Wednesday, 7 October 2015


...Sir Alan Flopsy Sheridan!  I hinted the other day that we have a new member of the Sheridan family... and here he is...  *cue cuteness overload*

Here's Alan, sitting in the pet carrier on his way to his new home.
And here he is just moving into his new home.

How can I resist those lovely choccy brown eyes!

Isn't he just the most adorable little wabbit?  He is a very wascally wabbit too!  He is two and a half years old and is a French Lop and has his own personality and is very determined when he wants to be... but he is also soooo loving and likes nothing better than a good old bounce around the garden followed by a cuddle with his Mummy.

The usual view of Alan... he does love a bounce

My new greenhouse assistant

Alf is getting along really well with Alan... and they have even started insulting each other which is always a sure sign that they are good mates.  Alf calls Alan "bucktooth" and Alan usually responds with "smelly breath".    Alf does like to laugh when he sees Alan running though...

Lord Alf laughing his socks off at Alan

I am really chuffed at how quickly Alan has settled in... within a few hours it was like he had always been here and he has had plenty of bounce time around the garden to get used to his new manor.   He is keeping me busy too... and on me toes! I didn't realise just how fast a wabbit can run!!!  Like the clappers when the mood takes him... yes, folks, I actually had to run after him the other night.... TWICE!!!   On that bombshell I shall say... thanks for looking!!  TTFN

Hels x


Ohhh Snap said...

He is soooooooooooo adorable!

Joanne said...

So glad he has settled and Alfie likes him too. He is a mahooosive Alan.

Lisapmac said...

Awwww Alan is absolutely gorgeous x

Sue Balawajder said...

Never been a "rabbit person" but having seen Alan I have to say he is so cute. Those choccy brown eyes and the floppy ears he looks cuddly.So when you are not crafting you will be found snuggling with Alan.Lucky you.Big hugs Sue Balawajder

Joy Simmons said...

He is pleased Alfie approves..and Alan has settled in xx

Jackie Trinder said...

Ah Alan is so cute and a lovely addition to your household. It is so good that Alfie approves. Have a great week. Hugs Jackie

rachel said...

so glad to see more Alan pics - he's absolutely gorgeous!!! I want one!!! Hugs rachel xx

Wheely Bad said...


Definitely a cuteness overload. We had rabbits when I was a kid and they definitely have their own personalities. They are excellent escapologists though given half the chance! Glad Alan and Alfiecat are getting along and I bet all the extra cuddles are nice!

Thanks for sharing with us,

Hugs, T x

Shirley Chillman said...

He really is a sweetie Hels bet Mun and Dad are well chuffed with themselves.

Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

carol edwards said...

Oh he is simply gorgeous. Enjoy the fun and cuddles x

Craftychris said...

So cute! xxx

Sandy said...

I love your rabbit ever so much. My husband will not let me have one and with three carts I guess I can say I understand. Plus the fact we do not have a garden for him to romp in. We do have the screened in porch around the pool -- my cats would go crazy chasing him and I guess I would be constantly cleaning up poop!
Fabulous post!!!!!
Sandy xx

Mona Pendleton said...

Super cute pets Hels! So much happiness :)

Anna said...

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Sara Barker said...

Awwww! I love bunnies! We used to have a silo full of them when I was a kid, and I've had many, many rabbits as pets. I'm sure my kitties would love to have one!

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