Friday, 31 August 2012

An Interview With...! Imagine how totes honoured I was when lovely Bernice asked me if I would like to take part in a new blog that she was setting up - the sole purpose to "celebrate UK Artists" Well, first of all, I love the idea of being an artist but I don't view myself as an artist... I am just a messy pup who loves to play with all things inky and messy and who loves to make stuff. That aside, it is truly an honour for Bernice to include me in the amazing list of other peeps who have been interviewed. To see my interview, please CLICK HERE and to see the rest of the interviews (check it out, brilliant peeps there) CLICK HERE.

Bernice asked me to include some of my favourite makes so she could punctuate the interview with piccies. I decided to do a post here today and add a few more pics of my favest things I have made in the past wee while. I am a bit of a fickle creature (no? really? you would never have guessed right?) when it comes to the things I make. I have come to the conclusion that I am a cat in the form of human because I will make something using certain methods, techniques and products and it will be my absolute favourite thing... and I will keep on making things in that vein for a while. Take this past few months, for instance:

I got totes inspired by Finnabair and by those gorgeous Gypsy Girls and ran amok in the Room of Stash with all things canvassy and painty and made a few of these....

And then I got distracted by sprays - I think that came from the spraying colours onto the painty pieces... and got carried away and coloured 13 tags in one morning!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I think everything is my favourite. I did that Tool Shed show a couple of weeks ago and I kept saying "oh that is my favourite" And... I didn't "go public" here because I didn't want to put a downer on my blog, but I did get some really negative (downright nasty) feedback from one individual who reminded me that you can only have ONE favourite. Well, I shall agree to disagree... I lie not: I do have very lots of favourites! For instance, masks are my favourite, likewise all things Studio 490 are my favourite, pretty papers are deffo my favourite, texture is my favourite... you get the gist, I am sure.

This crafty world that we inhabit is an ever changing beast isn't it? Every six months we get a fresh wave of new products from our favourite designers and companies. And, I know I am not just speaking for myself when I say that we all are addicted to this amazing hobby and NEED the new stuff... RIGHT NOW. The birth of new products brings new techniques and ideas and possibilities for us... and I consider myself incredibly lucky that I am in the position to teach, to share and to enthuse. Yes, it isn't my chosen career - and yes, I would give all of this up to be able to go back and drive a train again - and believe me, it has taken me over three years to get to the place I am now where I don't burst into tears everytime someone asks me about my career... (ok, maybe that is an exageration, I am wiping them away now)

I have been so lucky though. I cannot imagine just how hard my life would have been if I hadn't had my hobby - if I hadn't been able to hide away in my Room of Stash and lose myself in making things. I know I am not alone with this either. Over the years, meeting other crafters, "chatting" with them in Blogland, on forums, on Yahoo groups, meeting up at shows and conventions... well, we all have that certain something that triggered the crafty gene in us. Be it a long term illness, a personal strife, or even an inherited love of all things crafty. Whichever of these kick started your hobby, you have to agree with me that for the most parts, this is an amazing community that we exist in.

I have been most fortunate to meet my very bestest friends through this madness that is crafting. That one thing that we all have in common to start with. The love to make things and, which is more, the love of sharing the things that we have made. I have a drawer in my Room of Stash that is full of swaps that I did for about 3 years, receiving sqwishy envelopes each month with tags and ATC's made by my friends, well to me that is as about as personal as you can get. I have art on my walls made by friends, I have art on shelves, again made by friends... the only reason that the tags are in a drawer is because I haven't quite got around to sorting out the design of the Room of Stash - when I do finally get it exactly how I want it, there will be some kind of display of these precious pieces of my friends' crafty souls.

One thing I would like to say (ok so I started off by doing a quicky post to link over to Bernice and now it is War & Peace lol) but... you know my Sunday Stamper challenge? Well, I so appreciate each and every entry = seriously, I say it most weeks but I kid you not, I really DO smile BIG when I see your entries. It means so much to see that you have had your Mojo nudged and you are willing to take part in my "just for fun" challenge. BUT. One thing. When you enter, no matter what your level of experience maybe, beginner or been a crafter for 283 years, please don't say stuff like "this is my little entry, it isn't that good, it isn't as good as other peoples" I remember taking part in a cardmaking class and being told by the tutor that I had "done it wrong". I was not only embarrassed but also I resolved to never say those words to any other crafter. The whole thing about this hobby (ok, obsession) is that you aren't wrong - you can't be. What you make comes from inside you. What you try out, what inspires you, what gives you that thrill of making something... how can that be wrong? Admittedly we are all our own worst critics... please just cut yourself a bit of slack, remember that you are being creative, that is the most wonderful thing isn't it?

