Monday, 13 September 2010

A Rosey Wish..., yesterday... the Sunday Stamper with no stamping... not very good behaviour from yours truly, so I thought I would try and rectify it by finally finishing this metal hanging piece that I have been working on for weeks... I started this off when Grim was last on nights by doing the base with Ten Seconds Studios moulds... and finally added all the bits and bobs last night. So, I figured... I could use Brrrr Blue and Barn Red metals to turn it into my other Sunday Stamper entry...

That worked ok til I realised that I only had a teensy bit of Barn Red... so ended up using Spiced Rum too... which is ok cos that is kind of red... more of a erm... spicy red than a red red... yep, those meds are kicking in and making me waffle alarmingly! Poor AlfieCat has gotten bored with my mumblings and has left his bed in the Room of Stash in favour of sitting by the front door - he is waiting for his Daddy to come home from work. Which reminds me... Grim has nights again this week... boooohoooo, me no likey it when he is on nights... cos I am not the most...erm... delicate of creatures and have a reeeeally bad habit of thumping about when I should be tippy-toeing about...ssshhhhhhh LOL

I am not going to tell you how I made this piece... cos... it is almost the same as the Rosy Heart Art workshop at The Stamp Attic... the one in October has sold out ... but the on on 23rd Sept has a couple of places left... so, if you would like to come and play and use TSS metals, moulds and tools, with a few bits of Grungepaper and Board, some Idea-ology and some cool techniques... well, if you click here I have instructed Mr Blogger to stop faffing with his Service Error 503's and get you over to there tout sweet LOL Oooh, and that Brrrr Blue... it should be called BR Blue cos it is just like the old British Rail colour that they used to paint the trains with... just a snippet of totally useless (and a bit nerdy) information for you!

I have to say... THANK YOU for your lovely comments and messages and... the hugs left for me on Facebook...blimey, I have gone and done something bad to the old war wound in my back... not sure exactly what but the pain has had me feeling really sorry for myself this weekend... I can't think that I have done anything out of the ordinary... except for climbing that mountain the other day... ahahahahaaa, that was a joke LOL Mountain climbing? Me? Even if I was fit there is no way I would trust myself with a rope and a crampon... I am far too accident prone! Did you know, if you use Superglue to stick Grungepaper it leaves a yukky layer of Grungepaper on ones finger... which is almost impossible to remove other than nibbling it off... which then makes the finger sore... just saying... not that I would ever do anything that dumb *mmm, see Hels' nose grow very long!*

Right, I am off to lay down in a darkened room again and send messages to the Cosmos asking for pain relief LOL... well, I am trying it all at the moment... yep, thanks for the TENS machine suggestions... we have one of those... doesn't work... I have a Back Magic jobby - that doesn't work either... all worth a try though! Anyways... THANK YOU all again... you are all so lovely and supportive... and the SS theme still stands as Red/Blue or Red & Blue and you don't have to use stamping this week :O)) Thanks for looking... have a goodly day! TTFN

Hels x


Lynn Stevens said...

Hels, I'm so sorry your still feeling poorly, Have you ever had back surgery to try and fix it?

I'm lovin all your metal art, we're playing with metal tomorrow at our stamp club, ohh goodie!!!!I can't wait.
hugs Lynn

flutterbycrafter said...

I love this piece, but then I love all your work, particularly the metal. Really sorry about your back, that's real pain, at least my steroids,after a few days, kick in and I feel I could climb that there mountain of yours. Keep smiling, thanks for your lovely comments, hugs and kisses. Ann xx

Daniele said...

still no better, surely the docs must be able to do something for you, its no fun not being able to get round and in sooo much pain, I don't know how you managee to concentrate to still produce great the metal hanging thinghy
big hugs today

Helen said...

Beautiful hangy piece Hels. Love the red/blue butterfly. Hope the pain eases soon. Must be all that crawling in the undergrowth for Alfiecat's collar....!!!

Heather x said...

Oh babe, sorry to hear your still in pain....I am trying virtual hypnotism over the airwaves, hope it helps you *grin* I love your metal hangy thingy, very much :)
Number 2 son is on nights this week, I am usually very good at being quiet, right up until my hands give out and I drop something roflmao.
Have a good day Hels and rest your back...thats an order;)
*hugs* Heather x

Shar said...

Wowzers, Hels! That is one gorgeous hanging!

Hope you feel better soon, hun!

Nancy Wethington said...

Very pretty! Love the metal colors you used and your design is devine!

ellen said...

Oh you've gone and done it again! Every time I see one of your TSS pieces ('specially that ROSE) I just fall in love. Simply stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. (love you too... smile... hope the pain fairies come and take all the pain away soon) Hugs, Els xx

Brenda Brown said...

Gorgeous Hels, I am booked for October and can't wait to play.
Hope you get rid of that back pain soon, what about an inversion table????
Take care.
Luv B xxxx

Netty said...

This is brilliant Hels. I do so hope your back improves soon. My husband has a back injection every 6 months and it has worked wonders for him. But am sure you have looked into all possibilities for the ease of pain. Take care, Annette x

Lori said...

Love, love, love this piece! That metal is gorgeous, and the rose, is, well, just stellar. Hope you are feeling better!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab, fab, fab :-) I was just thinking how on earth you could have Sunday Stampers without stamping; ooh just doesn't seem right.
Forgot to tell you I clicked with a waiter in Turkey LOL pity he wasn't a bit younger and more handsome hahahahaha He asked if I wanted to go on a picnic on his day off :-O I wouldn't mind but I hadn't said more than a dozen words to him :-/
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is amazing Hels!
Hope you're feeling a bit better tonight!
Hugs, Alison xx

Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...

Well if the TENS isn't going to do it ... you will have no option other than to numb the pain with alcohol!!!!!!!

Feel better soon.

Love the artwork btw.


Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...

Well if the TENS isn't going to do it ... you will have no option other than to numb the pain with alcohol!!!!!!!

Feel better soon.

Love the artwork btw.


Thespa McLaughlin said...

Love it! You certainly have a wonderful way with metals! Excellent! Feel better soon! Hugs!

Maggie said...

Fantastic hanging Hels you were forgiven for no stamping - honest.


She said...

This is gorgeous. I hope your back has eased up for you and tomorrows class is a good one. Sending positive vibes to you. Love S xx

Caz said...

Sorry you're in so much pain - as a fellow back pain sufferer, I can truly sympathise! Have you tried traction? After spending more years than I care to remember in pain, I went to a new physio and she made me have 4 sessions of traction on my back - I'm not totally without pain but it's gone for 90% of the time - all depending on what the root cause of your trouble is of course.
I'm booked on the October session - can't wait as Wendy showed us the piece when we were with her on the Steampunk workshop - absolutely gorgeous!!!
Hope you get some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

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