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Friday, 18 November 2011

Tinkling Trinkets...

...ok, so not my finest hour in the whole "choose-a-grand-blogpost-title" malarkey but... I kind of like it ;O) Anyways... more THANK YOU's are going out to everyone who has left me lovely comments and sent me messages... I can tell you for nowt, I have had a couple of rough days and they have fair bouyed me up. Apologies also to anyone who has Tweeted me... I took the "tell-the-moby-someone-Tweeted" thing off my account so have only just realised that I have had Tweets too... I shall be rectifying that soon.

So... I alluded to my lounging about the other day but I wasn't lounging about doing nothing... oh no, I have been making some little trinkets... isn't it therapeautic... sitting with a beany-tray on your lap and putting beads onto headpins? Oh yes, I love doing that... so does AlfieCat, well, he doesn't love the putting the beads onto headpins thing... but he does rather like pouncing onto Mummy's lap, whilst said tray is still in situ and then haring off around the house with his chops full of my jewellry making gear...

The pics show a few of the things I have made this week... I will be selling these but haven't got chance to bung them onto Folksy at the moment so if you are interested, please drop me an email :O)) I really should try and find me a bust... the pics would be so much easier to take then!

So... an update is due... mmmm, I uttered the words "I wish I hadn't had this done" last night... when it got the stage that not a single wisp of pain relief was coming my way. And... tis still baaaad... but... there's light at the end of the tunnel because the sciatica is gone... hopefully for good... and the hip pain is sorted... so all is not lost.

I spent yesterday afternoon very indulgently... now, I make no secret of the fact that one of the main influences in my life has been The Beatles. So, a few weeks ago I spied a DVD on yonder t'internet called Living In A Material World, which is all about George Harrison. So, armed with chocolate (I was ordered to eat chocolate as a pain reliever by several sources ;O) That's my excuse and I is sticking to it) and my snuggley fleecy blanket, I laid down onto the sofa and started to watch... and then promptly spent the following 4 hours snivelling into my hanky. What an amazing film... very candid and it showed more the of the "real" George... his spiritualism and the things he loved and believed in. If you are a Beatles lover, then I can recommend this DVD... just make sure you have some Handy Andies with you when you watch it.

Right... I best get moving... I have two classes this weekend at The Stamp Attic... can't wait, all inky with Distress Stains tomorrow and then painty and inky with Christmas stash on Sunday... oh and... next weekend there are two more classes... and I have just heard there are a couple of spaces left on both... so, if you fancy coming to play, all the deets are HERE for booking! Thanks for looking... and thanks again for all your lovley comments this week! TTFN

Hels x

Monday, 3 October 2011

All Dried Up...

...oh yes indeedily, alas and thrice, I am still without my Mojo! This has been going on for nearly a week now and it is getting very tiresome indeed! So... I have spoken with friends who have all suggested various ways of getting the Mojo back home... I have taken note of all your lovely suggestions... and still nothing has worked! (what if it never comes back!!!!)

Not even a faint glimmer of Mojo has been seen in the Room of Stash for several days now... and it is really bugging me! Anyways... because the ink is evading me, I decided to sit and do a bit of beading... namely a necklace and bracelet combo and a rather jazzy bagcharm.

The majority of the beads and findings are from The Stamp Attic... did you know they are now stocking a marvellous hoard of jewellry making stuff, beads, pearls, findings, charms and the like... most of which have been used on these "makes". The main charm on the necklace is a Steampunk brass charm... cor, these are lush they are.. and the ickle crowns... too cute!

So... apart from faffing with findings... I have done absolutely nothing at all. Well, that is a fib, I have tried to ink... but it looked like poop so it went into the bin... then I tried to do some more inking using my fave colours - Aged Mahogany and Trad Tan... and again... the bin was fed... I know it is bad when my fave colours won't even speak to me... what to do! Well, I reckon that if I now leave the Room of Stash and tell the hiding Mojo that I don't care... nay and thrice, I don't WANT to craft... then it will come back... you know, reverse psycholy-wotsit... whatcha fink? Worth a try at the very least.... anyways... enough wafflings for one day... time to go and read my book... crafting? Pah! I don't want to...... ..... ....... much :O)) TTFN

Hels x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Whoopsie-Daisies... I make lists... do you? I have to...if I don't do a list then I am kyboshed because I would get absolutely nothing done. The only trouble is... if I make a list... and then forget the items on the list and I am back to square one... which is what has happened today! Yes, I was supposed to blog at midgnight to show you all about the new challenge on The Artistic Stamper Creative Team blog.... and....ermm... I forgot to look at the list! *blame it on all this sunshine and heat we are having here in very sunny Northamptonshire!*


Then, when I remembered to look at the list, the curse of Saturday afternoon hit again - oh yes, it seems that every single computer on the Grange is using yonder internet... rendering my internet connection slower than a slug up a drainpipe! Anyways... it seems that it is now working again so I can stop with the huffing and get on with telling you about my "make" for the team. It is a simples little bracelet, made from Idea-ology Ball Chain, with shrinky plastic leafy charms and words... all the deets for this months challenge are HERE if you fancy coping a handful of stamps for a prize!