Right. I guess I have bent your ear enough! If you have made it right through to the end of this post then go and get yourself a drink, you deserve one! Thank you, each and everyone of you, who has followed my blog, read my posts, listened to my inane wafflings, complimented my artwork and generally made the last nearly 5 years of blogging so enjoyable. May your fingers be ever inky, may your Room of Stash be ever-overflowing and may your Mojo's be ever present. As ever, thank you for looking... have a FAB day! TTFN

Hels x


Mandy Chilvers said...

you really are an amazing woman Hels and too right you are an artist. You totally inspire people, including me. way to go girl! lol

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Hels
Im popping over in mo to read your interview. And yes you are def an artist, as you make something from nothing! Stunning gallery of your work this morning, all different. Great inspiration.

Sarah said...

Fantastic inspriation Hels. All amazing projects.

Sarah x

Maggie said...

Well deserved me thinks... your work inspires me and so many others, love this collection of your favs.....I agree you can have lots of favs I number them 1-10 and this changes as my moods change lol!
Keep making Art


Artyjen said...

Thanks for the megga read today and for all the inspiration you have brought me Hels ;) I love making might not all be the best thing since sliced bread (not that I like sliced bread!!! LOL) but I like it and as you say that's all that counts. Have a great weekend :)
xoxo Sioux

butterfly said...

Fabulous pieces all proving that a) it's completely understandable that they'd want you for their interviews and b) you are 100% an artist... gorgeous, inspiring work that has you written all over it. Congratulations!
Alison x

Buttons said...

You've made me blub like a baby Hels. I would say "how pathetic" but you'd tell me off (which is reason enough not to!!) and it's simply a sign of how moving your post is today.
You have as many favs as you like - you need loads of them because they have to work together (no point having a set of stamps if you haven't got the perfect inks to use them with, the perfect surface on which to stamp them... you get my drift).
Before this comment turns into War and Peace, you are an artist, you create beautiful pieces which inspire hundreds of us each week to rustle up something to be proud of, and you are a very special human being. Just ask Grim.
Love you loads, hugs Buttons x

Anonymous said...

big hug.

Deborah said...

You have as many favourites as you like (why do people have to be so negative?) It's like songs. How can you say you can only have one favourite song! I couldn't pick a favourite from your artwork - it's all beautiful. You are most definitely an artist!

Craftychris said...

If anyone has the right to be called an Artist it is you! Oh my goodness, all these projects are awesome! I am going to watch the interview a little later. I bow down to your talent xx

Rita said...

Hels, what a fabulous story. But as one of your many followers who think you are the bestest Artist around, please accept the Artist accolade. You always make your posts so interesting and I for one would not have learned as much if it were not for you. Hugs Rita xx

ps. Its been lovely looking through all your work within this post.

Redanne said...

Wow Hels, if anyone is looking for inspiration they need look no further than your amazing post today. Whoever that was who was negative cannot be a proper crafter, other wise they would just know.....and I don't like negativity either, if people can't say something nice then don't say anything - simples!.

You are a true artist and your 'punctuations' in this post just prove that. You are one of the most inspirational people I know in the world of craft and you so deserve the accolade. Off to read your interview now!

Crafty hugs, Anne x

Michelle Webb said...

How can anyone not get to the end of this post and be addicted to reading the lot! I love the way you write Hel's, if it was short and sweet we'd all be disappointed. You're epic (Ben-Hur) posts are one's that we want to have a cup of tea and a biscuit with, we know we're gonna sit down and guffaw at least two or three times! It's real and we love it, and love you're amazing talent too, that's the icing on top of the said biscuit! Now I need another cup of tea....and another biscuit! Anyhoo, thanks for just being you and sharing it with the world! Michelle x ......
Righto I've decided I'm being far too soft and I need to stop waffling on. Tara x

Helen said...

I made it to the end... I wish I had your job - this crafty one, not the train one..! But I don't have the guts to try it.
I have loads of favourites too, can't see why you wouldn't! Oh, and it was lovely to see these projects again. Off to read the interview now.

Linda said...

