Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Curious Case of the Bird in the Bedroom...

... do you ever have that feeling that you realllllly wish that your little furbaby could talk? I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes thinks "I realllllly wish you could tell me just what you did...." Aha, that thought is still rattling around my poor old bonce because the other morning, dear little AlfieCat left a pressie for us... in the bedroom, right on the floor, right next to my side of the bed. Picture the scene... I am up at stoopid o'clock to get ready to set off to Peterborough for an early show. Off goes the alarm, "grumble-groan" goes me (I am so not a morning person) "Miaow" goes AlfieCat, right in my face - he is a walking kitty alarm, I like to think it is because he can't wait to see his Mummy and have a cuddle, I think that is more like "Ohh, Mummy is awake - food time" Anyways. The alarm has gone off, I leap out of bed (ok, more like a drag, stagger and stumble) and make my way to the kitchen where I know that there will be that essential part of a morning routine, coffee.

I make said coffee, feed greedy kitty, who is eating like he hasn't seen food for a week... and make my way to the outside bit (garden - off limits for Alf if we are going out *he is a monkey to try and get back in*) for an illicit puff of a you-know-what (I know, I know, filthy habit and all) I go back inside and make a coffee for Grim and off I sets up the stairs to get myself showered and preened ready to leave. Bear in mind I have walked through the living room twice now. And noticed nothing. Into the bedroom I go, giving Grim his coffee... making my way around the bed (blimey, I am making it sound like we have an enormous bedroom... we don't lol) The next words out of my mouth are "Grim, there's a dead bird on the floor" A grunt from the Grimster - he thinks I am kidding... So, I says it again "Grim, I am not kidding, there's a dead bird on the floor... and there's feathers all over the place" So, picture us both, looking at each other, then to the deceased bird, then back at each other. "Where did that come from?" I says ... "Alf" says Grim. It had to be Alf didn't it... I mean, the bird isn't going to fly into the bedroom and promptly expire on the carpet is it? Anyways... long story short (ok, a bit shorter) We have an aircon unit in the bedroom with the venty thing out of the window... Alf never goes out of the window over the vent because his bum is too big to fit through the gap. But that is the only way he could possibly have done the deed. Grim did the "my hero" bit and removed said ex-bird and cleared up the feathers. AlfieCat is looking very pleased with himself and grinning at us (yes, he can grin) By the time I got myself ready and back downstairs, I was greeted with a living room full of feathers... everywhere. How he did it, when he did it we will never know. All I will say is that he was looking very smug for the rest of the week. How he managed to do all of that and not wake either of us is also a mystery... like I said, I wish he could talk!!

Now, did you miss me? I am so sorry that I haven't had chance to come and blog for FIVE days... I think that is the longest I have ever gone since I started my blog! I just want to say a mahooooosive thank you for all the support, emails, messages, Tweets, FB comments etc during my week of shows. I have got a couple of pics of the "pomanders" I made with the Grand Ovals & Grand Circles dies... they are a doddle to make, I thought I would do a quicky recipe for you if you did fancy playing and making some:

1 - Cut six of the largest size die from plain cardstock
2 - Cut six of the smallest size die from plain cardstock
3 - Edge them all with Distress Ink
4 - Use background stamps to decorate, stamping randomly with co-ordinating Distress Ink
5 - Fold each piece in half so the cut edges match at the edges
6 - Add glue to one half of the largest folded card
7 - Stick this to half of the next piece of card and continue til all are stuck
8 - Glue along the folded edge of the smaller size
9 - Pop this into the middle of the folded larger piece, continue until all small pieces are in place.

You can add a piece of twine, ribbon, wire etc to make the hangy bit and add a tassle to the bottom bit as I did. And there you have it!

Right, I had better get a move on, I need to catch up with all the entries for the Sunday Stamper, thank you for all your entries etc and I am sorry I am late catching up. A new theme tomorrow - I have yet to make it, think of a theme etc but I will come up with something. I am planning a day of tidying today - getting the Room of Stash back in order *tis suuuuch a mess!*

Thanks for looking.... oh and... THANK YOU for all the blog hits and new followers too... I am smiling biggly... you have all made me a very chuffed bunny here you know. TTFN

Hels x


Linda said...

At least it had expired, my two (not sure if it was a joint effort) mananged to bring in a live sparrow - which I rescued! and a variety of half dead birds/mice :(
Thank goodness we have a tiled floor in the hall and not carpet (you can imagine why!)
Loved what I caught of your demos too, well done x

Helen said...

Your Alfie!! Haven't had time to play along this week, so good luck with setting the theme for next week and I'll try harder!! Oh, and love this pomanders.

Buttons said...

