Thursday, 18 July 2013

Leftovers... it has been inordinately hot here in the UK for the past 12 days now... and being British, it is ever so normal to talk about the weather all the time... I wonder why that is?  I mean, I was just at the supermarket and the guy on the checkout said "you enjoying the hot weather then?"  That would be a "no" lol  And then in the carpark as I was putting the stuff into Ferdy, the lady in the car next to me said "ain't it 'ot?"  That would a "yes.... far TOO hot"  You have probs guessed by the tone that I am so not a summer person... oh no, bring me autumn and winter and I am as happy as Larry *whomever Larry maybe, I hear he is a happy chap tho*  And being as Mrs Grumpy from Grumpington arrived several days ago and is still here, hogging every available fan, slight draft and cold water tap, I decided to chase her away and enter into the Sauna of Stash and make something.  Only, when I got in here I saw the crime scene that pretends to be my desk.  So I gave myself a challenge... firstly, stop being such a grumpy old bat *still working on that one* and secondly, make something using the things that are left, un-put-away on said crime scene desk.

So I made a tag!  I had a scrap of Tissue Wrap so I stamped onto that with the Papillon butterflies using Jet Black Archival and then slapped it onto a tag using Glue & Seal to stick it down.  I gave the butterfly on the Tissue Wrap a bit of a make-over so he went blue with a Tumbled Glass Distress Marker that was lurking at the back of the pen pot.  I had a piece of Cut & Dry that had black Gesso on it... so I revived that with a smidge of water and bobbed it around the edges to give the tag a bit of a frame.... and then I put together a rose (Tim's French Industrial papers, love 'em) and added Adage Tickets and a word Chit Chat sticker... oh and a stencil thingywotsit that I can't remember the name of and being as I am still that grumpy old bat, I am not moving from this position as I have a fan on full blowing on my chops... but you know what I means I am sure.

Today I am haring about like a loon... getting last minute things and doing last minute preparations (why is it ALWAYS last minute?  I am always a last minute gal... ) for my Hels' On Tour weekend of classes in Middlesbrough.  I am dead excited because this is the first time I have ventured so far north (well, obvs I have been up north before, just not teaching!) and I am really looking forward to speaking with a NE accent too... well, remember the Wales trip when, after five minutes in the area, I began saying "tidy" and stuff like that.  I just have a baaaad habit of copying peoples accents... you should hear me when I go to Ellen's lol  And on that bombshell I shall have to say... thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Chris Kelly said...

Lovely tag Hels. I am suffering like you. Horrible icky sticky feeling and I have had fans pointing at all sorts of places that I would normally have well covered. Good job lovely hubby has seen it all before. We also have a little problem iin thay lovely hubby likes to bake and would never open a window at all unless I asked him to.
Find a shady spot and chill!!!
Hugs from Chris

whyducks said...

Hi Hels, that is lovely work. don't know how you can do it in this weather. I am lying around like a bitten and itchy beached whale and am very grumpy indeed, poor hubby!

Aquarius said...

You'd never guess this was made with left overs - it is brilliant as always. I'm with you on this heat - bring back autumn and mild winter I say!!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
loving your tag of left over bits we should all try that it would save having to tidy up all the time.
hope your trip away is a good one for you

carol e said...

Hi Hels lovely tag, I keep trying to use bits up, but it does not seem to make much difference to amount I have. Enjoy your weekend, I'm doing a car boot , rather warm though!!!

Cornish Emma said...

Hi Hels, im also grumpy with the heat, really struggle to keep cool. Fabulous project using up the scraps, something I know try to do after every project I make is use up the bits and not just put into a box to stay there forever more! Emma

Karen Petitt said...

Lovely tag Hels and am so glad to hear and read on the other comments that I'm not the only one - hate this heat! It's too hot to craft and so hot that the humidity is high and therefore my RA is flaring grrr on top of being really achy cos of the fibro. I have become the grumpy old woman! Karen x

Carol said...

