Friday, 16 November 2012


..flipping flip and the flippers!  You know I said yesterday how I crashed out on the sofa and slept for 11 hours? Well, I have gone one better than that... a total of 15 hours asleep in 24 hours!  I know! Madness.  I think it is probably the old CFS rearing its ugly head and telling me to get some zeds, all the same... how much sleep!  Anyways, even though I have woken up looking like a gorilla has been nesting in my hair (yes, it is THAT bad!) and with pillow scars crisscrossing my chops (you can just see it can't you... pretty sight... not!) I am feeling a lot more human.  Honestly, give a girl a telephone call with her crafting hero and she promptly sleeps for the rest of the week!  I have come to the conclusion that all that excitement at my age is something I just can't handle without the odd Nanna Nap thrown in.  Poor old Grim, we planned a day together, I slept most of it away!  

So.  Remember the other day I did a schneeky peekings and showed you a smidge of a bird? Well, here he is in all his glory.  Isn't he lovely?  And SO simples to make too.  The Bird Art Parts didn't get on air because we ran out of time but... I had made the sample so I figured I would show him to you.   If you haven't seen Studio 490 Art Parts before you have been missing out.  **check out Wendy Vecchi's blog HERE for tonnes of inspirations, take a cuppa and a packet of HobNobs with you tho... you will be there a yonk and a half!**  Anyone who has used them knows how easy they are to use and how fab the things are that you can make.  Out of all the samples I made, this is my fave. I just love that he is going to be hanging on my wall at Christmas... a different kind of ornament... think of the possibilities though... not just festive, you could decorate him pink and girly for a party, or brown and grungy for a boy's room, add a name to the body and you have a door hanger!

This one was covered with papers from the Holidays Past stash, looooooove these papers (think I may have said that a few times lol)  Because the papers are double sided you have a cool patterned side and then flip for a co-ordinating plain side - although it is far from plain with all the shabby distressed looks on the papers - like Tim said on the phone, it is like vintage oil-cloth.  I added some Paper Strings for the hangy bit and around his neck with a Christmas Muse Token and finally, to the wings, some Festive Foliage and a Mini Gear... oh and I almost forgot the feathers for his tail!

Anyways, I best get a shift on... I am prepping for my classes at Busy Bee's Dabble Day in Sheffield tomorrow... I am, as ever, excited....  it is three classes of ten peeps each time, same class each time and we go on a rotation so there are three of us teachers and 30 peeps in total... we have some painty and inky alterings going on... gonna be fun!  Although I do feel a smidge sorry for the peeps who sit down for the last class, if last time is anything to go by, I was getting tongue-tied, tripping over my words and generally speaking Swahili at them... but bless, they are Yorkshire peeps so they got it.  Right.. I shall away... thanks for looking!  TTFN

Hels x


Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, well you obviously needed the sleep, its best to sleep and let the body rest than keep going and the body giving up completely - been there done that! Lovely little bird that would look lovely hanging on the xmas tree. Emma

Caz said...

That's a cute birdie - shame you didn't have the time to show him off!
Am just going to do as instructed and go have a look at WV blog.
Have a great time tomorrow

Craftychris said...

Your little bird is sooooo gorgeous! I wasn't going to get any Christmas papers this year but I am getting very tempted. You have just cheered me up by the way. I suffer from CFS and struggle with it badly but knowing you have had it and seeing what a bundle of fun and energy you are, has given me hope! Its 6 years since I have worked but craft keeps me sane! My husband may disagree with that though - he still thinks I am bonkers!! Thank you xx

Dawn said...

looks amazing Hels Dxx

scrappymo! said...

he is lovely and will look fabulous hanging on the wall.
Off to check out your links.

My name is Cindy said...

Right now I would love to sleep for 15 or even 11 hours - need something! Love your little birdy, very reminiscent of a swap I did a couple of years ago when there were no art parts about. Great papers too. I bought some stuff from the shows - frosted paper sounded most intriguing. Had to sit on my hands for the papers, I have soooo much Christmas stuff. Have a good day!! Cindy

craftypam60 said...

Love the birdie! Glad you had a good sleep catch up after your fantabulous shows!! Hope we see u again on tv soon, love your work x

Joanne said...

Only a few weeks ago since I was in Sheffield, widh it was tomorrow. Have a ball, I know the girls will.

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hels
Oh I do love your little birdie he is the cutest thing ever.
I enjoyed your shows on C&C and recorded them so I could watch later without interuption.
I have just shown the little christmas book on my blog that we made at Birds in the Barn, such a fun day.

JayBe said...

Ooo, I love your birdie hanging - think I need those papers :) I'm looking forward to tomorrow at the workshop - don't worry we all speak swahili ere in good ol' Yorkshire!! Lol. See you there, Jan xx

Pat said...

Love the bird. I kept getting glimpses of him on the show. It was a shame there wasn't time to show more samples.
Take care and try not to overdo things for a while and take care of yourself
Pat xx

Carole Z said...

Evening Hels, glad you are feeling better after your sleep - now - if speaking to him on the phone has this effect on you, you'd better start preparing in case he shows up in person! Lol. I love your bird, I got some Art Parts at Ally Pally in Sept and still haven't had a chance to play! Carole Z X

Rita said...

Sleeping Beauty never had a look in Hels. Your body obviously needed the rest and sleep would make you do just that. I really love this bird. Hugs Rita xx

Carol said...

You conquer such a vision lol. You obviously needed that sleep. Gorgeous bird x

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. Your body obviously needed a good rest.
Lovely bird, a great Christmas decoration.

Val in Spain xxx

craftimamma said...

Oooh I wish I could have a sleep catch up like that but it doesn't matter how tired I am the most I can manage in one go is about 6.5 hours. You must have needed it badly Hels and judging by all the fabulous work you did prepping for the shows I'm not surprised. Your little bird is gorgeous and I love his tail feathers. Pity you didn't get to demo the Art Parts but never mind we did see lots of other fab stuff ;-)

Lesley Xx

Ann said...

Gorgeous Hels!! xx

butterfly said...

Gorgeous bird... I haven't had a chance to play with any Art Parts so far, but this one could be the one to kick me off!

Glad you got caught up on some sleep - nothing more important, and I can imagine that after all the excitement of chatting with TH, your body needed some rest!!
Alison x

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