Friday, 25 November 2016

Exciting News...

Really!??  I cannot believe that I haven't been and waffled at you for FOUR months!!!  YIKES!!!  I have no other excuse except for life got in the way!  Such a lot has happened this year and not all of it has been very good or very pleasant, in fact, most of it has been pretty chuffing awful and, as a result, Mr Mojo did a bunk (who can blame him with the face I have had on me tho lol)  However, things have started to settle, look up, get better and so on and I have some very goodly and exciting news that I have been all of a dither about...  a few weeks ago, the lovely folks at Tonic Studios asked me if I would like to join their presenting team!  They have some wonderful new stamp releases coming up over the next few months and asked if I would like to come on board and help with the samples and guest presenting the shows on Create & Craft.  What an amazing offer!  How could I refuse?  I am sure that all of you crafters out there know just how great Tonic products are... and I can confirm their stamps are just as fabulous as the rest of the goodies they bring to us.   I am doing my very first shows tomorrow, 1pm and 5pm on Create & Craft, bringing this little fella, Marmalade, to your screens along with his little pals and the various accessories they need to make their world complete.  *please excuse the poor photo quality, I used my phone, I am a rubbish photographer, the original is away at the studio's and this was the only piccie I could find!  Will try harder next time*

Marmalade is a rather cheeky looking bear who really enjoyed the Distress treatment I gave him.  I have coloured him with lots of different colours just to see what suits him, I have paper pieced him, embossed him and also tried the fab Nuvo alcohol markers on him too... as you know, I have always been an inky girl at heart, so this is Marmalade looking very bear-like with his little puppy pal, coloured with Peeled Paint and Forest Moss Distress Ink and a waterbrush.  The panel he is sitting on is a Tonic Essentials circle die set and the words are from the Miniature Moments die "best friends". 

I hope you can join me tomorrow at 1pm and 5pm... I am so excited, nervous, excited, nervous and even a bit more exciteder to be joining the wonderful folks at Tonic Studios, it is an honour to be asked to be a part of their talented team.  Did I say I was excited???    I will also be on again on Tuesday, bright at early at 8am, 4pm and 6pm with a launch of a brand new Nuvo product which has me literally popping with ... um... more excitement!   I shall away now, I need to lay down in a darkened room and do some breathing exercises to calm myself before I am overcome with a full on fit of the vapours!  Thanks for looking and have a grand weekend.


Hels x


Aquilla said...

Wonderful HelsxXx

Joanne said...

Missed your 'waffling' will try to watch but when you say 'go Plato' you will understand when I say 'go Lewis' xxx

Lou Sims said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create x

Rita said...

Wonderful news Hels. I missed you on the TVs shows and now you're back is a huge bonus to us crafters. Enjoy every minute. Hugs Rita xxx

Craftychris said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see your shows! xxx

suzyb said...

Congratulations and I am sorry that I won't be able to watch unless they are on You Tube or a private site somewhere. Don't get anything like that on channels here in BC Canada.
Love your sweet little card! The bear is adorable.
Congrats again Hels and best of luck!

Ruth said...

Congratulations and lovely to see you back Hels, he really is a cutie xx

Joan said...

Great to see you back, wondered where you had got to!

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Hels

I saw you at 1pm, absolutely delighted you're back and Tonic are such a great brand, I bet they're fabulous to work with. I'm so sorry things have been tough and I hope this call from Tonic is the start of a new, happier and "mojoful" chapter of your life.

With very best wishes x

Annie said...

So sorry that this year has not been a good one Hels xx I am delighted that Tonic and you are getting together and you will be back on television sharing wonderful creations, techniques and tips x missed you lots

Huge hugs Annie xx

Kyla said...

Fantastic news and pleased things are on the up-will keep an eye out for your shows.

harada57 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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