Saturday, 28 September 2013

Just Call Him Mr Beaky...

...or rather... Mr Beakless... poor little thing!  I made this birdy house as a sample for last weeks tellyshows and I had this little birdy pin that I decided I would use to adorn the birdyhouse.  Somewhere along the way he has lost his beak... only I didn't realise until I was looking closely at the pics... whoooops!  Anyways... here's how I made it!

The birdyhouse is fab!  Tis all in slot together pieces that I covered with Teresa Collins Creative Expressions papers and then sanded around the edges to smarted them up.  I used Jet Black Archival to stamp some swirls onto the sides and front and then set about adding some flowers.  Well, I have to add them to most things don't I?  These are made from the Funky Flowers Creative Exprssions stamp set, stamped in Orange Blossom Archival onto more of the papers and curled and shaped to make pretty blooms.  I added leaves behind them, they were stamped in Fern Green Archival (I am LOVING the new Wendy Vecchi Signature Designer Archival Inks... you NEED them too!)  The roof was so easy to do too.  I used one of the panels as a template for the scallops and pencil drew around them onto the papers... and cut strips, cut out the scallops, sanded them, layered them up and then glued the whole layered effort to the roof panel.  REALLY, that simples!  And very effective once I had curled up the "tiles" using a pencil to assist with the rolling.  I am off to hunt for the poor old beak... it must be languishing in the bottom of a box somewhere... well, if I can't find it I shall have to fashion another one... can't have the little fella beakless forever now!

Don't forget, there isn't a new Sunday Stamper tomorrow... but you still have another week to join in with the current theme which is KEYS.  All the deets for the Sunday Stamper are HERE... I am a little slow in visiting you all this week but I will be around soon, promise!  Thanks for looking and have a great day!  TTFN

Hels x


Helen said...

Poor little beakless - but, at least he has a beautiful house to live in! Helen

Claudine C. said...

Your poor birdy, he's cute though....I love your birdhouse

Lis Kervill said...

Hi Hels,
Thank you for your deeds for the birdhouse, it looks lovely, I can now let myself loose on mine, which arrived yesterday.
Hope you find his little beak, but if you don't, put a little 'tweet' on a new one, just for me, please.
Have a great day yourself!
Love, Lis xx

inkypinkycraft said...

I love your little bird, with or without beak! take care x huge hugs x sorry have been missing, been a hugely busy week. hugs x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I saw this on tv, and loved it then, so glad you have given us the deets, I love Mr Beakless, it is only on the side view that it is evident. If you can't find it, you will have to make him one yourself. I absolutely adore the birdhouse, especially the roofing, genius !! I got the Teresa Collins paper pad, as I loved it when I saw you using it.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lisette Baker said...

Just gorgeous with a double side order of fabulous. So glad I got the papers.

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Hels,
Your poor wee birdie is going to starve to death because its got no beak. Going to have to start the Support for Birdie group until it gets a new beak.
The bird house is so beautiful with it's roofing tiles/slates. The beautiful flowers you have growing up your bird house so that birdie can have peace inside.
Thank you for inspiration Hels,
Love and crafty hugs

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,

Brilliant bird house.

I'm with Norah! Support beak for birdie.

This did make me smile. X

Joanne said...

Awh! poor little beakless birdy. What a cheery house he lives in though.

Caroline said...

Oh dear indeedily, what's a bird to do without a beak? Am sure you can make one...
Loving the roof & paints used (no, Caroline, you have spent all your crafty pennies...)
You make everything look so easy, look how perfect your swirls stamped! I'd be bound to smudge or miss a bit, lol. That's why you are the professional right?
Keys.... I make so many things with keys... Not sure I have stamped any but I do have a new stamp.....
Who am I kidding? Haven't even got blog up yet. Will simply delight in your makes till then! Enjoy & squidges to AC :)))

nancyd said...

Hi Hels, poor Mr Beekless you'll
have to hurry or he will starve without his beek, loved the way you did the roof but when I saw it
on C&C I thought you had cut them out
with the scalloped border die from
thets what I'llbe trying will let
you know how it works out.
Nancyd xx

Jools Robertson said...

Fabulous, love the effect on the roof

Hope you sort beaky out! x

whyducks said...

That is a first for me seeing a bird without a beak! A great project Hels.

Karen Petitt said...

Poor little birdie! Gorgeous bird house that he can live in and hide from the mean birdies that torment him about his beak! It's lovely Hels x

Redanne said...

Ah Hels, you need to paint a beak on him.....he is beautiful with or without and I just love the roof on the house. I loved it on C&C but it is nice to see it close up - gorgeous birdie house. Hugs, Anne x

Craftychris said...

This is beautiful even without the little beak! xx

carol edwards said...

oh dear Mr Beaky is looking peaky. THANKS FOR ALL THE DEETS X

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Hels, I love the papers.

Linda xxx

Carole Z said...

Oh dear a beakless bird! Never mind, your bird house is fab! Carole Z X

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