Saturday, 3 January 2009

Look What I Found!!!!

Hi Peeps,

I have to admit that I am not the tidiest of people, in fact, my Room of Stash is actually a complete tip for the majority of the time...however, I took it upon myself to tidy away a little bit today as I have just taken receipt of some faaaaab new stash (I used up my Christmas pressie money... honest!!!)

And, whilst rummaging (another word for finding space for said new stash!!!) I found this little tag book. I made this a few months after I first started stamping - so by my reckoning I made this in June 2007 - some of the stamps I used I got for my birthday that year and I was also borrowing a Paisley stamp from Andrea and she had got me one for my it is dated more or less.

I was really chuffed that I found this - I have a tendancy to make things and give them away to friends and rellies, so rarely see what I have made in the past. To be honest, I am really excited to see that I have learnt so much about stamping and now use lots of different techniques that would have looked a lot better in this book. Masking for one, as there are a lot of overstamped things....and the use of colour too....I have always shied away from using lots of colour and brown really is my comfort zone :O))

This little book seems to be a bit of an homage to Tim Holtz seeing as the majority of the stamps, inks, paints and other bits n bobs used on it are by Ranger or Stampers Anon! Also, I had been fortunate enough to stand and watch him demoing and I had sort of copied all the techniques he used!! I see that on a couple of the pages I have used some cork - goodness knows where that came from, probably a TSV from QVC as there is also some Mica on one of the pages and I seem to remember getting that in a HOTP kit :O)) Wonder if anyone else who got that kit actually used the cork too? LOL

The book was made months before I got a Bind It All too! I must have used a Crop-A-Dile to punch thru the spine of the book as there is no way I would have done that with a handpunch. And the use of string too...that is something I haven't used for ages, so I may just start using that again!!

Anyways, I thought I would share this with you all....and I am off to have another rummage to see what else I can find that I kept for myself....perhaps a few ancient ATC's and 4x4's? :O)) Then again, perhaps not LOL

Thanks for looking - oh and BTW, I am also just in the middle of making something for tomorrow's Sunday Stamper challenge so please do call back in the morning to see what the challenge will is a nice one, I promise!

Hugs Hels x


Andrea said...

this is a wonderful find Hels and look how you always used the brown colours and are now venturing in to brighter ones, its a fab book xx

crafty creations said...

It's fantastic Hels -how exciting to find something you'd forgotten about - autumn colours are my favourite so I particularly like the coloring.

funny enough I've used cork today to make a twinchie collage - it's on my blog - maybe I bought the same pack as you lol

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Still fab Hels even if it was in the early days of stamping :)
Anne xx

* Shaz * said...

It's gorgeous Hels just like finding a fiver in an old purse a lovely surprise xx

Hels said...

Thanks everyone xx

Minx said...

Ahhh now here's the work i have come to know and love from you, and prob what started me off on my journey, glad you managed to find a little piece from your's xx

Craftyideas said...

Beautiful book xx

Hels said...

Thanks peeps x

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and wanted to tell you that the tag book is fantastic! As is everything else I've seen on your blog!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Hels said...

Wow, thank you Minna, what a lovely comment to receive :O))

Juls~ said...

Hi Hels~

I've been surfing for creativity tonite and came across your awesome blog! I really want to do an altered art house theme or gothic arch and have been looking for ideas! I think I just need to copy a layout becoz I am not feeling any creative mojo! lol ...

Enjoyed the visit!


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