Thursday, 3 October 2013


...well, not really missing... more AWOL!  Oh yesh, Grim and I managed to get our first proper holiday since 2009 in last week!  We haven't been abroad together for toooo long so it was lovely to just chill out and have him to myself (am so selfish) for an entire week.  We jetted off to Portugal last Tuesday week and in time honoured tradition, hated the room we had been assigned... so Grim went off to talk to the reception lady and see if we could change rooms.  Well, it turns out the hotel is full... apart from one place we could use if we were willing to wait until 4pm to get into it.  As it was already 1pm it wasnt' really an issue... especially when we went off to have a nosey and found out it was actually a villa... a two bed, two bathroom, huge kitchen, huge lounge/diner with front garden furnished beautifully!  Seriously!  How cool!!!  Well, not very cos there was a slight hiccup when we realised there was not a single whiff of aircon in the place... we did get some fans though so sleep wasn't impossible.

I decided that I was going to be a good girl and not get burnt.  Being of fair English rose complexion... ok, ok, I have freckles and they co badonkers in the sun... I started the first day of sunbathing by keeping covered up between midday and 3pm.  How good am I?  Needn't have bothered though, every single day we were there is chucked it down!  A typical Sheridan holiday!  In the end we decided to walk to the beach and whilst it was a bit windy (like pebble dashing the body) and a bit rainy (yep, we got wet) Grim still turned the colour of a nut and I...erm... got my freckles back.

Sunday was a particularly eventful day.  So, we poddled on down to the beach and saw the yellow flag flying.... the lifeguard said that we could go into the sea up to our chests.  Needless to say Grim went haring off like a rat up a drainpipe and was soon bobbing about in the rather choppy water.  I decided to be brave and stood knee deep in said crashing waves.  Anyone who knows me, indeedily has spent time with me, will know how awfully clumsy and accident prone I am.  Well, there I was, standing knee deep in waves when all of a sudden I am on my backside... unceremoniously knocked off my feet.  ahahaaa... I laughed, this is fun (not!) and tried to stand up... but everytime I tried, the sea crashed over my head and dragged me along on my backside, a little bit more at a time.  All I will say is that "sand in the bikini bottoms so it looks like a nappy" look will NEVER catch on... nor will I EVER venture into the sea EVER again... sand... in places sand should NEVER be!!!  Thankfully Grim came to my rescue, grabbed hold of my hand and I dragged him over too!  Later on, he was sent back into the sea to get rid of aforementioned sand in bikini bottoms... bless him, he is a trooper.  Either that or he just couldn't bear to listen to any more of my moaning!

As you will have noticed, this blog post isn't peppered with photo's of our trip... mainly cos I only took one pic the whole time!   Grim took plenty of pics... I was just too bone idle to get the camera out of my bag!  

Anyways... I shall away... I have samples and demo's to get ready for my Craft Clinic shows on Monday 7th - I also have an hour show in the afternoon too... so I will be on air 11am - 1pm and then 4pm - 5pm... on Create & Craft and all the channel deets are over in the sideybar!  Thanks for looking... did ya miss me??   TTFN!

Hels x


Helen said...

what a fun read that was... I have visions of you both trying to get up without falling back over again...shame about the rain, but sounds like a good holiday for all that.

jude said...

I think you just wanted the hunky life boy to rush in and save you ...... Lol
As long as you enjoyed the holiday and rest can laugh now that what it's all about .
Bleeding cold ere though ! See you've brought the rain back with you xxx

Joanne said...

Haha hehe ha hehe
Oh how Ive missed your stories

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,

Nice to hear from you again.

Have ever thought of writing a book? Your descriptions are so easy to picture and has me chuckling. X

LoraineC said...

Great to have you back, love your holiday story as always you always me chuckle. Look forward to your shows on Monday. Welcome back x

Redanne said...

Love your fun story about your holiday, glad you got one even if it did rain! Yes, you were missed, really looking forward to the shows. Hugs, Anne x

whyducks said...

Oh your poor bum, very good of Grim I must say, to put on your bikini bottoms and go back in the sea, just sad you didn't get a photo Lol!

rachel said...

of course we missed lal' waffler!!!! That sand sounded a bit naughty - and the waves - but glad you had chance of a break! Looking forward to the shows - will set the thingie to record!!! Never know where I'll be! Hugs rachel x

janet said...

ROFL!!! What fun in the sea -BUT what were you wearing when Grim washed said sand out of bikini bottoms??????? The mind boggles!!!
Wossit a nudist beach then??? Oh do tell ALL.
Yes we missed you and look forward to seeing you on the box on 7th -will have sarnies and flask all ready.
Hugs Janet and Bea

janet said...

ROFL!!! What fun in the sea -BUT what were you wearing when Grim washed said sand out of bikini bottoms??????? The mind boggles!!!
Wossit a nudist beach then??? Oh do tell ALL.
Yes we missed you and look forward to seeing you on the box on 7th -will have sarnies and flask all ready.
Hugs Janet and Bea

Cazzy said...

Sounds hilarious going on holiday with you! I hope you enjoyed it really!

Cazzy x

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels wonderful holds, more important the memories to treasure. Sounds like you had fun and even the rain didn't spoil it. Thanks for sharing, glad to know you on the tell next week x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, So glad you were missing for a holiday and not because of being unwell. Sounds like a right old time was had, although I don't think I would have liked the sand in the 'unmentionables' ha ha. So glad you both had a good time away.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

corinna said...

oh, hels, you do cheer me up, i agree with marleine, you should be putting these ditties in a book!!! hope your sandy bits are not too scratched. looking forward to monday, take care, corinna

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, glad you had a good holiday, even if a bit more eventful than most. Emma

Norah McPhee said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday with the love of your life, but glad you have come back which sounds mean because you deserved your holiday. Hope you are back into action and fairytale mode soon.
Love and crafty hugs

ellen vargo said...

OMG... the image of you being tossed about at the seaside, unable to get up... sorry to say I'm having a good giggle... but hope it didn't wrench things out of whack... shame the weather didn't cooperate. Hugs... Els xxx

Shazza said...

ha ha ha Hels you have made me laugh! Glad you had a good time, sorry the weather wasn't better x

ginny c said...

Missed your tales glad you had a good time though , that sand is a little b. !!!r how did your prince greet you on return did he the huff our dogs did and we only went to Whitby for the weekend best wishesx ginny x

nancyd said...

Hi Hels, glad you managed to get away
for a bit a shame weather didn't play
nice for you but at least you got
feet wet instead of your head
for a
change, missed all your waffle glad
your back.
Nancyd xx

Craftychris said...

Its so cool you managed to get away and have a break with Grim! We did miss you and I am looking forward to your shows on Monday - lots!!!

Mona Pendleton said...

Happy to hear all is well Hels :)

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