Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday Show & Hels... Pom Pom Tissue Wrap Flower

...I thought it about time to do another Show & Hels... and I have been asked a few times this week if I could do a step by step on how I made the Pom Pom flower that was on here the other day. So... I have spent a happy couple of hours with the camera (apologies now for the rubbish photography and the yukky hands lol) Here we go... oh but before that... a little look at the finished tag... which I should add... I am giving away... more of that later on :O))

So... here's what you will need:

Tissue Wrap - either flavour work for the flower
Tiny Attacher
Distress Ink & Blending Tool

Tear off a piece of Tissue Wrap to measure approx 20cm - it doesn't have to be an exact measurement... near enough will do :O)) Fold the wrap in half and then in half again.

Hold the folded edge of the strip in one hand and cut into the opposite edge - you need your snips to cut down about 2/3rds of the strip... and a couple of mm apart - again this isn't an exact measurement, remember the thicker the snips, the less fluffles you will get on your finished Pom Pom.

When you have snipped right down the length of the strip, wind it loosely around your index finger.

Using the Tiny Attacher (or if you have a baby Bambi stapler instead), staple a few times into the join to keep the whole layer attached.

Once the layer is fastened together you can ruffle the snipped bits out. You will see in this photo that the folded edges of the paper are showing. This will give you a less fluffled look.

Alternatively, if you would like a more fluffley look, snip along the top edge before you wind it around your finger and fasten... or if you have done the above step already and decide you prefer the fluffley look, you can just go in a trim it... tis up to you :O)) **don't look at that pink stuff on my finger... it isn't really there... I haven't really been using it on show samples ;o))**

Tear a piece of wrap off to measure approx 15cm and repeat the folding and cutting process. Once you have done that you can snip the edges off as before... or leave them if you want a less fluffley (yep that word again) Pom Pom.

For the final layer you need to tear off about 10cm of wrap. Once you have folded it (as before) snip off about a 1/3 of the length... this makes it easier and less bulky when you come to assemble them together. With this layer only snip half way down it, instead of 2/3... this makes it more pliable... any more than half way down makes it too flimsy.

*uh oh, those fingers again... you can't see them can you?* Once you have snipped along this layer, wind it around your little finger... the tighter this layer the better for assembling.

Using the Tiny Attacher (or Bambi stapler) staple in as far as you can... you will see that the staple doesn't fit right in... you just need to make sure it isn't going to come undone. *you still aren't looking at those disgusting nails are you?* Once it is secure you can then start to assemble your layers together... and you can snip down the size of the little one if you prefer a stubby look for the centre of the Pom Pom... that's what I have done with mine.

Not really a step as such... just a pic of what they should look like before assembling.

Use your finger to guide the little layer into the 2nd layer... the hole in the middle should make a snug fit - if it doesn't, don't worry... you can add a little glue :O)) Once you are happy with those two layers, open up the hole in the third layer and fit the other one into it... again, a snug fit but... glue if it isn't.

You can see that the layers all look nice and fluffley... and the middle is nice and stubby... like the middle of a daisy perhaps?

I added ink to the ruffles using Spiced Marmalade and a Blending Tool... I concentrated the ink in the centre so it is a smidge darker... for the finished tag, I added Fired Brick around the longer layers.


That there is my finished tag... now, I mentioned earlier that I would be giving this away... well I am! To be in with a chance of winning this tag is very simples... leave me a comment here... that's all! I will draw a winner at random and announce on next Saturday's post (4th Feb). Right... tis waaay past my bedtime... I got all engrossed in this at about 11pm and I am sitting here shivering now cos the heating has gone off and I am verrrry chilly! Thanks for looking... please do let me know whatcha fink! TTFN

Hels x

PS... I can't remember who asked... the music score I take my pics on... is proper sheet music... aquired from the popular online auction site ;o))

PPS... thanks also to ... Alison Horne... the thingywotsit from yesterday has a name! A Diorama!! How cool is that!!! x


Pam said...

The PomPom is lovely, and so are your pinky fingers. An inker expects inky fingers, right? Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Mary said...

Beautiful tag! I'm a tad jealous right now because I am assuming that is the butterfly On the Edge die on there and I am really coveting that die right now. It looks beautiful with the different shades of ink. And thanks for the tutorial! =)

Glennis said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. The tag is lovely - really vibrant colouring

Tracey-B said...

