Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Owl Be There For You....

Goooodly Morning!  I know, don't faint... tis I, the Waffler... the very naughty and most absent of Wafflers at that!  Apologies, hoooge apologies for being absent... yet again!  I know I promised that I would start to waffle more regularly but then "this" happened, then "that"happened, then it was Christmas, then it was January and of course, I had man flu (a most severe attack if ever there was one!) and finally, I am more or less back on an even keel so I decided that I would get my feather duster out, sweep away the cobwebs that had grown over my blog and start as I mean to go on... I am a-scheduling, I am!   So!  News!  You may have seen me pop up ont tellybox last week with a brand new and very innovative tool from the home of Tattered Lace, the Screen Sensation.  If you missed it, fear not, I shall be back on Create & Craft soon with more deliciousness using the Screen Sensation... but if you follow this link, you will be able to see more about this fabulous invention from Stephanie Weightman and her clever team on the Screen Sensation Facebook page.  Seriously, it is not often that a product comes along that gets me pant-wettingly excited... but this?  I love it MORE than I love my Melting Pot. Yup... THAT much!!!  Very, very, very lots!!!

So, imagine screen printing. At home. Messy? Cumbersome screen? Difficult to use?  NOPE! Not any more.  The Screen Sensation allows you to change the screens! Yes!!!!! Hurrah!!!  There are 19 different screens to chose from... at the moment... as there are new ones coming soon (teehee)  There are geometric patterns, designer style patterns which are perfect for printing onto fabric, nature, butterflies... and Wisdom the Owl.  I know I should not have a favourite but I do.  Although, that said, Kaliedoscope the Butterflies are also my favourite as are Silhouette Stems but we won't dwell on that right?

The top photo shows Wisdom printed with Raspberry and Peach Amber inks. Simple, pop the ink on, squeegee over, lift the lid, et-voila!  A perfect print!  I've printed Wisdom onto cardstock but this ink goes onto ANY surface, it's water based, drain safe, non toxic so cleaning the screen is a doddle, pop it into the sink, cold water to clean it and then let it air dry. Super simples!   Once I had printed Wisdom a few times with the Raspberry and Peach Amber, I decided to add a smidge of Blue ink.  The photo above is Wisdom after the first squeegee through with the blue.  This next photo is the second run through, you can see that each print is going to be totally unique and if you click on the photo's you will be able to see the marbling of the ink as it passed over the screen.  Did I tell you I LOVE THIS PRODUCT???  Hmmm, if there was a word bigger than LOVE... I would use it!!!  Ok... I am being clever... LOVE!!!

Anyways.  I am so very honoured to be able to demonstrate the Screen Sensation alongside the wonderfully clever and talented Sarah Payne, who will be demonstrating the way to use the screen on fabrics.  I have even got over my inherant fear of all things material and printed directly onto a calico apron.  Hey!  It was so easy I actually did think about getting yonder sewing machine out from under the eons of dust and setting it up.  Then I remembered I can't even thread the beast and that actually, I can use the Screen Sensation on any surface at all so I went and did some canvassy stuff instead.  I shall share some more photo's of my makes in a few days.... in the meantime... thanks for looking... sorry for being away for soooo long... I am back, I am promising I will be more regular with my wafflings and hey... it's good to be waffling again! 


Hels x


Sue Balawajder said...

Hi Hels, better than the melt pot!!!!! Come on,that can't be right.Never the less so pleased that you are feeling better.Off to calm my melt pot as it gets easily upset :0)
Take care.Sue Balawajder

pearshapedcrafting said...

Good to see you back! Missed you on TV though! For a product to get you this excited it MUST be good! I will take a look for sure! I also 'found' the challenge blog too! Chrisx

Carol said...

Oh my... So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Glad you are better and have cleared a few cobwebs. And for such a tool!
This is enough (maybe) to get me interested in screen printing!

Sara Barker said...

Oh, my word, you slay me! Forget the crafting and just write about it and I'll be happy! good to see you back,feeling better, and cobweb free!

harada57 said...
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Susan Morris said...

Hi Hels,Wow have I been enjoying the shows on C&C. I took a while to 'get onboard' but now I have, I'm so pleased! A friend and I spent a lovely afternoon last week, trying out different stuff and it was FANTASTIC!! A couple of the original 12x12 screens that I really like have sold out...Wisdom and The Mask. Just wondering if you might have any insider info about their return?!! Look forward to your next shows !!

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