Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Show & Hels - Fancy Grungepaper Rose

Cor blimey, I go away for a few minutes and come back to a post I started a couple of days ago and... it has changed!!! What has Mr Blogger done???  He has gone and changed the layout... which confuses the chuff out of me... here's hoping that this will post properly... and on time!!!   Right, on with today's tutorial.  This one has come about because of all the wonderful comments I have received about the Grungepaper roses I have been making recently.  Now, you know I LOVE Studio 490 and I LOVE making roses... so, as soon as I copped sight of this new flower, I knew instantly that a rose had to be made.   This one is perfectly designed to make roses with a bit of a special something because it has ruffled edges and is printed in the middle... so when the roses are assembled they take on the look similar to a carnation.  Below is a step by step picture tut along with a list of ingredients and written instructions too.  I hope that you enjoy this latest Show & Hels... on with the tut!!

Studio 490 Accents For Art (LCS078)
Strong Wet Glue (I use Cosmic Shimmer Glue)
Distress Ink
Archival Ink
Heat Tool
Craft Sheet
Sharp Scissors

Stamp the six petal flower three times onto the "furry" side of Grungepaper and cut them out.

Colour both sides of the flowers using Distress Ink and a blending tool/Cut & Dry Foam. Remember to really work the foam into the fibres of the Grunge.

Flower 1 ~ Cut up in between two petals into the middle of the flower. Cut out a circle around this cut, this will make assemblage a lot easier.

Flower 2 ~ Cut out one petal from the flower, again cutting out a circle from the centre (as shown)

Flower 3 ~ Cut out two petals from the flower and again cut a circle from the centre (as shown)  You will now have 5 pieces of Grungepaper.

Flower 1 ~ Snip off the top of the petal that will be underneath when glued. Bring one petal over the top of this tab, add glue and secure with a clip.  Set aside to dry.  Repeat Step 5 for Flower 2 and Flower 3.

Take the two petals and snip off the pointy bit - you don't need this... it is...ahem... pointless (grrroan)  Use your thumb and finger to curl the petal back, rolling the Grunge - the heat from your fingers will help the Grunge to curl.  I do this because when you come to assemble the rose, the Grunge will remember it has been stretched that way already.  To glue this layer, bring the two edges of the petals together, glue and secure with a clip.

Curl the single petal around on itself and leave a little bit of the top of the petal to curl outwards, glue and secure with a clip.

When you come to assemble the layers, a handy tip for you to remember is assemble the rose from the bottom layer up, so 4 petal will go into 5 petal, 3 petal will go into 4 petal... then to avoid jiggling the glued layers, pop the centre petal into the 2 petal layer and you will see that the bottom of the centre petal will poke out of the bottom of the 2 petal layer... snip the excess off, this will make this final layer sit snuggly into the half assembled rose.


So, here it is... the options for this flower are plenty, it has its own Art Part shape to sit on... (see pic of artwork) it looks amezzzzin stamped on to different mediums... for me, it's the perfect flower stamp!

Right, I had better away to my bed... I was planning on scheduling this post but... I am not 100% sure about this new Blogger layout... I have just spent a yonk and a half putting all the photo's in the right places... then they were all out of alignments... shame there isn't a tutorial on this new system!

Thanks for looking... have a FAB day... I am excited cos I am at The Stamp Attic this weekend... today is an Altered Book class... and tomorrow is all about ink and tags... fun!  Oooh, and... a new Sunday Stamper theme tomorrow too.... Right, I am really offski this time...  TTFN!!

Hels x


Dee in N.H. said...

Thanks Hels! Great tute for the sweet roses!

Colleen said...

Great tutorial! Love the finished project.

Buttons said...

Great tutorial Hels. Love these flowers.
Thanks for the paper - I will start experimenting asap! Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Buttons x

rachel said...

Fantastic Hels - I will have a go - I have everything but that particular flower stamp and I'm sure I can improvise! Beautiful! Will post a pic when I manage one that's half decent! Hugs Rachel xx

Rein said...

Fabulous, thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

Amazing flower. I think I will make dozens of them and put them in my new little flower bed incase nothing grows. LOL Have a ball at the weekend.
Hugs Joanne xx

lainey said...

wow amazing flower Hels!! thanks for tutorial :) lainey x

Helen said...

This looked stunning on the desk at AP last weekend, and as you know I rushed off to buy said stamp set - yet to use it, but will try the roses today! Have a great time at the Stamp Attic.

Shazza said...

this is fab hels, thank you for such clear description and pics, I always envy your gorgeous roses and mine never turn out like yours. x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super tutorial and such effective roses! Enjoy your weekend! Zo xx

Rita said...

Your such a gem. Brilliant tutorial and giving us your time too. Have a great week-end Hels. Hugs Rita xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Great tutorial Hels, with your usual style and humour! I saw you making these at AP, and bought this fabulous stamp set. I must get round to making some of the flowers, as they are gorgeous. Judith xx

Sue said...

Love these stamps. Project beautiful as usual - I just love the flowers you make. Mr Postie arrived this morning with a mega box of yummy goodies - thank you so very much. Sx

crafty creations said...

What a wonderful easy to follow tutorial - thanks for sharing your amazing talent again Hels x Hilda

Redanne said...

Hels, that stamp is lovely and your flower is gorgeous, you would never think it was the same stamp. Thanks for the great tutorial. Ax

Aquarius said...

Thanks so much for that brilliant tutorial - will have to look into getting that stamp. Have a great weekend

Karen said...

Thank you so much for another fab tut!!! I'm going to have to get the stamps so that I can make another fab Hels flower! hugs Karen x

Michelle Webb said...

I love the tutorial Hels, fab flowers. I always love your little shelves of interest. You have some great ideas. Michelle x

Janeyc49 said...

Thank you for the great tutorial Hels, think I shall be hunting down some new stamps :)
Love the finished rose.


Hels Sheridan said...

Why, thank you all for your lovely comments!!! Glad you,liked the tut xx

Caz said...

Will be making one of these when I get my stamps on my birthday next friday!
Lewis is having the day off too so see what we make!!!
Brilliant tutorial :-)

craftimamma said...

I can't wait to get this set of stamps. That flower is gorgeous and a great tutorial Hels - Thanks a bunch!

Lesley Xx

Minxy said...

Hmmmmm this looks familar.. I have one just like it but in pink hehehehe,and I LOVE IT Gorgeous art as always xxx Have fun with your classes x

Anonymous said...

Love this flower, thanks for the tutorial Hels, have fun today.

snazzyoriginal said...

Watched you make these at Ally Pally + great tutorial here = No excuses left, so better just get on with it xx

Gayna said...

Thanks for the tutorial Hels, it's much appreciated, :-) especially as I can't get to the shows to see you demoing.
Cheers Gayna

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