Thursday, 15 March 2012

Don't Miss...

... Where In The World Is Your Vagabond! HERE is the link to the Sizzix Blog where the lovely, not to mention uber talented Tammy Tutterow is running a promo asking where is your Vagabond... so... here's Victor II, happily half way through cutting the Word Play Alterations die, alongside the up-cycled CD rack (very 1990's Ikea, sorry folks, not got around the altering it yet) which is full of my Alterations dies and Texture Fades... ooh, and a-top of the Alterations Rack is a gorgeous piece of art by the one and only Ellen Vargo - don't worry, I didn't snaffle this one home with me under my jumper, she maded it specially for me :O))

Anyways... don't miss the promo! Go now... there are limited stocks the prize which is a set of limited edition stickers and some of those new Gauge Key jobbies.... I needs some of those! Oooh and I nearly forgot to say where in the world Victor is... well, he is on his cutting station, in the Room of Stash, Chez Sheridan, Northamptonshire, UK :O))


Hels x


Redanne said...

Lucky girl having a vagabond, I just have to make do with my Big Shot, but I don't really mind. Love Tammy too.

Rita said...

Wow, I'm afraid I don't have one either Hels, but my daughter has and she doesn't mind sharing it with li'l old me. It is an amazing machine and I love your storage idea too. Hugs Rita xx

Fuchsia said...

LOL !Mine is still in the shop but its on my birthday list I have been throwing enough hints and my shoulder cannot take much more of the cuttlebug LOL

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