Great little Pom-Pom flower and thanks for the instructions. I'm going to trthorns one for sure!

Aquarius said...

This is fabulous and thanks so much for sharing the 'how to' for this ruffly, fluffley flower. All I need to do now is source some of the tissue wrap!!

Helen said...

What a great show and Hels - now all I need is the tissue wrap... because I really need tomake pom-poms! The finished tag is gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win it. Have an inky weekend.

Sue said...

Beautiful flufly pom pom Hels, bit harsh of you to torment us with the butterfly die though lol. Tissue wrap here I come :o)Have a fab weekend x

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing Hels. The tag is fab but the pom pom is fabber!

Joanne said...

Now should I or shouldn't I? a) buy some tissue wrap, b) print off all these amazing tuts, c) get dressed! I could do one but not the other if 1) I get dressed or 2) I don't get dressed. Decisions, decisions.
Hugs Joanne xx

TAM said...

Thanks for the tutorial - the finished result is stunning. As for those fingers it goes without saying you can't play with ink without getting a little on yourself - unless you wear gloves that is :)

Barb Cady said...

Ok pinky digits, just want to say, thank you! A very clever tutorial, done in your unique happy style and very clear. Can't wait until March, as am booked on one of your workshops at the Attic. Til then, 'arryverderchy oh clever one! xx

Dee in N.H. said...

Love the tag!!! Thanks so much for the great directions! Love it!!!

craftimamma said...

Fab tutorial Hels and what would we expect you to have but inky fingers! The finished tag is gorgeous and such pretty colours.

Lesley Xx

craftimamma said...

Fab tutorial Hels and what would we expect you to have but inky fingers! The finished tag is gorgeous and such pretty colours.

Lesley Xx

Sharon Secor said...

Very cool and such vibrant colors and a lovely tag. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing.

Redanne said...

And there was me, wondering what to do with my endless supply of TH tissue wrap - Thank You so much! Great tutorial - aren't all our fingers like that? Regards, Anne Rx

Just Carol said...

I love it! Thanks for the tutorial.

Angelica said...

So glad I found this place!!
So much cool things to see.
Thanks for the tutorial, and the tag is beautiful!

Pat said...

Thanks for the tutorial. The pom pom and tag are gorgeous

Red Kitty said...

Will def be giving this a try. Thank u for the tutorial, love them. Did my first rose the other day for my sunday stampers entry, using your tutorial. So easy to follow. Love your work.
Sandra. Xxx

windycindy said...

My friend and I try to get together every Friday to use our Vagabond and create with everything Tim!
Your tag and flower idea are fabulous.
Definitely, something we will try!
Many thanks, Cindi

Jenny, said...

Thax Hels for this step by step, might give it a go.. need first to go by a paper, lol

Kirsten Alicia said...

Gorgeous pom pom flower, love the tag too. Thank for the tutorial.

Karen R said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm off to snip some tissue paper now.
Karen xx

lainey said...

Oh this is gorgeous!!! I lurrrrrve that pom pom!! will be trying that. lainey x

P'tite Plume said...

Ho que cette fleur est belle!!! Merci pour ce tuto.

Krisha said...

Thanks for sharing such good directions. I will give this a try for I too lurv pompoms!
and I think the pink fingers were the right touch for your tutorial...LOL
Inky hugs

Sharon said...

Thanks for the fab tutorial, I'm so inspired by your work. The tag is lovely. x

maska said...

Thanks for the great tutorial.
Love the tag.

Becky said...

Tag looks great will try to do one myself you make it looks so easy.

ElizabethR said...

Am liking the pom poms very much, they are fab! Thanks for the lesson. Elizabeth xx

Caz said...

Great must have been easy steps 'cause I got it first time - as you saw from the photos!! Really effective way to use tissue wrap!
Not got any further than the photos on Facebook though and behind with Sunday Stamper :-(
Must go and set the box to record Thursday's shows!!

Maggie said...

Great Tutorial Hels must get some tissue! Used to make these too many years ago from all sorts of things lol. :-)
Thanks for sharing

Oksana said...

The tag is beautiful, must have a go at the pom pom!
Thanks for the inspiration!

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