Friday, 1 July 2016

Carte Blanche for a New Theme!!!

Cor blimey!!!  Who fastforwardeded June already?  Happy July all... I am here today to let you know about a brand new theme over on the Creative Carte Blanche blog starting right now.  And... I chose the theme *sooo excited!*   You know how much I loves flowers... and I loves books just as muchly so bung the two together and a fab theme of Blossom & Bookpages is born!  To see all the details on how to join in the creative fun, CLICK HERE... I have arranged a First Edition Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone to whizz you across the cyberverse to get there toute-suite.

In other news... I shall be back on't tellybox on Tuesday 5th July at 2pm and 8pm with glorious goodies from ScrapBerry's... more of that later... at the moment I am disappearing in a puff of dust and glitter whilst I try to get my Room of Stash in order as it... um... really has got a little bit... out of hand!

Thanks for looking... I will be back soonly!  TTFN

Hels x


Candy C said...

I love this theme, Hels!!!

Susan said...

Fabulous theme!

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