Saturday, 27 October 2012

Workshop Time...

...ahhh, I do love my job you know.  Today I shall be travelling to Wantage to The Stamp Attic to teach my Christmas Box class.  I have been having tonnes of fun with my Christmas stash... I think it is my most favourite theme of the year... yep, I loves Autumn with the colours and the leaves and Hallowe'en... but my heart is with the vintage side of Christmas crafting.  I totally "get" that some peeps want to do pink and purple for Christmas, me? I loves those deep reds and greens.  Anyways, here are a couple of pics of my class sample... I shall take lots of pics (camera is packed and ready *and this time I won't lose it lol*) because one of the most rewarding things about teaching a class is that this sample started life in my head and grew in the Room of Stash... and after a day teaching, even though the students have exactly the same stash to use, they are all so different... makes me smile biggly that does!

I ventured into town yesterday morning to go and see Mr Morrison's about getting some food for the cupboards and oh my word... it was bedlam in there!  I had to drive around for several yonks to find a parking space for Ferdy.  Anyways, my day was made when a lovely little old lady came up to me in the biscuit aisle (I was there for research purposes only of course *snort*) and asked... "please could you reach me down those biscuits?"   I looked up and there they were, top shelf... and bless her, she was smaller than me... so I reached up and got them for her.  Nothing marvellous about that right?  Wrong! Because... being a bit...erm... vertically challenged I am usually the one asking people to get stuff from top shelves (Noooooooo, not that kind of top shelf!!!!) and I once caused an argument between a chap and his lady when I nicely asked him if he could reach that last packet of Volly cases at the very back of the freezer... she stared daggers at me and when he walked back over to her she smacked him and said he had been flirting!  Akkkk, I am very careful whom I ask for help nowadays!  

Anyways, I guess I should stop with the waffle and start with the snoozles because my bed is a-calling me.  Oooh, and before I go... do check back for the Sunday Stamper tomorrow... ohlalala, have I got a TREAT for you!!!  Oh yesh... I am busting with excitement... like seriously busting... and can't tell you even a smidgey little tidbit, I can't tell you that the Sunday Stamper has a very special sponsor... oh no, I shall keep that one under my hat... teehee.  The post tomorrow will be published at 5am so please don't panic if you haven't seen it at midnight... there is a reason.... teeeeehheeeee..... Thanks for looking, have a FAB day!  TTFN

Hels x


Lin W said...

I love vintage my self but some of mu friends like more upto date so I do a mixture of xams cards,just love xmas I start doing cards in January and try to do at least one a week so come december i have them all done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. Love todays offerings.

Like you Im quite small in stature and so often have to ask kindly folk to reach up on shelves for me. Unlike you I'm in my 60's so no one thinks I'm flirting anymore.

I must admit Christmas is my favourite time of year to make cards. Love all the glitter and the snowy feel to it. Miss looking out of the window at the snow falling.

Have a good weekend.

Val in Spain xxx

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,
Love your ideas for your project.
Enjoyed your stories. You have and make the simple things like shopping fun and brighten our world.
Enjoy your weekend. I do wish you could come down to our part of the country , Christchurch, Dorset. X

rachel said...

looks fab Hels - wish I could be there! Hugs rachel x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, All those lucky ladies at the Stamp Attic class you are doing there today, lucky, lucky ladies.
I love your project today, looking forward to the 'fully finished' version ha ha.
Like you, I am vertically challenged too, and when my Graham is not with me and I need something off the top shelf I usually find a tall bloke to ask, once there was a group of teenage lads walking past and they were so helpful. Did you feel good though, when that lady thought her hubby was flirting with you, bet it did ha ha.
I can't wait for tomorrow now ..... you are so 'naughty' to tease us like that ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Helen said...

My Morrison's has recently been refurbished and some of the shelves are really high now, I have trouble reaching some stuff, and I'm not that short, so you'd be flirting madly in my store!! Love today's samples - that poinsettia die is beautiful, isn't it. I may have to play myself now and not do what I intended today!!!

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, i hope you enjoy your craft day, i love vintage xmas too, this year its kraft card and red. With me being just under
6ft im always asked to reach the top shelve in supermarkets for grannys.Emma

Buttons said...

Totally agree on the vintage Christmas front, and can't wait to see what you have in store tomorrow. Oh, and I find 6ft sons come in useful for reaching things for me:) Hugs, Buttons x

Stamping in Pink said...

Wonderful gorgeous Christmas creations! Every year I try to do a different colour scheme for Christmas but I always end up going back to my favourite - red and green with a little smidge of vintage gold lol!
I'm five ft four and can't reach the top shelf! The story of that woman and her husband - you really have a great way to describe things Hels - made me laugh!
Have fun at your workshops and very excited to see what you've got hidden up your sleeve for tomorrow! hugs Karen

Krisha said...

Being of Amazon height I am usually the reacher LOL. Yes I vote Vintage too, nothing says Christmas like red and green in those dark, rich, lovely tones.

Caz said...

Brilliant day at the workshop as usual - thanks Hels!!
Hope Graham liked his Halloween Brownies!!
My box is sat on the TV unit looking very nice :-)
Seeya soon

paperpapier said...

fabulous poinsettia flowers...

Anita Houston said...

What a wonderful class!!! I'd love to take this!!! Fabulous box and album!!! WOW!!!

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