Friday, 17 March 2017

At The Hop!

Greetings!  Welcome to my blog and my leg of the Tattered Lace Blog Hop.  As you probably will have gathered by now, we are showcasing our favourite products from Tattered Lace and mine just happens to be.... the Screen Sensation!  I am so excited to be sharing this project I made using the new Screen Sensation tool... so I won't waffle on alarmingly, I will just dive right in and share photo's and wordage with you:

I had a 12" square canvas lurking in my Room of Stash that I wanted to make into some wall art.  Along came the Screen Sensation and this project popped into my head as soon as I saw the Butterflies screen.  I started by printing the Butterflies using a mixture of White and Harbour Blue ink onto Prepared for Print cardstock.  Once the butterflies had dried, I then used the Antique Script screen, printing in Black ink right over the top of the butterflies.  I love this overlaying technique!

I then used the same mix of inks I had used for the original print of the butterflies but added some Copper and Black inks in dots along to the top of the screen.  As the inks pull over the screen, they give the most amazing marbled effect... almost like a faux verdigris... lush!!

Once the butterflies had dried, I cut them all out and edged them with Rare Earth Pitch Black ink so the wings had definition and I also flipped them over and popped black into onto the backs of their wings.

I painted the edge of the canvas in black and smudged more of the Pitch Black ink around the edges of the canvas just to add a dusty effect... I wanted a more grungy look to the overall finish of the piece, by adding smudges of ink, this is the perfect way to achieve this effect.   I then glued each butterfly over its counterpart on the base print, adding a little black pearl to the body to finish.

By now you should have visited each leg of the hop... here's a list to make sure  you haven't missed anyone out - you will need to visit everyone as there will be questions and a prize of a £50 crafty voucher on the final leg.  You should have started HERE on the Tattered Lace Facebook Page, just click on each name and you will be whisked off to each leg of the hop: 

Lou Collins 
Gwen Fletcher
Debbie Bradley  
Corrine Robinson 

Thanks for taking part, your final hop leg can be found by clicking HERE.... good luck, thanks for looking and have fun!  
Hels x


Dr Sonia S V said...

Such a unique and beautiful project
Dr Sonia

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Hels this is a stunning project it is just so beautiful. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Rita said...

Beautiful canvas Hels. The butterflies look so amazing. Hope your Well . Hugs Rita xxxxx

ursula said...

Wow, what an amazing project, I just love butterflies too.....thank you

whyducks said...

So lovely.

D.Ann C said...

This is lovely! I've been watching the Screen Sensations with interest as time allows... With fab projects like this, I think it's going to catch on quickly!!

Veronica Tovar said...

I love the background and the little butterflies you added too. I really like these TL dies. Fan of them and their magazine too.

Denise Bryant said...

Gorgeous project! I love the butterflies!

Angela Radford said...

Gorgeous Hels. Love the way you've combined the butterflies with the text. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

Momo said...

Wo-hoooow .... AMAZING !!!! I just love butterflies too. Thanks for this great idea!!!
Greetings Momo

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

Gorgeous project! I love the butterflies!

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Henry said...

I really like your fabulous project!!! Your butterflies are so beautiful. Keep sharing:)

Diane said...

Wonderful technique and the butterflies are so pretty.

Hugs Diane

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