Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pressies and Playing... **enabler alert**

... I put the enabler thing on the title just to warn you, so you can't blame me at all for what happens after you have looked at these photo's lol Anyways... yesterday was a lovely day indeedily; it was the first Meet & Tweet get together... starring Gillian, Jo, Gabrielle, Karen and Lin... and me of course. So, it started a few weeks ago when my little ears pricked up when I heard Gillian saying she was going to LB for a class with Lin... and seeing as I live 20 mins away I said... shall we meet up afterwards? And then Jo and Gabrielle heard about it and seeing as they live close by they said yes, let's all get together... so we did! And a lovely time was had by all... the only thing I will say is this... we didn't get long enough... Gillian had to go back to the airport to catch her plane home... otherwise I think we probably would be been still gassing now lol So... the "playing" part of the post. Well, Gillian bought me some Distress Stains (and shadowboxes!) as a thank you for taking her to the airport... totally unnecessary but very muchly appreciated :O)) So... last night I had a little play... and... I am in lurve! Official! With... Picket Fence... it is GORGEOUS peeps... seriously delish! I have done some sample pics... just the bases of the tags done... oh and some ickle tags with Stains over the top and a Colorwash too.... here they are:

And now for the "pressies" part of the post... Gillian was soooo kind.. and gave me these two DIVINE pieces of art.... who is a lucky girl huh!!!

More pressies too... because Kat sent me this beautiful necklace the other day... bless! I love it... (cos I love owls)

And... even more pressies... Janet was so kind when she spotted these on a car boot and thought of me... bless! I love them (cos I love little trinkets)

Anyways... enough of the waffle from me today.. tis toooooo hot! I know, I know, I am a miserable old moobag going on about the weather all the time but... it's one extreme to the other! Thanks for looking... am off to get inky again... (I may be some time!)


Hels x


Sandy said...

Wow what for cool tag background´s.
Perfect in every way.

All your things you´ve made are fabulous hun.
I love it.

Gabrielle said...

Glad you've had a good play! I love the new colours I bought! Lush doesn't cover it!

I agree though - we needed longer in the pub to chat - hopefully we can all do it again!

Lesley said...

WOW Hels!! Whose a lucky girl!!??? All those fabby gifts and new distress stains to boot! I can admit that i'm a tadge jealous!!

Gillian .... said...

Good grief woman, I bet I hadn't even landed by the time you had this lot done rofl! How cool are these samples, love love love Aged mahogany & Picket Fence combo, also Black Soot & Picket Fence. Hmmm I can't remember if Aged Mahogany is in my basket lol, not a colour I normally use ... must tweet karen lol. Seriously had the best day ever and NO it wasn't long enough .... next time will be better:):) xx

Helen said...

I am so loving the look of those tags - I have just ordered Picket Fence - had to be done - just need more pennies (pounds actually, lots of pounds) to get all the stains I want - need... lol!
Are you going to be at Stevenage?
Oh, and what fab pressies - lucky you!!

Elaine said...

Thanks for posting all the tags - interesting to see what the colours look like. Picket fence is definitely on my list!!

Pam said...

OMG! Don't have Picket Fence yet, but I NEED TO KNOW how you got the effects on those tags??!! Gorgeous!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Lucky you Hels, good company and presents too. I have that owl necklace too LOL. Love your tags. Tracy x

Kaz said...

AWWW looks like you had a fab time! Wish I lived closer, you is a lucky bunny!! All those goodies!! Im waiting to mug the posty as have ordered the picket fence.......I need it!! thanks for sharing Hels xx


Alison Horne said...

Now wishing had ordered picket fence along with all the other colours that i ordered but should NOT HAVE.
Lovely pressies, and know what you mean about the heat. My cat won't even join in with zumba today and normally he loves my maracas.x

Karenliz said...

Wonderful gifts! Yes, you are an enabler. I have to have picket fence distress stain now!

Daniele said...

ok you've sold me and probably everyone else on Picket Fence it does look real cool on the tags with the various colours. Sounds like everyone had a great day yesterday, think I need a visit to LB for some retail therapy

Fuchsia said...

How cool are they Fab colours ! great gifts and haven't seen monopoly bits for years LOL

Alison Horne said...

Am v. jealous of the monopoly pieces, have been scouring the charity shops for these but can only find plastic ones :(

Julie said...

Wowee! Can't wait for these to hit Australia.

Kat said...

what a lucky girl you are,
all those lovely pressies,
i'm glad you liked the owl I sent you,
when I saw him hanging on a stall at covent garden, I thought of you.
can't wait to see him on a piece of your fab art work,
hugs :-) Kat.

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