Cor blimey... what about this amazing weather huh? I know it is terribly British to talk about the weather but come on... it's hotter than a badger here and I for one am lurving the bright blue skies and the warm gentle breezes... ahhhhhh......... Right... time for me to get my inky head back on... I am going to make my Sunday Stamper entry... errrm.. still not got a theme for it yet... we will have to see what I can come up with .... Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Chocolate Lime Owl...

...not a real owl of course... that would be too weird lol Nope, I have been making stuff out of beads and chain again... and here is my little owl necklace:

He is on a long chain, the bottom half of which has lime, chocolate and cream glass pearls and little bronze gems dangling around the brass owl.. isn't he just soooo cute! I am going to be listing him on Folksy later on... I think he deserves a good home - not that this one isn't ... it's just that he has a brother already and waiting to turn into more jewellry... so there isn't room for him here!

Anyways, I was full of goodly intentions to do the old workdesk thing today but... there was too much "can't see it now" stuff on my desk - I have been doing finishing touches to secret assignments... and quite frankly, my room is a pit... in fact, it is more than a pit.. it resembles a trash can. I have been busy this morning "helping" Grim in the garden... painting the fence with this stuff that is like Creosote but environmentally friendly... I can tell you... it is definitely friendly to my nose cos it smells lush!! Right... I had better get a move on... I have hair to wash and nails to be "done"... tonight we are watching a Genesis tribute group...and oh what a shame, we have to come home via the place that sells THE best potato wedges... in the World (yep, I did my Jeremy Clarkson voice again) And... those wedges... are a treat cos we never get to have them normally... so... shall I describe them? I have a few moments while the bath runs... ok, so they are like sections of big spuds... cut into wedgey shapes... then coated in this gorgeously yummy coating (mmm, coating... yep, it would "coat" something) anyhoo's this coating is a bit like that on a KFC piece of chicken.. but it also has bits of cracked black pepper in it too... nomnomonom... right, gotta dash... thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x

Friday, 26 August 2011

A Bit Of This... And...

... a bit of that. Today's post is a mish mash of stuff that I have been creating... starting off with some rather delish Faux Porcelain flowers. These are just so gorgeous and you really can't get the proper "feel" of them unless you see them in the flesh but I have done my bestest with the photo... in fact, I took several until I got the flash to behave lol The colours are actually like that too... tis Distress Stains ... and before they went into the Melt Pot of UTEE they were quite pale... whatever that UTEE stuff does, cor blimey and thrice, it works a treat! I will be using these flowers on a little something I have planned... I just have to get a wiggle on and make it.

So... next in the mish mash is a snippet of my DT piece for Bubbly Funk... which is in more detail HERE... I had much fun making my own foamy stamps with Kling On and Alterations... and Gesso, I lurve Gesso :O))

And then finally I have a couple of bracelets that I have made this week. Yes, it is true, I have a major league crush on all things beady and pearly. Now, you remember I said about that journalling lark and that I would be doing more? Well, I have done some backgrounds and I am loving the freedom of playing... but I can't very well do that when I am sitting watching EastEnders now can I? I can, however, do some beading things... I have one of those lap trays that have a beany bag underneath, so I have a very comfy "table" to work at... there is a drawback however... AlfieCat... he decided that he wanted to sit on Mummy's lap... and have absolutely no regard for the bead mat, beads, pearls, findings etc that were already on Mummy's lap... ahem, picking up beads is not much fun... neither is trying to dig them out from the back of the sofa either... Anyways, I am going to be listing both of these bracelets on my Folksy shop in a mo :O)

And... speaking of AlfieCat... he has been a little beggar again. He came in the other day with a mouse... one of the d e a d variety. He was flicking it up and running around the laundry room and kitchen like a div. So, I tried to shoo him out but he was having none of it. So, I shut him in the laundry room and let him take himself and his "present" back out side through the newly installed cat-flap. (that is a whole other story) Anyways... several hours later I, being of a forgetful disposition at the moment, went to put my shoes on... and iiieeeeeeeekkkkk... my barefoot touched something very soggy and furry. Oh yesh, AlfieCat had left his little present in my shoe again. Memo to self: from now on, check shoes before inserting foot!

