning Stampers and a very happy Sunday to you all... many thanks for the fab steampunk entries last week... all gorgeous creations. This week I asked Grim to choose the theme... sometimes I just can't think of anything new... so I was rather chuffed when he said "HATS"... and a cool song title to go with the theme too! To join in with the challenge all you need to do is make a little something, it can be anything you fancy, include the theme and some stamping, leave a comment for me here with a link to the place you are showing your entry and I will hop on over to visit you. The challenge will remain open until 21:00 Saturday 25th June 2011.

My entry this week is something a bit different... actually, it is and it isn't because it is a tag... but there is also a tagvelope... cool name huh? Well, it is a donkey's yonk since I last made one of these folded tag jobbies and I decided to take it one step further and include a normal size tag inside the tagvelope. You do realise that I will be saying that word over and over now... tagvelope...

The large tag is hoooge and is a perfect size for folding... so, I used Snowcap Dabber to stamp some images and then went over them with Weathered Wood, Broken China and Faded Jeans Distress Stains... and for the main tag, I also used Chipped Sapphire DI - I wanted the white bits to look like a blue-print... well, it sort of does... if you squint a little lol

I used a combo of Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi Steampunk stamps... you can find these at The Stamp Attic BTW. I used mountboard to cut some Gadget Gears and coloured with Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain Stains... and then cut into them so only part of them are on the tag...

I added a few bits of Idea-ology to the tag and the outside of the tagvelope and used a piece of Grungepaper cut using the Hardware Findings Alterations die to make a closure for the tagvelope... all in all, I am rather chuffed with the idea of making a tagvelope... I enjoyed this almost as much as I did making that pouch last week.

Right... that's me for today... I hope that I managed to leave comments on all your entries last week.. Mr Blogger was being pesky and refusing to let me comment... I think I have just about caught up now though. Ooooh, and I very nearly forgot... Happy Father's Day! AlfieCat has been ever so clever and gone out and got Grim a bottle of something nice... and he made a card for him too... I have such a clever furbaby lol Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sunday Stamper - Week 158 - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Goodly Morning Stampers and a very happy Sunday to you all! Thank you all for the lovely entries last week... it was grand to see that so many of you have the exact same "fave stash" as me! The new theme this week is loosely based on the song title...well, you can't fault me for trying to get a song to tie in... so... without further ado... the theme for this week is... STEAMPUNK. As ever, to join in with the challenge, all you need to do is make a little something - it can be anything you fancy - include some stamping and the theme and then leave a comment for me here along with a link to the place you are showing your entry. I will then hop on over to see you. The challenge will remain open until 21:00 Saturday 18th June 2011.

Now... I am one for making the odd tag or ten a week and for my entry this week I decided to make a little pouch for the tag to slip into. The idea started as just a little simple card pouch, simply decorated with a normal kind of tag in it.... erm.... weeeeell... I went a bit over the top with the tag... and then really over the top with the pouch! I made the pouch by measuring up the tag against a piece of white cardstock, then scored some foldy bits on the card and folded it, swore a bit... refolded it, screwed it up, chucked it in the bin... got it out again, straightened it out... measured the original measurements against a new piece of card... and... ended up with this rather rough around the edges affair.

I covered all the edges and inside of the pouch with Antique Linen Distress Stains and then used Burshed Corduroy Distress Ink to blend right on the folds to make it look a bit old and grubby. I cut a couple of pieces of Crowded Attic paper and gave them a swish with a babywipe loaded with Trad Tan paint... used Distress Stains to make a smooshyness of ink onto the craft sheet, dipped, dried etc until I had the look I wanted. The old date stamp really is ancient, dating from 1948... so I used a thin Sharpie and made the 9 into an 8... so it is now the 1840's & 50's... more Victorian for the Steampunk era... although I am not sure exactly what the dates of Steampunk are... but it is artistic license lol

The pouch got thoroughly loaded with goodies... a rose made from Kraft Resist and Tattered Florals & Leaves Alterations... some Idea-ology and some rather splendidly rusty screws that I nicked from Grim's garagey drawer unit thingy...ssssh... he doesn't know yet lol the ickle bolts are Industrial Chic... I got those in Michael's... we need a Michael's in the UK!!! I cut an On The Edge Gear border, painted the card, added Vintage Photo Stains and dried off with the heatgun.

The tag was streaked with Trad Tan and applied with Broken China and Faded Jeans Stains... with a smidge of Vintage Photo ... then overstamped with Coffee Archival and Tim's Steampunk stamps... The border is a ruler from the Crowded Attic stack, popped onto mountboard and a little snap thingy added to the end of it. The rest of the decorations were just layered on randomly so it looks a bit haphazard.

So! There you go... I loved making this pouchy thing so I will be making more... and... I will deffo get a template next time... that will save faffing about! Thank you for all the lovely messages etc about THAT Steampunk Bird stamp I was seeking yesterday... hurrah and thrice and hooooge thanks to Sioux who found it... it is Scroll Works Stamps... apparently they are closing so I nipped in quickly and ordered it... well, it can be my birthday pressie to me... did I mention it is my birthday tomorrow?? Probably... tis a goodly excuse to eat lots of cake :O) Right... time to get myself off to bed.. thanks for looking... have a fab week everyone... TTFN

Hels x

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