Friday, 22 August 2014

Mix & Match... Part Deux

Ooooh get me, going all French!  Did I ever tell you how I exceeded all expectations from Miss Mathers, my French teacher? Oh yesh, in my *ahem* O Level (ok, yes, I am that old lol) I was graded a U.  At the time I was ever so proud that I had failed so miserably that they couldn't even give the failure a proper grade!  Looking back on it, I was going through a rebel phase, my devil may care attitude was "when am I ever going to need French huh?"  And I concentrated on my English O Levels (which, I am rather chuffed to say, I did exceedingly well with an B+ and a B in Lit and Language respectively!)    Not that you would ever guess that I reached those high accolades if you are a regular reader of this waffle filled blog!   Anyways... enough wafflings!  Today I am back with the card I made for my Jones of Nottingham DT using the Kaisercraft Mix & Match paper collection.

Get this... no stamping or inking on this one!! I resisted the temptation so much I had to sit on my paws to stop me grabbing an ink blending tool!  I wanted to see if I could do a little "clean" work... and, it appears, I can!  Although I do think a smidge of something around the edges would be nice ;O))  Now, I have never been one for making cards... give me a tag, a canvas, a piece of old cardboard and I am happy... give me a card and I struggle to get the layout right, my brain goes blank and I make something super simple... which is exactly what this card is but... it is no bad thing to do "simple" every so often right?

I decided to keep this card "colour free" and stick with the kraft, black and white theme of the papers (there be reds in there too but that was yesterday's post)  The sentiment is actually snipped from one of the papers - it is chock full of lovely sentiments!  The butterfly is another snip from a sheet of the paper, again, I was tempted to add some colour to him but I was good!  I made a little bow using seam binding and then popped the butterfly atop of it... and used a few Martha Steward punches to add some prettiness to the design.  If you look closely, you will see the under the butterfly has strips of butterflies on it... this is one of the "info strips" along the bottom of the papers... I know I said it yesterday but... Kaiser are cool, they do the info on one side of the paper and on the other side is a strip of decoration... this little butterfly strip worked perfectly.

We have had much excitement in the garden today!  Lord Alfonse is single-pawdley going through the Spinney removing all traces of mouses and voles - at least two or three a week and a few weeks ago, two in a morning!  He keeps bringing these furry critters home and I keep grabbing him and allowing them to run off *unless I am too late and they, erm... are extinct!*.  Anyways, this morning a huge cacophony of noise arrives along with Mummy's Little Predator.  What be that noise!!!  A loud squeaking and Alf looking ever so slightly alarmed.  Upon investigation, I can see it is a shrew.  A hooooge shrew!  A massive shrew!!! Nay and thrice a humungus Shrew!  Said Biggest Shrew in England had been deposited on the lawn and was standing up (I kid you not, it was standing up on hind legs) and squeaking loudly at Alf who was looking ever so slightly frightened!  I grabbed Alfonse and the Monster Shrew of the Spinney turned and ran at my feet!!!  Now, I ain't no chicken, in fact there be only one thing that will have me lifting my skirts and running for the hills and that be earwigs (shudder), but this Beast of Northamptonshire had a vicious look in its eye so I took very long and fast steps back into the house with a struggling Alf under my arm.   Calm is now restored, Alf has had his lunchingtons and a few treats so he knows he is a good boy and I have repaired to the (newly tidy) Room of Stash...  after all that kerfuffle, I needs a bit of time with my inks to calm me nerves!   I shall away now... time for an inky afternoon *peeks out of the window to see if the Behemoth of Wellingborough has disappeared*    Thanks for looking, TTFN!

Hels x


snazzyoriginal said...

Brilliant card, so agree about Kaisercraft products. Alfie Cat clearly needs to be set a new inky project to keep him out of mischief xx

rachel said...

great project - I would have found it hard to stay off the inks!!! The biggest shrew in world sounds a bit scary - my Missy loves anything like that - she once tried to bring a dead pheasant though the cat flap - I think she'd got it off the road!!! Hugs Rachel x

Krisha said...

Stunning card, you did good to sit on your paws and not grab an ink pad.

carol edwards said...

I like this a lot Hels even without your usual wonderful stamping. Love the little butterfly strip too. It must keep Alfie so pleased and entertained being busy x

Mrs B said...

Hi Hels. What a gorgeous card.
Love it, love it, love it! Beautiful sentiment and butterfly. Hope Alfie doesn't have any more run ins with the shrew: ) Take care.

janna'scraftingattic said...

Really gorgeous and love those colours, I know just what you mean about keeping the card clean, I struggled today not to ink edges or over embellish , I just had to ink a little bit !!!!
You make me laugh with Alphonso and the mammoth shrew ! Can just imagine the scene ! I had an adorable looking half blue Persian & half whit tom cat ( who lived next door & my friends blue Persian couldn't resist a bit of rough!)
Anyway 'Fluffy' was a devil for catching things , I came in one day to a horror film scene. One large decapitated pigeon ! Feathers and blood everywhere !
When the man who kept the pigeons knocked on the door & said had our cat brought in one of his homing pigeons !!! No one looked more innocent than me and fluffy !!!

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Hels, A lovely card, I love the Kraft, although it must have taken a lot of 'willpower' to keep away from the inkings haha.
What an adventure with Alfie Cat and the Shrew !!! I would have been petrified. Lizzie has had her catflap blocked up because she kept bringing 'things' into the conservatory and it so upsets me, so now she has to wait at the door, and at least I can see if she has 'anything' !!!! Everything has been OK while we have had the good weather, then when the rains started heaving, we got a small plastic kennel to keep outside so she has somewhere to shelter when the weather is bad and we are out !!! how pampered is she haha !!!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anneke said...

Really love this card. Love every detail. Love the Craft look.
Thanks forbshowimg Anneke.

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