Right... time for me to get shifting... I have a date with some rather delightful Distress Stains that just won't wait! Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x

PS... for all my friends in the USA... please stay safe if the Hurricane hits... finger's X'd it will pass you all by X

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

In Recovery...

...actually, I am out of recovery and now just resting... don't worry, I haven't injured myself (although I am sure that is something of a miracle lol) I had a FAB weekend of classes over at The Stamp Attic... but I have to declare, I am fair pooped! I think it is all the talking that did it... I mean, give me an audience and you know how I love to waffle... and those poor ladies were indeedily subjected to hours and hours of my wafflings.. but, I think, all in all... they enjoyed themselves, I certainly did :O)) So Saturday was a Beeswax day - and many thanks to Sylvia, Jan, Barb, Alison, Thelma and "The Lovely" Caz (I call her that because Caz is UBER organised and without even having to ask, she telepathically knew when cakes and coffee were needed... and that is usually my job but... ahem... I let her take over *plus the fact, if Caz made them then everyone was certain to get the right drink rofl*)

Anyways... there above is a couple of piccies of the ladies, busy bee's (see what I did there huh?) I LOVE that piccie of Barb, she is the one at the back with the cheeky laugh... mind you, I had said something vaguely amusing to prompt giggles for photo's *not that they weren't laughing earlier but it was late in the afternoon and we were being attacked by killer wasps who were after the Melt Pot... mmm, go figure!* Well, whatever, tis a lovely photo.. and because Caz hadn't said "those words" the first time around, I made her say them again... and aw, doesn't she look happy! (shall I tell what "those words" are??? ok, it wasn't "cheese" or "sizzling sausages" no.. it was... "wicked willies" rofl)

That there piccie is of their finished Beeswax Houses... and I have to say... I had a "moment" when I saw then all together. Normally, I take a piccie of each and every one... but Caz (yes, see, I TOLD you, she is a fantastic organiser - bless!) suggested getting them all together. Well, my little eyes welled up a very lot... you see, I spend hours making these samples for workshops... thinking up different elements and putting them altogether so the ladies enjoy themselves and learn something new in the process... and seeing them all finished and all so very pretty... well, Mr. E. M. Otion came to stay. Not for long though because then another killer wasp entered the building and we were all busy telling him to buzz off lol (my sample is the one at the bottom (and yes, it is crap in comparison... ))

So... Sunday dawns a bright and rainy day (nowt new there then!) Wendy and I got to the shop a little before 10am... just a few finishing touches to the prep's we thought. AHA! Nay and thrice, two lovely ladies standing outside the shop as we approach, "morning" we say... "early on a Sunday for us to come all this way" they say. So, me and Wendy looks at each other... nope, we have a full class and neither of these ladies names are down... so... it turns out that their email had gone off into the ether somewhere... and they had travelled all the way from Reading. So, a quick double-shuffle or three and we managed to squeeze them in... well, I just didn't have the heart to send them away after coming all that way. I know, I deserve a medal don't I? ROFL (that was said completely tongue in cheek, just in case that cretin who keeps on leaving me rude comments reads that and then says that I am thinking I am better than I am!)

Anyways, Sunday was another grand day of messing with the Melt Pot... this time we did the UTEE Sampler - like we did last Weds... and a special thank you goes to: "The Lovely" Caz (yes, bless her, she was there again, a glutton for punishment), Jean, Maryan, Heather, Sam (and Fergus) check him out in the piccie with the Melt Pot, Miriam, Jo and Sue... and another MAHOOSIVE thank you to Wendy... who gave up her place on the class and became my helper... you know what? She even stood there fanning me when I had a "personal summer" moment! Here's a few pics of the girls and the samplers they all made...

Finally... don't worry, I have nearly finished lol... last night I was taken out for dinner by Gorgeous Grim... we went to a fab Chinese restaurant and did one of those "all you can eat buffet" things.... oooh lala and thrice! I ate faaar too much (so did Grim so that cancelled out my guilt) but hello and goodbye... the food was deeeevine and there was no way I couldn't have extra duck and pancakes (sorry Kathy about the duck, couldn't help it) I have spent most of today lounging about catching up on several hundred episodes of telly that I have recorded recently... and I have made some more beady things! I will be away to list them on Folksy in a mo... but here's a few piccies of the hangbag charm and the mobile phone charm I made...