Hels you do make me laugh - I love this weather! being an august baby makes the difference!! lol xx Really hope that you are ok and that you have a great weekend. Safe travels xx

Helen said...

I am so totally with you and the heat - 24 is plenty for me thanks very much! I'm a June baby like you so we should maybe like it warm, going by Carol's comment above me, but I'd much rather have autumn (and even winter if there's no snow!) any time.

Still, glad you got to make a tag - it's gorgeous. Have a great weekend 'oop north'....

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,
Beautiful tag.
Melting in this heat. X

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Hels, I love the tickets and the flower is gorgeous. I am at the moment sat in front of the fan in the lounge after spending all day in a very hot craft room!

Linda xxx

ps I love summer but autumn for the stunning colours nature throws at us :) xxx

rachel said...

fab piece Hels - good challenge for yourself although if |I were to complete said challenge my piece would have to be pretty enormous - my desk space gets smaller by the day and the unputaway things increasingly tower at either side of me - one day I'll get tidy xxx

LoraineC said...

Loving the tag, come south someone forgot to tell Broadstairs there is a heat wave, grey with a cool easterly breeze, sun didnt come out till 5 pm!! X

Zoe said...

Fantastic as always Hels! It's not that hot down here on the South East coast of England, only had 3 hot days the rest of the times it's been windy and today been sitting around in cardi :( I don't mind the hot weather xx

Helen said...

Gee, I wish my leftovers could produce something as nice as your tag! In our neck of the woods, it's winter, although this week is just a wee bit too warm for July, however a cold change is forecast!

janet said...

Oh Hels, I do agree with you about hating the heat! I'd move to Iceland (or similar) and move into an igloo at the drop of a hat -if I had the funds!!
Have been excavating my dining-room table but certainly couldn't produce anything near as pretty as your tag with the bits and pieces that didn't find their way into the recycle bin.
I see rain is forecast - next Thursday!!Fingers crossed.
Hugs from Janet (and Bea)

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I love this weather !! OK, not if I had to 'work' in it, but I love all the sitting outside and sunbathing and parasols and all that goes with 'outdoorsiness' ha ha. My only bugbear is when I go to bed, I have a fan on in the bedroom and everything is hunky-dory. I love it !!
Your tag is absolutely gorgeous, loving your background, so much going on there, and the flower is gorgeous and lovely paper.
I have just seen the sneaky peek of Tim's new stencils, I love them, I want them and I've got to have them !! ha ha.
I hope you all can find some cool.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

chrissies said...

Not too keen on the heat myself but is a good excuse to stay in the shade of the craftroom and not come out until the sun goes in :)

Love the tag you made it made me happy.

Love Chrissie xx

nannapat said...

oooh!! I am lovin' this hot weather, it can last as long as it likes for my money. Lovely tag Hels - the flower is beautiful but then your flowers always are! Don't go rushing about TOO much in this heat and enjoy your visit to Middlesbrough. Pat x

nattyboots said...

I hate it hot and i hate it cold .
So i guess im just a medium gal lol ,so no pleasing me whatever the weather,

Love your tag though ,now that pleases me especially as you have used left overs .

Elaine H X

Sarah B said...

this weather should be reserved for holidays where there's a pool near by ! too hot for working in. Love the tag Hels xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, as usual your post made me smile - widely! Your tag is gorgeous! I love the weather on days when I don't have to be in work, so I guess that's not many! Lol Have a good time in Middlesborough, Carole Z X

Mona Pendleton said...

So pretty Hels! Love the fancy blossom!

nancyd said...

Morning Hels, just love your posts
you are so funny we are getting the
heat too unusual in Scotland but
people moan all the time I try not
to but I don't really like the sun
we have had visitors all week from
Canada and Southampton so it was
good we all sat out in the garden
but I always managed to get in the
shade. Back to your posts fantastic
from scraps too you are amazing.

Nancyd xx

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