Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ticket To Ride..., not the Sunday Stamper a day early, although it would be a good theme... however, the reason for the title today is... I have been playing again! And... *polishes halo* I have made another card!!! I know, three in two days!!! So... I while back I mentioned that I am neglecting my "old" Tim stamps... to the point that the folder very rarely gets to see the light of day. So... after sitting myself down and giving myself a good talking to, I resolved to use my "old" stamps more often.

The new set (well, the last release) of Tim stamps called Air Travel are rather splendid and go really well with the old set that has the big map and the Old Jalopy on it (can't remember the name and I am just too bone idle to get up and go and look... but you know the ones I mean I am sure lol) Anyways... one of the 12 Tags a few years ago had the Old Jalopy stamped, embossed and cut out of Grungeboard... so I did this... and added some Mica for the windows and a bit of Idea-ology for decoration.

The big map on Air Travel was stamped in black and then I used Distress Stains to colour the land and the sea and tore the map up to make elements and something to stamp the sentiment onto. Now, I have several (ok ALL) of the Tim Masks and I admit that I don't always use them because... erm... I forget to. I am nothing if not honest about my lack of memory.... anyways, what was I saying? (ROFL) The Compass Mask just so happens to be the perfect size for the Compass stamp... which I stamped onto the compass masked bit (bear with, this is going somewhere..honest) using Black Archival, then onto scrap with Coffee Archival, which I cut out, coloured with Old Paper and then gave a slap of Rock Candy Cracklepaint... once this had dried and crackled I dobbed some Vintage Photo Stain over the top... this seeps into the crackles and the rest wipes off! Fab huh!?

Right then... I have an appointment with some more of those "old" stamps in my collection... I have yet to think of a theme for the Sunday Stamper... I have got to the stage now where I am trying to make it a bit more interesting and I came up with a plan the other night... then promptly forgot it... this memory thing again... right... I have an appointment with some of those....... *just kidding* Thanks for looking... have a very goodly Saturday! TTFN

Hels x


StampDancer said...

I just woke up and saw your Tweet! Had to hop on over to take a peek-- Wow--This is just Brilliant! I love all the details - and the idea of using Mica for your windows. I, too, forget to use my masks .

BTW - I loved that song by The Beatles -- I guess I'm dating myself if I admit to being a little kid while my older Sis played the 45 on her little record player.
Deb M

Helen said...

This is just wonderful!

Marijane said...

Love the card! I'm glad to see you digging out some of your old stash, too. We all need to be reminded, once-in-a-while, of all the great stuff we have hiding in the shadow of our recent purchases. The nice thing about Tim's stamps is that they never go out of style. Heck, they are "vintage" to start with!

Andrea said...

another stunning card Hels, I just love to see you do cards as they are always a wonder to look at xx

Elaine said...

Love todays card. Think I definitely need that map stamp!! Looking forward to Sunday Stamper - I'll try and join in again.

Wendy said...

loving your cards Hels..........

Dragon said...

Well Hels my love, you have done it again... I LOVE this old car and only have it in a teeny tiny form, so might just have to invest after seeing your creation!!

Lisa and Elaine @ Destination Art said...

Hi Hels
love it! Just like all your creations. you're such a gem for sharing with everyone. Love looking at what you come up with each day!
Hugs Lisa and Elaine @ Destination Art

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