Right... I am offski... I have a Room of Stash that is a bombsite and a dire urge to get inky - tis too long since I was last playing with Stains and stuff... thanks for looking.... TTFN!

Hels x

Friday, 19 August 2011


... fingers! Oh yes... I have been bitten by the beading bug... and yesterday spent a few hours playing with things like headpins and jump rings and chain and beads and pearls... and the bead mat... I can't forget to mention the bead mat... it is soooo fuzzy and feels lovely... to the point that I did have a little sneaky rub of it against my cheek and woke up several hours later... voila! A comfort blanket is born lol

Anyways... once I had regained conciousness, I got cracking and I have to admit, I am lurving the therapeuticness (mmm, real word or another made up one?) of making beady things. I made a total of seven pieces... and here are just a couple... a bag charm and a bracelet... I got all the beads and goodies from The Stamp Attic btw, just saying in case you fancy a little mooch around their brand new beading section ;o))

I have been trying to do this post for about half an hour now... and here is the reason I am having a few probs getting the typing done... yes, look, it is my little attention seeking fella, AlfieCat... he has taken to jumping onto the desk to get my attention... and then settling himself down for a snoozle... I lihslfhgoslkdba;lihgoiayhr hhlkdhlfhdour'wn/ /LIUFOuwe v/F/ JSSOSRUT'PWOU KSJJFK lguaeiru t;ajr /ksnrfouwit 'p;oalikgg .kjg/ ouet #[WI KJFGIRYT9PY4 hr;t9ouq'p40tui Sorry about that... he is trying to make himself heard rofl

Right... time to go and get some stuff done... like the Sunday Stamper.. because I am out this weekend at my classes at The Stamp Attic... and I need to get it made today so I can schedule it... and for a change, this week, I have the theme already in my head! Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Did You See It Yet???

...plllllllease say you have!!! I have hunted high and low, near and far (ok, well, not that far, actually, more nearer than farer but you know what I mean...) STILL no sign of that old scoundrel Mojo. And this is getting rather silly because I need him to be here! I have 101 jobs to do and deadlines to meet and all I am doing is faffing about pushing bits of paper hither and thither. Now there's a saying, hither and thither... what the chuff does that mean? I am hoping it isn't something rude!

Anyways... a couple of weeks ago, when I was all Mojo'd up, I made a couple of little jewellry pieces for Wendy's birthday.... the first piece is a handbag charm... I love these BTW - I can't pass a Next without whipping in and having a rummage to see if they have any new ones. I do like to make my own too and seeing as I have some of those rather splendid Steampunk Charms from Wendy to play with, I thought I would make something with them. Next came a bracelet... I wanted it to be a "wear everyday" kind of piece so there aren't any mahooisve dangly bits (now that really does sound rude!) All using Idea-ology and Steampunk Charms and Jump Rings... lots of Jump Rings.

So, what to do now huh? I have exhausted my supply of things made and not blogged... I have started about 682 new projects and chucked them all onto the "Started But Not Finished Pieces That Will Probably Never Be Finished" Chair. I have tidied up the Room of Stash again - took me all of five mins after my halo polishing the other day. I have sorted out the storage for Idea-ology. Oh and I sorted out my Colorwash and Perfect Pearls sprays... they now have a co-ordinating circle of paper stuck to the lid. I have re-inked my Distress Inks AND my Archival Inks. I have even sorted out my stamp collection, they were in baskets in manufacturer order, they are now in alphabetical order too... see, nothing is helping. I ate a kilo of chocolate (as advised to by several peeps yesterday) and have set about squeezing the subsequent spots that appeared overnight. I need help... like seriously hoooge amounts of help!! **not squeezing the spots I hasten to add... no... help finding Mojo!** Right, I have a pressing engagement with a box of Jump Rings that need sorting into size order and colour order... oh deep joy, the things I do for a distraction huh! If you see that old git Mojo, give him a kick and push him back this way please lol TTFN

Hels x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Jingle Jangle...

... a brand new... erm... bracelet... well, it was supposed to rhyme with bangle but this isn't a bangle, it is a bracelet... although, what is the difference between the two I wonder? I am thinking that a bangle is solid and a bracelet is made up from chain links? Ah well, whatever, this particular thingy I have made is certainly full of jingle and jangle LOL I have had this idea mooching about for months and I just haven't had the chance to have a little play and make it... so, yesterday afternoon I settled down to listen to the radio (Johnny Walker's Sounds of the 70's) and got cracking on this concoction of bits and bobs.

