Monday, 28 April 2008

Eeek, Tagged AGAIN!!!!

Evening all

I have been tagged again!! This time, Dan has decided to tag me.....whilst I am on about Dan, for those of you who have never visited his blog....go and get a coffee and have a nice long mooch amongst his desirables :O)) He is a truly talented crafter and the stuff he makes....well, I will leave the rest for you to decide........

So, now I have the arduous task of thinking up 7 different facts about me!! Mmmm, I am scratching my head.......

1) I am a Gemini and apparently I am typical .... like a butterfly, I can flit from one thing to anoth ........ :O))

2) I write with my right hand but do most things with my left and I always say that if I ever broke my right arm I would be ok cos I can use my left to write with too! Allegedly, I started life as a lefthander but my Grandmother said it was the sign of the devil so I was chastised for using my left hand!!! Daft old dear!!!

3) I sneaked out to an AC/DC concert when I was 14 and managed to catch a plectrum that Angus Young chucked into the parents still don't know I did that!! I swapped the plectrum for an Iron Maiden tshirt....yes, I looove rock music!!

4) I failed my maths O Level five times....but passed with a B grade in the end!!

5) My first Saturday job was working on a fruit and veg stall in the local market.....and on my first day the boss made me stand on the corner of the stall and shout out "ripe strawberries, ripe"..... obviously it was an initiation :O)) Didn't stop me feeling like a plonker though LOL

6) I have never ever won a raffle....and I do buy loads of tickets!!

7) I had a list of things to do before I am 40. I have ticked off a fair few of them, going to the Opera to see Madam Butterfly, swimming with Dolphins, flying in a helicopter (which was terrifying), meeting the man of my dreams, passing my driving test and driving a High Speed Train......I have a few more on the list....the main one is flying in a Hot Air Balloon....I so need to do that!!

There, 7 more boring and silly facts about me!! Now all I need to do is tag five, who could I pick on today!!


*sorry girls*

Hels xx


craftyscot said...

never ever boring Hels- thanks for the facts you rocker you :0)

Bee said...

must admit I have a secret love of rock music too. Now just how sorry are you for tagging me :o) I thinks I can see a smile at the corner of your mouth there. Will have to have a long think on this one, could one of my 'facts' be I even manage to bore myself???

Andrea said...

another seven great facts I never knew x

Sarah aka Flo said...

how did you manage to get to drive a high speed train?????

have had a nice half hour browsing your blog (you are as in love with distress crackle paint as me)

thank you for helping me while away the hours at the world's most boring job :)

Hels said...

:O))Hi Sarah, thanks for your comments, and glsd you managed to waste a little time here :O)) I managed to drive the HST cos I do it for a living!! The best job in the world!! I love it!!

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