Tuesday 23 April 2013

Tattered Florals Rose - A Tutorial

...As promised yesterday, here's a tutorial on how to make a big blousy rose using the Tattered Florals Alterations die.  This is my favest rose to make, you have probably guessed that tho, it does appear frequently on my artwork!  This tutorial is photo heavy - I have taken pics of every little step to make it easier to follow... so you might want to grab a cuppa and a biccie before you start reading!   Anyways... enough of the waffling, here goes:

You will need three flowers cut from the Tattered Florals die.  You can use d/s papers, card, Grungepaper for these... the best paper I have found is double sided as it is a bit tougher.  You don't need to have three different patterns, I have used three different ones for the tut as it is easier to follow and I do like the effect.  If you have fave papers and they are single sided, simply stick the paper to cardstock using Glue & Seal or Multi Medium, then you have your patterned papers, just a bit stronger!   As well, as the three flowers, you will need strong wet glue.  I always use Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear - it also dries matte.. perfect!  You will need sharp scissors and a pokey tool, plus five clips/grips.

**TOP TIP**  Look at your three flowers as Flower 1, Flower 2 and Flower 3

This is Flower 1: Cut in between two petals up to the centre of the flower. We will be putting one petal over the top of the next one to make it into 5 petals. Depending on which hand you write with, this will depend on which way you move the petals: I am right handed so the petal to the left of the snip always goes over the top of the right petal.

Chop the top off the petal that will go underneath and pop to one side.  The reason why we do this is because if you leave the whole petal underneath, that one will have a double thickness of paper and a layer of glue, making it harder to curl the petals...

Use the tab left behind as a gluing platform... so you pop your glue onto the tab and then bring the petal to the left of the snip over the top.

Use one of your clips to hold the petals in place whilst the glue sets - Cosmic dries super fast but I do this just to make sure, also it frees up my paws to move onto the next step...

Now we are working on "Flower 2". This makes the layer with 4 petals and the centre petal. Cut out one petal (as shown) and pop the cut out petal to one side - you will need this later.

Using your sharp scissors, cut out a small circle from the centre of the flower - this makes the assemblage part so much easier. Chop off the top of the petal to the left of the snip and save this off cut. You can discard the bit from the middle.

Pop some glue onto the tab, as shown.

Use another clip  to hold the petals in place - you should now have the layer with 4 petals.

We are now using "Flower 3" and this will make the layers that have 3 and 2 petals. Over time I have made hundreds of these roses and have found that because the Tattered Florals hasn't got a uniform look, some of the "V's" between the petals are cut closer to the centre than others.  So.  You need to make sure that the cuts you make are around the "V" that is furthest away from the centre = as shown with the arrow (do you like the arrow? I maded that meself lol)   For this flower, you need to cut out two petals together...

This photo shows that you have cut out two petals together.  Also, the top of the petal that is going underneath has been chopped off... and also, a half moon shape from the centre of the flower has been cut out - again, this is a vital step, it makes assemblage so much easier.
Keep the top of the petal you have chopped off - you can discard the middle snippy outy bit though.

Here you can see where the glue goes - as with other layers, it needs to be on the little tab.

Bring the petals together and use a clip to hold everything in place whilst the glue sets - **TOP TIP** Make sure you have all three petals the same height when clipping - I have found if one of the petals is too low, this layer doesn't sit right in the flower when assembled.

Remember the two petals you just cut out?  Now we are going to be working on these. Firstly, cut off the bottom point - you don't need this bit and if you leave it, it makes it more difficult to curl the petals around... it is... pointless (insert groan of choice!)

Use your pokey tool to curl back the petals - this is because we need to stretch the fibres in the paper as once this little layer is assembled, it is harder to curl the petals back - if you have already stretched the paper, they curl back much easier.

Next, flatten out the curled petals, use your pokey tool to curl the petals inwards now (as shown)

Pop a dab of glue onto the inside of one of the petals... as shown... and curl them around on each other...

The shape of this one should be similar to the trumpet of a daffodil, so the glued bit is just along the back where the petals have overlapped = pop a clip onto it and allow it to set.

Now we are working on the single petal, this will make the curled petal that goes into the middle of the rose. Firstly, snip off the bottom of the petal - again, this is ... pointless (ahem)

Hold one side of the petal between your thumb and finger and curl the other side using your pokey tool.

Twist the curled side right around your pokey tool and then the flap at the top that is left, curl backwards on itself, as shown.

Pop a dab of glue onto the bottom of the petal, as shown.

Now pop a clip onto this bit to allow it to set.

You are now ready to begin assembling your rose.  Start with the layer that has 5 petals:

Place your finger underneath the pointy bit on the 5 petal layer. Push this up gently so you have a little peak inside the flower (as shown) this will make a good nest for the other layers and also gives the flower a flat bottom.

Curl the petals back using your pokey tool and use the peak as a glue guide - fill a nice moat of glue around the peak.

Remember when we cut out the circle from the middle of the flower that makes layer 4?  This is because now, you can go in with the tips of your scissors and make that hole a little bigger - this makes it perfectly sized to fit over the peak inside layer 5.  Curl the petals back using your pokey tool.

Pop layer 4 into layer 5 - you will need to jiggle this layer around until it sits neatly.  Use your pokey tool to push the bottom of this layer into the glue if you need to.

Now we are working with layer 3.  Again, use your scissors to snip a larger hole at the bottom of this layer.   Curl the petals using your pokey tool to help the curls.

Add a good glob of glue around the bottom of this layer.