What a fabulous post, I read every single word and loved it all. Whoever gave you negative comments doesn't know what they're talking about. I'm just like you, I have loads of favourites, in fact it's an ever growing list.
You are truly an inspiration to everyone, I love your Blog, your magazine articles are fab and when you're on the telly everything stops. I just need to pluck up courage to enter your challenge.
Thank you so much for sharing your favourite makes today, what a stunning gallery. You most definitely are an artist! Congrats on the interview, I'm just off to read it now.
Keep up the good work Hels.
Lots of crafty hugs xx

Sue said...

Some really stunning works of art there my friend. Your loss to the train world is the craft worlds gain.

Love Trappy.

Alexandra said...

Hels, well done on your interveiw. I, for one will enjoy it . You are one of the most artistic peeps I know. I love visiting your blog. I'm with you, you can't just have one favourite I too have many, and new ones are added to my growing list regularly. Working lets me buy more stash though unfortunately eats into my time to create, :o(
I wish I had time to create as much as you do. Your gallery of gorgeousness was a treat today.
I enjoyed reading your war and peace post today and agree with you totally. Thanks for your great blog and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm glad you get to play with crafty stash instead of driving the trains now. Your so inspirational, getting people to work is good but here you inspire and make people smile.
I'm just in from work and didn't stop for a cuppa yet so with that in hand I'm off to see your interveiw. Alexandra x

Carole Z said...

You betcha you're an artist Hels! Fab interview and also thanks for today's mega inspiring post, Carole Z X

Marleine said...

Hiya Hels,
Love your story and inspiration. You rock.
There isn't an item I don't like. It's all just brilliant. X

Miriam said...

Hels, you talk about your passion for crafting and you are soooo inspirational. Thank you for all of the time that you put into sharing your passion with us.

As for favourites - it is great to have lots of favourites - human nature! Anyone who thinks different can bog off - they do not have to look at your creativity - that is their choice - but how dare they try to spoil it for us - they cannot talk for anyone else!!!!!!!!!! RANT OVER.

Stay being you and thank you for your inspiration and creativity xxx

Shazza said...

these are all my favourites of your work Hels ROFL cos I loves every darn thing you create. I cannot imagine my life without craft and the friends I have made through the crafty world either
biggest hugs

Sharon said...

Congrats on your interview and Hels you ARE an Artist!! I'm so glad I found your blog I love reading it and seeing what you've created! As for faves, I have two little girls and know that it's not possible to have just one favourite and as for crafty stuff...everything i buy is my fave!! Whoever left the nasty comment was clearly talking out of their ar*e! xx

Karen said...

If we, your followers and fans, are not permitted to put our work down then Mrs Hels you cannot say you are not an artist! In my eyes, as well as many of your fans and followers, you are an artist.
In fact you are way more than that to me. You are a lovely person, who shares her beautiful art as well as your very creative craft skills with many others.
Why the devil do we always have to pick one favourite item. I love my stamps, some more than others, but I love them and they are all my favourite because I create so many different things with each of them.
And why oh why is there always at least one slightly bitter and to be honest down right nasty peep who has to pick on someone this way. Most crafters are fabulous, open hearted and generous to a fault but there is always at least one nasty little so and so.
I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only one of us who goes through 'phases' with my crafting. I learnt basic tea bag folding and origami skills a couple of years ago. I made little toppers for months because I was obsessed with them! That year 90% of our Xmas cards had a tea bag medallion on it lol!!
I regularly say I've been lucky. If I hadn't had 2 car accidents six months apart then my back would not have become the problem it is now. If that hadn't happened I very much doubt I would have re-ignited my love of art and crafts. I can draw but it's something I have to practise.
It's one of the reasons that I fell so in love with stamps and stamping. I was so lucky to find your blog when I did because I love inkyness but I don't like the dark, dull, brown inkyness that's so much in evidence these days. But you and your wonderful pieces of art aren't dark or dull or even dull brown!
So thank you Mrs Hels Sheridan - you've inspired me and helped me to find one of my style of vintage.
I always tell my friends off for being too hyper critical of their own work and it looks like I need to stop doing this to myself too. I am getting better, honestly I've actually blogged the fact that I love a couple of the inky creations I've made recently.
Sorry this post got way much longer than I planned hugs Karen x

Emma Lee said...

I have just stumbled on your blog, and the projects on this post are stunning. Off to read more, but just had to comment on these.

lydia jordan said...

