Friday, 17 March 2017

A Magical Day!

Helloooo!  Greetings! Did you feel the warmth in that sunshine on Wednesday?  I tell you what, I actually went and laid down in the garden and soaked up the rays... it was so good to feel the heat in my old bones again... it feels like it has been the longest winter ever *I think as I get older, I find I hate the cold more and more*    Anyways, speaking of sunshine and summer and all things warm... today I have a card to show you that I actually managed to demo on the tellybox shows on Tuesday.   Meet Audrey, one of the Art Nouveau Ladies, she is, IMO, the Goddess of Summer... or Aestas to give her her proper name.  And before you think "oh she's going all clever"  I'm not, I actually know about the Roman Gods/Goddesses of the seasons from my most very favourite and beloved book from when I was a kid... it's called the Winter of Enchantment by Victoria Walker and if you ever get chance to get a copy, do it!  It is the most charming book and I read it frequently still... anyways, in the book the main character has an adventure and meets the Four Seasons... and they are all called by their Roman names... so I am not clever really... just well read 😉

So, back to the card... I stamped Audrey in clear ink and then embossed with Glass embossing powder so I immediately created a resist on the stamping card.  Next, I smooshed Avocado and Khaki Rare Earth Blending Inks (herein known as BI's) onto my craft sheet and spritzed with water, smooshed the card through the inkiness and voila, lovely resist image!  I carefully dried the ink with a heat tool - carefully because we have embossing powders here and they love to re~melt and sink into the card... so gently does it.  I then picked up more of the inkiness and dried again, then used a Dusting Brush (be still my heart, I have found new love... Dusting Brushes... what did I do before I met these little fellas?) where was I... ah, yes, Dusting Brush with Khaki ink, blend around the edge of the card to give it a nice frame.  Next I used my waterbrush to remove some of the ink from the card, let it soak a little while and then blot with kitchen roll to remove the ink.  I added Lavendar Mist ink using a waterbrush to the flowers on Audrey's image and extra Avacado ink to highlight the image.

I made a dinky little envelope from vellum using the cool Tattered Lace Envelope templates... and made a little sentiment to pop inside the diddy envelope.  Finally, I used the Peony die set from the Fleurs range and made a rose... you know how I loves my roses... and the Peony die set is more than perfect... it has loads of different size dies so loads of different size roses can be made... hurrah!

Right, I shall away... I will be back tomorrow taking part in a very special blog hop (tis about 281 years since I last did a blog hop!) so please do pop back for a nosey as I know there be prizes!  Thanks for looking... have a grand day! TTFN

Hels x

P.S... Happy St Patrick's Day to all my lovely Irish followers x

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