Pop the layer into the flower - again you will need to jiggle it about a smidge to get it to sit properly... tis all about the jiggling!  Remember when I said that you need to make sure all the petals are the same height?  That is really important because at this layer, if they aren't the same height, they will look ugly!

Now are on layer 2 - Snip the bottom off the  petals - remember I said about making sure you get the "V" that is furthest away from the middle?  This is when it comes into play - if they "V" is too close to the bottom of the petals, you will either have a bit that is too tall.. or if you do cut it down to size, it can pop open...

Remember when we curled the petals to stretch the paper fibres?  This is why... if you have them curled and glued and haven't stretched the fibres,  you will have a bit of a rumpled paper... tis all in the prep!

Use layer 2 as a guide to the sizing of the centre bit.  Pop layer 1 into layer 2 and cut it to fit.

Glue around the base of layer 1 and pop it into layer 2.  Now glue around the bottom of layer 2 and place it into the rose.  I do these two together so I don't jostle the already assembled layers.

Ta dah!  you now have your assembled rose... but... 

Remember the little snippy bits that we chopped off the top of the petals?  Well, these are now used up to make little fillers.  Your assembled rose is pretty but... there will be a few gaps, this is the nature of this shape of flower.  No probs, use the off cuts to fit into the gaps!
Snip the paper so it is wider at the top that the bottom.

Pinch the base so it is curved and curl the top back using your pokey tool.

Add a dab of glue to the bottom...

 Slot it into a gap.  Continue with the other two pieces you have snipped...

And there you have it. 
Yes, there are a lot of steps but I have done these so  you can see everything you needs to do to get the rose to look so pretty. 

I hope you have enjoyed the tut and please do let me know when you have had a play and if you enjoyed it!   I shall away now... all this typing has me thirsty!  Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


rachel said...

great tutorial Hels - even though I know how to do these its always fun to check that I'm doing it right!!! Can't wait to get my melt pot to make them all glossy! xx

Fliss said...

Fabulous and very entertaining tutorial Hels.
Thanks so much for sharing and love the finished result, so cool with those chocolate tones - can you guess what I think I need now lol
Fliss xx

Unknown said...

Yeah thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm definitely going to give these a go, and oh another excuse to get my melt pot out! You deserve a nice cup of coffee, but no throwing it in any boxes!! Huggins Debbie R xx

Gerrina said...

Thanks for this super easy to follow tut of your great roses! Have to try those myself! Gugs, Gerrina

Claudine said...

Wow! I'm going to try this on my next project. Thanks for the tutorial!

lorraine daniels said...

another great tut...thanks Hels will see if come out as great as yours :-)
melt pot at the ready too !!

Carole Z said...

fab tut Hels, have this die so will have a go! Hugs Carole Z X

Maggie said...

Hello Hels. What a clear tutorial. Brilliant and easy to follow. Never thought of using the cutty offy bits. Will go and have a go right now. xx Margaret xx

Gail said...

Wow - what a brilliant tut - thanks xx GailT xx

Suzi B said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial... I have that dies... don't use them half as much as I should..
Suzi B x

Lynne M said...

Fantastic tutorial, thanx alot. Lol Lynne M

Marleine said...

Hi Hels.

Wow! What a tutorial. So clear, thanks. X

LoraineC said...

Thanks can't go wrong with this tutorial xx

corinna said...

thanks hels, really useful tute, will have to apply it to other dies though cos i don't have the wonderful tims tattered rose, take care, corinna

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous tutorial Hels, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Linda xxx

Fuchsia said...

Ah Ha !now I see why mine are so bulky thanks Hels x

Craftychris said...

Thank you, fabulous tutorial! will have a go! xx

carol edwards said...

Thank you Hels it must have taken ages to do this

Mary said...

Thanks for each of the step by step pictures! I tried one of these ages ago and it was a disaster. Now I can see where I went wrong! Can't wait to try again! =)

Anonymous said...

Wow bev Thank you so much for this tutorial.How kind of you to take so much care and time for us.

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow Hels, what a brill and entertaining tut! This must be one of the best and clearest flower tutorials I have seen ever! Thank you!! It must have taken you hours!

I am really intrigues how you did the photos, use your other hand?? Or did Grim take them? Anyhows, very, very clever indeed and the flowers are gorgeous!

EmmaT said...

Thanks for this Hels, great to see it in photo form, i love making these and if you play about you can change the shape of the finished flower. I use pegs to hold it together while gluing. Emma

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Thank you so much for this in-depth tutorial, and even using the little cut-offs to infill, absolutely fantastic.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Julie said...

Thanks for the fab tutorial Hels. It was a lot of pictures but they made it all so clear. I now feel I could have a really good stab at making a tattered rose! x

Joanne said...

This tut is even better than the last one and that was fab. I'm going to die cut loads of flowers and take them away with me on Sunday so I can 'play' whilst sat in the motorhome next week. Thanks again for super duper instructions.

Caroline said...

Such a great, detailed tut! Will bookmark for reference until I can get the die. I have a sizzix die but it's not a very good one for this. Thank you for EVERYTHING Hels!! Enjoy your day & a squidge for Alfie... Caroline :)))

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Thanks Hels, I do love your flowers and now so happy I read your tutorial. Can't wait to try!!

Unknown said...

Brilliant technique Hels, I will be trying this. I can see where I have wrong when I have tried to make a rose before x

inreenesroom.blogspot.com said...

Wonderful job on your tutorial! This is my favorite flower die and have made dozens of flowers. I am always bothered by the thick petal when I glue them together. BUT thanks to you that won't happen anymore. Brilliant!! Thanks so much for sharing...Clareene...

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