Friday, 22 July 2011

Pretty Vintage...

...I am such a slack Alice you know because way back on Jan 1st I was full of "oh I will make loads of cards this year and never be rushing about for a last minute one" Hahaha... that lasted all of a few weeks... and then I decided, for reasons still unknown to me, that I needed to make several hundred tags. Which are nice to make and don't get me wrong, I do love a nice tag sesh... but it hasn't helped the card basket at all.

So... today is Friday which means it is my day for the Bubbly Funk DT. So, I decided to put right the wrongs of the resolution slip up and make a card... then I got so involved I made another one, straight away too... using the same basic stash I used on the first one. To see the other card in full, please CLICK HERE to visit Bubbly Scrumptious (oh how I love that name!)

This here is the card on the BF blog :O))

Anyways... there I was 02.12am and sitting on the edge of the bed feeling ever so grumpy because yet another night was ruined with this no sleep lark... so I did what any normal (humph) crafter would do, I went and made myself a nice cuppa coffee and then went into the Room of Stash. Now, bearing in mind it is the middle of the night and therefore I had to make like a mouse so as not to wake my sleeping beauty, I decided to make "something quiet" I mean, how hard can that be? No thumping and banging about with hammers and Dabbers and stuff... and of course, I have the super silent heat gun from Ranger.

Well, best laid plans of "Hels like a mouse"... all was going swimmingly until the pile of Tim stamps decided to come alive and slide onto the floor... taking several acrylic blocks and a tin of Fragments with them! Noise? Ha! Well, I sat there cringing, shoulders hunched and eyes tight shut, waiting for an appearance of the now not so sleeping beauty... but nay and thrice! It didn't wake him! Phew! Well, I so enjoyed making the first card that I decided to make another. Now, I only ever seem to make square cards, so I grabbed a piece of white card and made up one, my own sizing - similar to that of a tag *just can't get away from them there tags you know* I used the same stash and added a little Glassine flower I made... I cut rough circles out of the Glassine, scrunched them up, snipped into them, coloured with Aged Mahogany and then scrunched and assembled, using a brad to fix the layers together.

Anyways... enough waffling already from me for one day... I have a confession to make... I am a Cherry Addict and I need help! It all started a few weeks ago when Morrison's were selling a punnet for a pound... so I bought a few... and then the local Co-Op is doing three big punnets for a fiver... and last night... I ...erm... ate nearly three whole punnets in one sitting... I only stopped because I was starting to feel a little bilious... these cherries though... they are mahoosive, black and very juicy... and this morning... well, they are doing a revenge dance and... I really must dash...again ROFL Thanks for looking... enjoy the sunny day!!! TTFN

Hels x


StampDancer said...

ooh! Luscious butterflies - I can't wait to check out the card at BubblyFunk. mmmm, Cherries!
Deb M

Helen said...

Love your card, so pretty. I love cherries too, and they are good for you - but perhaps not in such industrial quantities!! Have a grand weekend.

Dots Dabbles said...

these colours are sooo pretty together! What a great card Hels
Dot xxx

Kaz said...

ROFL cherries!! Im like that with many but i do worry I will end up looking like Verruca salt from charlie and the chocolate factory!!

Faberooney card by the way xxx gorgeous as always xxx

Twiglet said...

Love the card. Yes apparently there is a glut of cherries this year due to the warm Springtime - I am sure they are good for you - in small quantities! lol

Dragon said...

OMG Hels, you crack me up girl!!! The cards are very pretty and so very pink!! But what's wrong with making cards from yer tags??? It CAN be done cos I done it!!! See my teachers ones!!!

Carrie said...

Ooh, different colour scheme for you.....I love it! Very pretty and so delicate.

Geri Centonze said...

Wonderful work - thanks for linking into artsee bloggers!

Rebecca said...

Hels (can I call u hels?) Love the card, pitty about the not sleeping tho...not something I usually suffer from thankfully.

Just a thought why don't you add some of your tags as an embelishment to your cards? Unless they are HUGE of course can't always tell on pics. That way tho you would only have to create a background.

Have been trying to get my 1st Sunday Stamper on but can't get it in my blog will keep trying tho!
Happy craftin

Lynn Stevens said...

Love that butterfly set, hey tags are just as good as cards if not better!
keep it up!
hugs lynn

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