Doggies can be just as icky and are equally capable of going for small creatures :( Ours does talk to us! She does this howly/barky thing and grabs your hand when she wants to go out/get fed/get some more water.
Anyway, congrats for making through last week in one piece (8am starts and all that!!!) and good to have you back. Oh, and a huge thankyou for completely inspiring my latest GDT card - your tut in the August Craft Stamper mag made my life so much easier. Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge.
Hugs, Buttons x

Evil Edna said...

we have had HUGE moths recent, but the day after my birthday I got a mouse on the door mat... aw - I wanted chocolate.EE

Planetsusie said...

Hi Hels - you see the thing is Alfiecat is actually trying to be nice to you. He obviously doesn't think he's being cruel! If he brings in a present (uneaten) it is for you and he is telling you he loves you. He must love you lots if he gets his big bum through a small aperture! (Note to Alfie - hope that helps - I'm on your side). Now I'm laughing.

I love your pomanders, saw them on the show and was really taken with them.

Hugs Sue P xx

Keren Howell said...

I feel for Isis (long since gone to the Rainbow Bridge) once dropped a dead, headless, tailless mouse onto the bed. That's the fastest I have ever got out of bed on a Sunday Morning. Craft Supervisor Mysti is an indoor cat so her scope for similar surprises is limited, but you can tell she's working on a Plan...

Aquarius said...

Your cat story really made me smile - also liked the demos you did on the shows most of which I recorded (apart from when the recorder decided I didn't need all of them!!)

Redanne said...

Love your cat story, I do think Alfie is trying to say he loves you but it would be nice if he could consider another way - lol. You were great this week on TV, loved your shows and great demos. Love the pomanders too. A x

Marleine said...

Hi Hells,
Loved your shows. Brilliant demos.
I really enjoyed your way of thinking and descriptions of Alfie's antics. X

Alexandra said...

Oooh Alfie!!How did you manage this trick? Kitty Houdiny! conjuring birds out of nowhere.
Don't do that to your poor mum... at least bring her a KFC if you want to bring a bird present. Thanks for the entertaining story Hels.I miss my wee cat who used to bring me presents too (I don't miss her pressies though)

Carole Z said...

Love your Alfie sorry, but talking of birds...we have a few pet hens, I swear one thinks it's cat..tis a hen with attitude and to date these last few months alone, I have rescued one frog from her beak, failed to rescue another, she just dropped it at my feet and also been ;given' a dead baby robin! Anyways, THANK YOU! My prize card arrived today and it's seriously gorgeous, great to see you on our screens this week! Carole Z XX

Annie said...

Hi Hels ........ Having two cats myself I can just imagine the scene and Alfie's grin x it was great to watch your demo's this week. You were ab fab! And did so well when told items had sold out and you had to change the demo.....hats off to you. Time to make a DVD Hels as you have great crafty tips. X I too have a huge tidy up and just keep the door closed....then get annoyed with myself. Hugs Annie x

rachel said...

fabulous story Hels - its amazing what cats can do! Ours is a real killer - we have to have her on permanent lock out or else the whole bird and mouse population would be in our house - not dead - yet!!! Just waiting for the evil Mischief to decide she'd like a bit of sport!!!! Big crafty hugs and I loved your shows last week! xx

Karen said...

they really are wee devils! you are not the only one I've often wished our pets could talk! considering the amount I rabbit at them I'm surprised they don't answer back. quite a few years ago shortly after we moved from London to here our cats became inside and outside, having been 'indoor' cats before the move. one of them bought a wee baby blackbird in, thankfully still alive, but people on the other side of the estate heard the scream!
gorgeous item - guess we could make this with smaller dies too! missed your lovely creations but was fab to watch you on C&C lol Karen x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, I know what you mean about wishing Alf could speak, I don't like mysteries either ha ha !! I have 2 cats (always had dogs in the past), we rescued them, brother and sister, from RSPCA 2 years ago and that is the only thing that I shudder at them for, when they bring 'things' in as prezzies, we have managed to rescue most of their gifts thankfully. The pomanders are beautiful, I was raving about them when you showed them on TV, so you can imagine my delight when today you have given us the instructions, yippeeeee. Have a lovely day. Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Hels,
What a morning for you bet you can laugh about it now. We only have tortoises now so don't get this problem, never had cats but we used to have German Shorthaired pointers (sadly both in doggie heaven now) but one of them used to walk about the garden with frogs just the legs hanging out of her mouth hubbie had to sort them out.
Love you project today. Rerally enjoyed you shows last week its good to see different ideas that you bring.
Have a good day.

Morti said...

I managed to catch you on Wednesday, for the first time, and Mr B has declared that he likes you. He's not so keen on Ms Bibby you see... LOL.

Fab show hun - inspiring. The pomanders are fab and as I don't actually own any dies that size, nor a big enough machine to cut them on, I'm having a think.... ROFL

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