Friday, 26 October 2012

Fragile... Fragile?  Nah... I am made of strong stuff apparently.  Thank you again for all your lovely messages and emails and comments... I am feeling a heap better than I did this time yesterday and I am thinking I am over the worst... phew!  Whatever that buggetty-bug was, I sure am glad it...erm... bugg-ed off!  Anyways... being as the sum total of arty things made this week is a big fat zero, I thought I would share another of my show samples with you.  This time I have used paint to colour the Art Parts... and it just goes to show how versatile they are!  Because they are, in effect, a paper product, they take inks, paints, sprays etc really well.  My chosen paints are Sand, Black and Bronze Eco-Paints... which I lurves because they are so creamy.  Ohhh and whilst I think on... Simon Says Stamp & Show have Inspired by Wendy Vecchi as their theme this week... so I shall be entering this into that challenge.  Do go and check out the blog, there's a F A B couple of tut's on there by Wendy herself... and a discount in the store too! CLICK HERE for all the deets.

I used Cut & Dry Foam to apply the paint... I have developed a cunning way of applying the paints so they blend nicely - otherwise I always seem to get a line between the two colours.  Use one piece of Cut & Dry (be generous, a scimpy square ain't gonna work) about 2" square *you will wash it out after use so it is reusable!* Blend the palest colour right over the piece (be it canvas, card, Art Part etc) and use a "pouncing" action, lightly tapping the paint onto the surface.  While this is still wet, pick up your darker colour on one half only of the foam.  Have the darker colour furthest from you (so it is outer on the foam) and pounce this onto the edges of your surface. This means when you pounce it onto the surface, the darker colour hits the edgey bits and where the lighter colour is still wet on the foam and surface, it will blend nicely.  Hope that helps :O))  Check out the buttons! They are the blue ones from the Embellish Your Art Antique Buttons pack... I painted them with the same Cut & Dry Foam and Bronze paint and then once dried, I rubbed a smidge of Archival Jet Black over the raised bits with my finger.  Cool huh?

Anyways... being as I have been on my death bed all week (1,2,3 awwww) I figured I deserved a little treat.  I have to say, Grim has been an amazing hubby this week *well, he is every week but you know what I mean*... he is good with cuddles and magic hugs and sympathy... and made me a lush dinner last night (he is such a good cook but won't admit it) and he bought me flowers and Strawberry Laces (which I have snarfed already, *the laces, not the flowers lol* I must be on the mend lol)  Anyways... I have been eyeing up a pair of shoepods for several weeks now... and last night they accidently fell into my basket and checked themselves out and are now on their way to live on my feet!  Thing is, I live in Birki's all Spring/Summer/Autumn because they really help my posture, which helps my back when I am standing up teaching or doing shows.  And being as it is now Winter and wet and chilly and yukky, I needed a proper pair of shoe Birki's... and being as I have the mental age of a toddler, I neeeeeeeded these sooooo much.   Aren't they just the cutest!!!!

Right, I shall away.. I have a date with my new book, tis called The Dark Heroine and is about... vampires! I know, more vampires, I am obsessed with them... not long til Breaking Dawn II now!!!  Oh and today I am going to venture out into the big wide world and take some stuff to the Post Office.  Our local one is situated in the Co-Op which is just undergoing a re-fit... which means it is closed... which means I have to drive into town to go to the nearest one.  Which means... yep, another foray into THAT car park, I shall have my wits about me this time though.  If you hear high pitched squealing you will know that it is me, doing the involuntary splits again!  Have a good day all... thanks for looking.... TTFN!

Hels x


Julia S-W said...

So glad to hear you feel better Hels and that you're chomping on those strawberry lace.
I just love the button on your piece - they are gorgeous.
Those shoes are really the cutest things and I have to say they look really comfy too.
Have a good weekend.

Buttons said...

LOVE those Birki's!!! Super cute or what! You so deserve a treat:) Good luch with the trip out and keep an eye out for more strawberry laces - I hear they are good for getting peeps better. Hugs, Buttons x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Firstly, I am so, so glad you are feeling more like yourself today, enjoy all the attention - and the strawberry shoelaces ha ha, you must be feeling better.
Secondly, your art parts piece is gorgeous, I love your colour blending, and the buttons look so vintage, beautiful. I had a look at SSS Blog and there are some 'gorj' projects on there.
Thirdly, hope you enjoyed your book, I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris (the True Blood series is taken from them, which I am also watching). Like you I ADORE the Twilight DVDs and can't wait for Breaking Dawn II, I can watch them over and over, brilliant.
Fourthly, those Birki's are 'gorj' too, bet you can't wait to get them. I live in flip-flops, although it's a tad cold outside now brrrrrr !!!!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

inkypinkycraft said...

glad you are feeling so much better, a fab wendy make! yourock studio 490..oh now i LOVE those shoes...i need a comfy pair too!!!trace x

rachel said...

I know why you need them Hels - and a gorgeous showpiece too! Glad you're feeling better chuck! Hugs Rachel x

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,
Nice to see your back on form. Missed your waffling.

Love the art work. Your choice of colours so cheery on this cold day.

Have a good week end. X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, Glad your feeling better, alot of tummy bugs going around down here. I luv this fragile today, love the shape its fab. Emma

Julie Short said...

I am happy to see that you are on the mend Hels. Must be all that TLC from Grim? And you know every now and then a girl can be fragile and she can be spoiled - not sure what strawberry laces are though. I would settle for those super shoes!
Be well and happy.

Rita said...

Hels, its great to hear you are feeling better. I love your art piece for to-day, the colours are fabulous and the finishing touches make it your own. Hugs Rita xx

Stamping in Pink said...

Good to hear you are much better Hels, hope you have a fab weekend and can get some crafty time for yourself this weekend. Hate those sprial thingies at car parks - make me feel dizzy and icky they do! This is so gorgeous, beautifully coloured and embellished! The shoes are to die for - love them! Will have to look into Birkies cos of my back issues to see if they can help hugs Karen

Joanne said...

Hooray our Hels is better, yippee. Great tip for using paints, will remember that for 2 more lids I have planned. Love the art part heart and the Birks.
Hugs Joanne xx

gayle said...

Gorgeous piece :) love the metallic elements! And what a fabby pair of shoes! Glad you're feeling better :) x

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. glad you're up and about again.

Great piece today love the colour. the shoes are to die for.

Terry said...

Hiya Hels, thank goodness your feeling a whole lot better then this time yesterday there is nothing funny about NOT feeling good enough to get your fingers inky eh hun...your strawberry footsies look amazing and your Wendy Project is just another PIECE OF ART, like you allways make such fabulous and amazing projects. Wowzersss your making The Wendy sooo proud....even more proud then she allready is of you wowzerss love the fabulous stampset that you have used and the amazing colors, thank you so much for joining into the fun sweets with the DT from Simon Says Stamp and Show, Hels your making me proud too wowzersss loving it. Hugs Terry xxxxx

Gillian .... said...

Glad you are feeling better hun, another gorgeous feast of WV lushness.
How cool are those birki's :) xxx

Candy C said...

Hey hunny bunny! Three cheers for feeling better! :) So glad to read THAT! I love your Wendy inspired piece. It's truly lovely. And your Birki's....OMG...they are so cute! Are they making the trip to CA with you in January?! Thanks for sharing your many talents with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

Suzanne C said...

Happy to hear you are felling better. Lovely art project. The butterfly is gorgeous. Glad you joined us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. Sweet shoes!

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful work, and so glad to hear you are feeling well! I had no idea shoes come become a perk of the work... thank you again for your enabling spirit!

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