Saturday, 17 November 2012


...don'tcha just love new stamps?  These cards are simple samples I made using the new Tim Holtz Autumn and Christmas Blueprint stamps.  I didn't really have a chance to play with the Autumn ones so I kept the samples quick and easy - I often get asked for easy cards... so here you go :O))   The Snowman was stamped in Jet Black Archival twice, one of them I cut out and coloured him with a waterbrush and Distress Stains... the other I edged with co-ordinating Distress Ink... the mat is stamped with a snowflake, using Brushed Pewter Metallic Stain to stamp with, loves those stains, chock full of glimmer!   The sentiment is from the Creative Expressions Winter Greetings stamp set.

Another super simples card... the Acorn is stamped twice as before.  I cut out the cup and blended Walnut Stain over the top to colour it.... bobbed onto 3d Foam to add a little dimension... and then edging the base card with Old Paper, Brushed Corduroy and Walnut Stain.  Because the design is so detailed, you don't need to go OTT with the card design.

And finally, the leaf... stamped as before, this time coloured with Distress Stains so the leaf is more smudgy in look.  I painted in red veins with Fired Brick Stain, the trees in the Spinney this year have had red veins... looked soooo pretty!   So there you have it... three super simples cards.  


Let me tell you what happened yesterday.  So, my AlfieCat has a catflap and he has finally learned how to use it properly.  He was out playing yesterday lunchtime and I was in the Room of Stash doing stuff.  I heard his bell go tinkle and thought "aw, he has come in to see his Mummy"  I called him and he didn't appear, which is unusual, he is like a little doggy normally and appears if I call him.  Anyways, I then hear this awful yowling noise.  So I called again.  Still nothing, just the yowling.  Uh Oh, I thinks, what has he done.... so I go rushing down the stairs to see him... and upon arriving in the living room I am greeted with the sight of Alf, all puffed up and yowling and... a HUGE black fluffy cat, also puffed up and yowling.  Honestly, it was the size of a panther!  Anyways, it cops sight of me, gives me a right old dog-look, turns tail and nips out of the catflap.  Aha!  So, Alf has himself a boyfriend does he.  I shall have to watch that the Panther doesn't start making a habit of making himself cosy in my living room... in the meantime, Alf is confined to barracks until I find out where Panther has come from.  He is rather cute actually... just not so sure about those enormous...erm... danglybits... you know, the ones that Alf had removed when he was younger... don't want any catty smells in the house!   And with that delightful thought, I shall bid you good-day!  Have a good one.... TTFN

Hels x


Fuchsia said...

Now Hels slap me if you like but !
I am not sure if I like the new blueprint stamps I mean I like what you have done with them but really not sure if I would use them .
This is a first for me to not like something of Tims !
Got my frosted film today its soooo sparkly x

inkypinkycraft said...

I love the simplicity in cards sometimes..and had funplaying withbthe Halloween blueprints..not had time to use these yet!! But hope to rectify that this weekend...great makes as always Hels!trace x

Marleine said...

Morning Hels,

Absolutely love these stamps especially the snowman.

Doesn't sound like Alfie is impressed with the 'panther' inviting himself in. Water pistol to the ready,Lol. Have a good week end. X

Anonymous said...

Hi Hels. These stamps are so unusual but I don't think they're really me. Can't all like everything can we?

You'll have to get a cat flap with a combination code that only Alfie knows but tell him not to share it even with his closest cattie friends!

Val in Spain xxx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Lovely cards. I like some of the blueprint stamps, but I doubt I would use all of them.
Re Alfie & the panther; you can get a catflap that only opens in response to a signal from a collar, so that may be an idea. I went away one year leaving the catflap locked - as I thought. Came home to THREE strange cats who'd made themselves entirely at home in every room in the house. I was NOT pleased. The catflap has now been sealed up.

Evil Edna said...

you just wait until you hear a massive slapping sound as Alfie slaps the cat flap into his panthar face. I have seen this done by two different cats and it is funny in a dark and twisted way.EE

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Absolutely gorgeous cards, I love them all, the simplicity is great, but they look stunning at the same time. I love what you have done with them, I will be trying these out.
We have the same problem with our catflap, my Lloyd and Lizzie (brother and sister, and identical apart from their collars) have an arch enemy, a big ginger tom ('devil cat' we have named him), before we had the catflap in the new conservatory, we used to leave the front door open of an evening and they used to sit there on the mat for hours watching the world go by, then this ginger tom decided to terrorise them and it even came into the vestibule and sprayed everywhere, it was revolting. Graham went to speak to the owners and they eventually got it neutered, but it won't leave our two alone and Lloyd won't stand up to it, so their owners advised us to get a water canon and spray it when we see it in our garden. The other day I came downstairs to find it in our conservatory (it had come in through the catflap) and Lloyd was yowling from the kitchen doorway, we always know when 'devil cat' is around by the way Lloyd yowls. I just wish it would leave them alone, it has got to the stage where they don't want to go outside, and even their inside isn't safe anymore ha ha. I know you can get collars with a chip inside that corresponds with the catflap, but my cats lose their collars quite frequently, so that isn't an option for me, but maybe that would be OK for Alfie-Cat.
Lots of love from Patricia xx
PS This is like 'War and Peace' today ha ha. xx

nannapat said...

I love what you've done with these stamps Hels - the colours are gorgeous. I'm not sure whether I like the stamps themselves though - but perhaps they'll grow on me. Looking forward to seeing your projects in the Creative Expressions project book. Pat x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels, lovely cards which dont look simple. I had the problem of other cats coming in but luckily i didn't need to worry as Tilly is a right gladiator over her territory and they don't come back!! Normally she's a right windy wallop but she has no plans of sharing her home with anyone else! Emma

Redanne said...

Hi Hels, I just adore these blueprints, they are my favs at the moment, just posted an album I made with my Christmas set. Love the autumn one too, they are on my ever growing list and yes I did buy too much again when you were on - got the frosted film too - love it. Poor Alfie, he may need to stand up to the panther or he will keep coming back....... Crafty hugs, Anne x

Craftychris said...

All the cards are fab, especially the snowman - I just love it! ooh dear, an interloper cat! Alfie will have to get tough! xx

TonyR said...

gowguss cards!!! the bluprints work better than i imagined!

you need one of those electronic catflaps and alfiecat will have to wear a big electronic 'key' on his collar.

or get an extra food bowl - simples!

Ann said...

Love all your cards, but especia;;y the 'faces' one!! Hope you'tr fully rested (Hugs) xx

butterfly said...

The blueprints are gorgeous - and I love your simple cards, which show them off to perfection!
Alison x

Stamping in Pink said...

I love these cards and I love the Blue Prints stamps - you can use them in so many different ways!

I don't understand why peeps do not get their pets seen to! I know it sounds harsh but there are too many unwanted animals and it's not fair to the pets.
It also stops the males from spraying that revolting aroma around the houses and gardens! Cuddles sent to Alfie! Karen x

Carole Z said...

Hi Hels, I do love these blueprint stamps, couldn't quite run to them the other night with the other bits I bought, but they are on my list! My frosted film arrived - you did warn me I'd love it...oh boy, I want to cover everything in it! Lol...hope the 'panther' doesn't reappear! Carole Z X

rachel said...

these are all fabulous Hels - love the stamps! They're super gorgeous xx

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