Hi Hels,
What a fantastic blog you are an inspiration and so talented.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, What a fantastic Blog Post today, congratulations. I absolutely love all the piccies you have posted today, they are so inspiring, when you can make something like these out of a bunch of crafting stuff, ingenious. You are an inspiration to us all, and we love all your ideas and tips and techniques. Lots of love from Patricia xx

Joanne said...

I have tears in my eyes right now at your wonderful words, at the sight of all those utterly amazing creations, at the wonderful feeling you give me every time you post on your blog. You are a national treasure and certainly for me, I'm honoured to know you.
Big, big hugs lovely lady
Joanne xxxx

Julia S-W said...

You cannot begin to understand what reading this post has meant to me. I was sent here by Buttons because of something I'd put in a post. I would have got here eventually but I usually catch up in a batch!
Firstly, your art is amazing and I love it. It inspires me every week.
Secondly, I love hearing what you're up to including news of Alfie because I'm a mad cat woman. However, the part that really got me was when you were talking about getting over your career change - I am in that position and I had to run for the tissues - literally.
I had to give up teaching after over 23 yrs because I was diagnosed with a lung disease which was being badly affected by all the germs that fly around in schools and I was constantly ill. I then had a serious bout of pneumonia (hospital the lot!) and my Husband said that enough was enough. To cut a boring story short, two years later, I am still not over leaving the job I adored BUT reading what you wrote has upset me but somehow made me feel good all in one go - can't really explain it but I think you probably get it! Still fighting tears as I write this but thank you so much for this post. It will give me more strength and it will let me believe that the craft I produce doesn't have to be measured against anyone else's - it's mine, made with care and I have to be proud of it.
I was going to send this privately but then I thought that others might benefit from my little tale too - there is life after work but sometimes it takes time to find it and it's ok to miss something everyday of your life as long as it doesn't put your life on hold.

Off to open a new box of tissues. . . . . have a lovely weekend Hels and you won't know how much you've helped me!!

inkypinkycraft said...

this is a beautiul, honest, open and truly inspiring post. your art is amazing and the way you share your ideas is wonderful. i love that your favourites change and that you are inspired and inspiring!!! my favourites go in waves and it is fab to see that someone as amazing as you has waves of style and creativity..
you are one wonderfully creative gal and i love the way your posts make me smile and feel a whole range of emotions, even laughing ...way to go
love trace x

xxcalamityxx said...

I quote either Mary Poppins or her from the Sound of Music (I can't recall which for the life of me !!) "These are a few of my favourite things" - Enough said !! Job done !! Rolling around laughing etc etc ...Hugs and lots of love keep entertaining us Hels x x x

Barb Cady said...

my opinion is that Karma rules! What you give out you get back, you are a lovely person, all the praise is well earnt, long may you lighten our lives! Hugs xx

Sue said...

Hels, what you do is amazing - that's why I & dozens of others look forward to checking out your blog every Sunday morning for your new challenge. No question, you are an artist & people who are nasty are just plain nasty (if you know what I mean). Keep the faith. Take care. Sx

Joanie said...

I think there is an artist in all of us Hels. Crafting is art therefore that makes us artists - no matter what form that is. Well done on the interview.
Hugs Joan x

Carol said...

Hels - you are so right in what you say - we all have LOADS of favourites, the person with only one is seriously lacking!
You have started off this post with my favourite piece of yours - I LOVE that pink tag - I could sit and look at it for ages, I don't know what it is about it, I think its the white with it....anyway, you've finished your post with my other favourite piece of yours!! lol
I was hoping to come to your class at Marks Tey but unfortunately by the time my son had decided when he wanted to go back to Uni I've missed out - perhaps one day!!
Carry on Crafting Hels - your FAB! cc

Pat said...

I loved this post every word. All I have to say is you are my favourite! I hope you won't let one spiteful person put you off demonstrating on create and craft as so many crafters really look forward to seeing you and your work.
Pat xx

Anita Houston said...

You inspire the masses my dear!!! You are fabulous at what you do, and I am so proud to follow you! Love reading this today, a little teary! Sometimes what we do can be so hard on us. You rock hard Hels!!!!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Hear, hear, Hels! Execellent post! I've heard of you through other British friends and have enjoyed browsing through your blog! You are very well loved!!

I'm going to try and play in your Sunday Stamper challenge this week. First, I need to check and see if it is for UK artists only.

Have a great day! Hope your back gets better soon!!

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