Friday, 27 April 2012

Branching Out...

...well, not me... that would be far to energetic! No, I am beginning todays waffle-athon with a tag made using my new Bird Branch Alterations die... this has been living in the Room of Stash for nearly a month now and... tis only the second time I have used it! The first time was on my 12 Tags of 2012 "April" tag... oh and if you haven't seen about this... click HERE to whizz off to the Duke Of Distress' website... all the deets are there.

I don't know about you but... I sometimes start thinking about projects just as I am about to fall asleep... I should keep a little book in the bedside cabinet so I can draw my ideas down and then feel free to zip off to the Land of Nod with a clear imagination... but no, I don't have suggested book (although I may just make one) and being as I couldn't get off to sleep last night, I figured I may as well get up and get inky. For some reason, I always find crafting during the night to be the most fruitful... even though I have been tippytoesing around so as not to wake Grim (and yep, guess what? I dropped said Bird Branch die onto the floor... cue frozen statue like stance and face holding a wincing expression... phew, thankfully I didn't wake him, although Alf was none too impressed as he was asleep on his bed and it made him jump *payback for all those times he has taken a flying leap at my toes in the middle of the night lol*)

Where was I? Ah, yes, insomnia... well, I have choices for these nights of insomnia, I could sit and read my book, watch the tellybox, try to get back to sleep or... get inky. You should see the state of my paws now! A rather fetching shade of purple they are! Can you see the background stamped onto the tag? It is from the new Mixed Media set - I stamped it in Coffee Archival onto the Texture Fade and then embossed it through Victor (who was not being quiet!) I love this technique and I really do need those Reflections stamps (next on the wishlist!) Once I had done the inking - Shabby Shutters, Broken China and Seedless Preserves, decorated the tag with bits and bobs, I decided to try out another of those Gem Clips. Now, I have used four so far and am trying to be frugal with them but... I love 'em. This time I added a Jump Ring and some Foliage to the clip and bobbed it onto the side of the tag.

This here card that I am showing...well, I was asked by my lovely neighbour if I could make a card for her dear friends birthday. Sure, no probs... it gives me an excuse to go "pretty" and make a "proper" card. I say proper because the cards I usually make end up more tag-like. I have used some cream cardstock and made it into an easel card (yes Caz, I tried the stepper card thingy and got cross... I am stoopid, tis official *must try harder* lol)

The papers are Basic Grey Capella which I have had for a yonk and a half and only stroked... and the flowers are from a packet that the lid has fallen off so I have nooooo idea who makes them or if you can still get them. I bought a shed load of paper flowers several yonks ago when I was into *dare I admit this....* cute cards. The thing is, I see talented peeps making cute cards all the time, I marvel at their layering skills, their colour finesse but when I try to create something like that it just turns out all inky and stampy. I shall stick to what I am comfy with I reckon.

Anyways... I just checked the time and it is nearly 7am! Which means that I should really go and try to get 40 winks... then again, there's that other thingywotsit that I was thinking about last night, I could go and make a start on that... ahh, decisions, decisions! Thanks for looking... have a loverly day! TTFN

Hels x


inkypinkycraft said...

The colours on the tag are absolutely gorgeous just love them!!!! Another fabby taggy!!! Hugs trace. X

Buttons said...

As you go to bed, I, like many am up and preparing for another Friday. It has to be said, your post has definitely improved the morning!!
Love the tag - I have one planned for your challenge, but that is going to have to be tonight - especially the blend of colours as they make that branch and bird jump out.
Great to see a card too!! Bet your neighbour was chuffed.
Hope you sleep well, hugs, Buttons x

Helen said...

Gorgeous card, you should do them more often! and the tag... amazeballs as one might say. love the colours on the tag. Got those mixed media stamps heading my way as we speak (and it's all your fault...!!) Have a good sleep (or inky play, whichever..)

rachel said...

Hi Hels - that tag is stunning - love all the rainbow colours you've got in there - and the card is just beautiful - sure your neighbour will love it!!! Hugs Rachel xx

Annie said...

Hi Hels love your tag and the easel card is gorgeous. I love the colours and sentiment. A treasured piece. Your neighbour will be delighted. Hugs Annie x

Joanne said...

Don't know where to start 'cos both the birdy tag and the flowery card are super dooper. The flowers do look Prima-like - I have some similar - but it's only a guess. I want, soz, need that birdy die. Hope you get some zzzzzzs.
Hugs Joanne xx

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Love the colours on this tag and you are so right about thinking about projects before you sleep. I have to keep a notebook by my bed for ideas!!

Fuchsia said...

Love your version of tag its better than mine LOL
and your card is beautiful
have a nice day x

Redanne said...

You definitely need a night time book to store your ideas. I do the same, sorry to say, get up and do things in the night, but I have an electronic Big Shot and make one heck of a noise in the night so can't use it. Love your tag, that background looks like honeycomb and would look great with some bees too. Your card is gorgeous, you should make more - easels are nicer looking than steppers, in my opinion. Hope you sleep better tonight. Anne x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Ah Hels, the tale of no sleep but much ink is a story I know well. I often find ideas popping up as I'm nearing land of nod and find myself having to get up and go write it down, just a scribble note to remind myself, so I think I need a book too, but I do have 1, my reading journal, by my bed but that's for well books! Anyhoo fab tag, love the charms and gorgeous card too. Zo xx

Kathy Eddy said...

Beautiful tag and card. I am sure your neighbor will love it! I am still waiting for my branch die to arrive from the pre-order and you have had it for a month! Wow, I wonder where the blazes mine is then. I just started making those easel cards myself and just can't stop. They are so cool.

Anna said...

Beautiful tag and easel card! I really love the colors and the little bird charm at the top is adorable. I don't have that die yet but it's on my wish list. I just have the larger bird that is on the birdcage die. I like to take it and combine it with the branch from the holly and branch die, but sometimes you just want something smaller.
It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my inky insomnia! I was up late last night getting inky too. I hated to have to stop and go to bed, but I knew that if I wanted to be functional today, that I had to.
Thanks for sharing!!

Shazza said...

Hi Hels, adore the colours on the tag, tis fab and the card is beautiful too
have a good weekend and hope you get some rest x

Aquarius said...

Shame you couldn't sleep but you certainly didn't waste the wakeful hours - brilliant projects.

inkypinkycraft said...

Hi Hels,me again..just wanted to leave you a linkto my first ever Hels inspired Wendy
hope you like it
hugs trace x

The Scrappy Tree said...

Loving the birdie! Background colours are gorgeous, and those mixed media stamps, well I might need me some of those :)
Very pretty card :) flowers are so lovely! liking the easel too!
Gayle xx

Karen said...

Yummy, yummy and oh so pretty! Love the colours and blending on this one and the bird, of course, always have liked the feathered critters and so glad they are in 'vogue' for crafting!
I have problems sleeping myself and suffer bouts of insomnia myself. That is quite often when I have better creative ideas. I've learnt to keep a notebook and pen by the bed so that I can sketch and make notes - am a real stampaholic-craftaholic! hugs Karen x

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