Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blonde Moment...

Never let it be said that I don't own up to my...erm... idiocy. Well, Thursday night I really did "open mouth before brain was engaged" So, Grim is looking for his Passport, he needs it because he is off to see his pal in bonnie Scotland (I said that with my best Glaswegian accent) To set the scene... Grim is in his study, I am next door in the Room of Stash... Here's how it went;

Grim: I am looking for my passport... I might need it....

Me: You will deffo need it cos Gillian needed hers when she came to stay...

Grim: It is in here somewhere (sounds of rummaging heard)

Me: Well, I have got mine here, do you want to borrow it?

**and at least a whole minute before I realised what I had said..... **

Ahem... 'nuff said really.

On with todays piece of Studio 490 stylee art... another sample from the show last Saturday. This is the one that I clumsily broke during show 2... well, it had got a bit bashed on the way there and was looking annoyingly on the wonk. I was trying to shove the stalk bit back into the circle bit... on live TV... oooopsies. Well, I did try to blame Dave for it but you all saw it was me... I know that cos you told me you saw me do it lol!

Right... first of all I will say that this looks a whole lot more complicated to make than it actually is. Like I said before, if it is difficult, I wouldn't be able to do it... I don't do complicated. The base of the piece is an Art Parts Spool and I coloured it with Tumbled Glass Distress Stain - giving it a good coat, drying, another coat and drying again and edging with Chipped Sapphire DI. I cut one of the large leaf Art Parts in two and coloured them with Forest Moss DI and overstamped with Olive Archival and the large alpha background. The top of the Spool has the largest size Floral Art Part coloured with Wild Honey Distress Stain popped onto it.

The decorations are the other half of the large leaf, coloured as before and a Grungepaper flower with a sweet little Memo Pin in the middle. The Ornate Frame has one word from a sentiment stamped on it... stamping first in Vermillion and over with Jet Black Archival, I love this overstamped text look :O)) Finally, the ickle butterflies, stamped onto Grungepaper, coloured with DI's and then stamped onto Clearly For Art Clear and heated and shaped. I glued them together and then stuck them to some offcut strips of Clearly For Art. I love that they look like they are all of a flutter on the "invisible" stalks.

Right.. that's all for today.... it is actually Friday night really but I am scheduling this for Saturday morning... IYKWIM... I have had a lovely day in the Room of Stash with Caz... needless to say we got naff all crafting done... apart from one paper rose! Of course, I was my usual quiet self and Caz did all the talking... *ahem* I shall away now... my AlfieCat is after himself a cuddle (he's missing his Daddy!) Thanks for looking... have a FAB Saturday! TTFN

Hels x

PS... don't forget my little giveaway... deets are HERE.

PPS... and the Sunday Stamper tomorrow... new theme ;o))

**deffo off now!**


Gillian .... said...

ROFLLMAO ... now that is a "Blonde" thing to say, but yes I did need my passport to come visit, not sure border control will appreciate the sex change part though!!!!

This is my fav sample from the show ... utterly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ... I agree though blame Dave. xxx

Dee in N.H. said...

Beautiful!!! I so love your butterflies!

Caz said...

We did have a brilliant day - and we did TWO pieces of crafting! I perfected my rose technique (about time too - have been shown often enough!!) and we also made some faux suede - very impressive technique, can see lots of uses for it!! Not sure how much truth there is in the comments about talking(!!!) but I can vouch for an absolutely immaculate Room of Stash which has been left in pristine condition!!!
Thank you for very lovely day Hels
xxx :-)

Candy C said...

LOVE your Wendy piece! It's so pretty! I want to come play with you in your new pristine craft room! :)
<3 Candy

inkypinkycraft said...

Another fab piece! Hugs trace x

Jacqueline said...

Oops!! Lol..... Mr Hels will only need his passport if he's flying (well, not him but the plane lol) ... He won't if he's taking the bus or train or driving!!

Later on this week once everything has quieted down a little I want to try and perfect my rose and flower technique!!! They do look so good on your projects when they are done PROPERLY!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie xx

Helen said...

Blonde indeed.... can just imagine Grim handingover your passport to get on his plane.... mmmm
Love the Art Parts sample - it is stunning. Have a good weekend.

Aquarius said...

Another lovely project and I just loved your 'blonde moment' - thanks for sharing both

Joanne said...

Oh I love the passport gaff, but still wondering why you need one to go to Scotland - is Grim flying there? I saw that piece in the first show starting to do a 'leaning tower of Pisa' thing, then when it broke I was so disappointed knowing all the work gone into it. Didn't take long to see the funny side though. How many different packs of art parts are in it pse?
Hugs Joanne xx

Alison Horne said...

\hi Hels, loved all the pieces you made 4 c&c, especially the change of colur mixes you have used,lol at the pasport thingy.much love.xx

Lynn W. said...

Thanks for the info about the passports - I didn't realise that they were interchangeable! At least it's not just me who has blonde moments!

Lynn Wild

Julia Watts said...

You do make me giggle - how long did it take Grim to realise what you had said? I did spot you breaking this art piece but I still blame Dave - I think he was willing you to break it! Anyways, this piece is one of my faves. Love, Julia xxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

You do make me laugh! hope you had a great time today. I love this piece.

craftimamma said...

Tee! Hee! Love the blonde moment chuckle and the collapsing art work! I saw it happen and it was a shame as the piece was gorgeous ......... was being the operative word, lol! I bet your heart sank after all your hard work. Hope you managed to stick it back together?

Lesley Xx

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