Now, I don't know about you but I rather like all that Idea-ology stuff and some of it is just crying out to be made into something to wear - and if you look at the Compendium of Curiosities book (by the Duke of Distress) there are a fair few piccies of delightful jewellry made using Idea-ology... so I took inspiration from these pics and made something for me to wear.

I have a few little trinketty bits hanging about that I haven't wanted to commit to one piece of artwork that I have made... for example, the little pewter charm - I picked this up on Covent Garden Market yonks ago and it has been waiting patiently to be used... inset into the base of the charm is a little blue stone that looks like Lapis Lazuli - it probably isn't but that sounded good LOL Oh and it has a hallmark on it too... it says either JOL or JOC or SOL or SOC... not sure if that means anything... ooh, how fab would it be if it were a lost relic from a thousnad years ago and it is worth £20million-squillion pounds!!! Ah, wishful thinking ROFL

Apart from the rest of the Idea-ology there are also a few other bits and bobs I have collected... the teensy brass buzzy bee - is by Vintag; a 7Gypsies timey-coggy-thingy which I have no idea what it is ... oh and some bits from a broken necklace I found in a junk shop. To "fill in" some of the gaps where bigger charms are, I have added Baubles and Snaps on Jump Rings... I think they look quite cool!

Anyways, that is my latest make - I am off to make a necklace now while I am in the mood for fiddly jumprings and pliers LOL Thanks for looking... have a LURVEly day.... ahhhaaa, did you see what I did there... lurve, you know, cos it is the day of lurve ROFL ... TTFN!

Hels x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Time....Round Her Neck?????

...I really am scraping the barrell for a title for today's kinda makes a round about sort of way... Today is a very special is Jennie's **th birthday and to celebrate this event I made a card (yes, most peeps do do that) and also ventured into the jewellry making part of the world that is crafting.

I haven't made anything wearable before (except for all those tshirts that I have dropped ink on over the years) so this was a bit of a new thing for me. Inspired by Lynn who has been making the most amaaaaaaazing Steam Punk jewellry *you have got to go and look at her brilliant blog...hang on a mo though, finish reading this one first tho ROFL* I kinda got a bit lost of the way and ended up making a sort of, kinda like, Steam Punkish (if you squint you will see a resemblance) necklace as a pressie for Jennie who always wears wacky jewellry I am just hoping that she likes this *and doesn't fire me from the DT for my last comment* :O))

I started off with an empty watch part that was in a huge jumblee bag of junk, I polished it up a bit and then used a Salvage Sticker for the main element...a clock, I added some little watch parts and a J to personalize it...and then added some hands which have a special meaning...I won't let on how old she is, I wouldn't do that *cos she'd fire me* but they aren't just telling the time LOL

I used Glossy Accents to fill in over the bits and make a protective layer for the watchlet...and added a piece of Idea-ology Foliage which I had bent about a bit to make it stand out more. The hangy round the neck thingy is like a little leather strip with added fastener...goodness knows where that came from... wish I could say I made it myself but alas, my jewellry making days are over :O)

The card is made up from little squares of mini Jenni Bowlin papers (actually, correct syntax ...should read; Jenni Bowlin Mini papers)....(otherwise it sounds like Jenni Bowlin is mini!!) which I stuck to a piece of backing card, drew a few faux stitches on (couldn't find my stitches stamp...and as for attempting to use a sewing machine....pah!) I backed this onto some black card to make it stand out a bit and then edged the whole cardstock with Antique Linen DI and bent over the corner to make it look old. The little Grungepaper Rose is made from the middle sized Flower Power stamp, inked with Antique Linen and then overstamped with Fired Brick and the Houndstooth background stamp. The leaves are from the same Flower Power plate, inked with Shabby Shutters DI and then overstamped with the Dotty background stamp. I went a bit OTT with the Glossy Accents glue which is visible if you look at the rose on the angle...but...more is better than less right? Wrong? Ho hum!

The metal rose is made up using Idea-ology Foliage....and this technique is borrowed from Tim's 12 Tags... I have made loads of these...I love them and think they go really well with the Grungepaper rose.

The sentiment is a Wendy Vecchi stamp...I love this one the bestest I think, and I popped it onto some Maya Road chip, coloured with the same DI's and overstamped with the Houndstooth again.

I am hoping that Postie managed to get this to Jennie before this post is uploaded...if not...stop looking now will spoil the surprise LOL Cor, that is a lot of waffle from me last thing....because of the snow...and because it is her birthday, Jennie is offering free P&P on stash from The Artistic Stamper and this runs til Sunday Jan 10th...

Thanks for looking...

Hels x

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