Monday, 1 August 2011

It's All About The Man...

...over on The Artistic Stamper Creative Team blog there is a brand new monthly challenge. As ever there's candy for one randomly picked entrant... and the team have been busy making their entries too.

So... the theme this month is Men... and who is my favourite man? Well, favourite man to craft with... oooh, I am digging myself into a hole here so I shall just say... Brolly Man! Ohhhh, yesh indeedily - there's something about Brolly Man that makes me want to grab him and use him all the time... oh dear, I have just re-read that and it sounds so strange... I am sure all your crafty peeps will know exactly what I am on about though... and I am not some strange weirdy woman lol (no need to comment on that lol)

Anyways... I am doing this as a speed post... because I have only gone and caught a hangover! I know! Who knew they were contagious huh? Well, of course, at every wedding there's always someone who has had too much to drink and looks like poo the following morning. Well, this person must have stood too close to me because I caught their hangover and it has plagued me ever since... I managed to eat my roast lamb dinner yesterday but that was about it... I think an early night is in order... I mean fancy, someone catching a hangover... whatever next huh! Thanks for looking ... TTFN

Hels x


Talking Horses Arts said...

Hahaha love your posts. My favorite man by the way is my husband. He supports my arts and crafts, even if he does not understand why i can paint water in purple lol,or why trees can be blue.

Nancy said...

Great tag, Hels!
And I hope you un-catch that nasty hangover quickly!!

StampDancer said...

Love the tag! Oooh- poor thing! You never know when "those" blighters will get you. Lots of water and aspirin.

Sandy said...

Hi my sweet hun,

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. This made my day.

You are so very very creative in the last month. I´ve missed my words. All stunning und very very inspiring. Love them all and I come to your blog day by day. Hugs.

Linda Cain said...

Love it!


Daniele said...

another stunner of a tag

Helen said...

I'm with you, Brolly Man rocks!

Barb Cady said...

Very contagious and nasty things hangovers - hope you recover soon!
Love the tag, understand about brollyman but what will the duke of distress think if he hears that you have another fav. man to craft with? I won't tell him, honest! xx

Marijane said...

Congrats on winning a set of Wendy Vecchi stamps on her blog give-a-way!! You deserve it so. I love reading your comments on her blog! Hope it makes you feel better today.

fatmonica said...

Love the tag!

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