Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Oh Mousey, Oh Mousey...

...well, you know that we have a mouse in the loft because I waffled on alarmingly about him yesterday... actually, I just read my post and realised that I do sound quite mad... maybe I should read my posts before publishing them lol Anyways... I had the best comment ever left for me yesterday... HERE is the post and comments if you haven't read it already and are wondering what on earth I am on about again... and... this is the poem that Wendy made up... isn't it just THE best!!! And very clever indeedily too...

Ode to the Mouse!

Little mousey in my loft
Just what is it you're after?
As you scrtich and scratch about
run up and down the rafter
Hunting in amongst the boxes
chewing holes in the insulation
are you hoping you might find
a bit of inspiration
Did you steal some stash from Hels
some Tim inks and a spray
were you watching her at work
in the room of stash all the day
Did you want to have a go
Make a card or two
for all your little mousey mates
their kids and mummies too
Well while its very flattering
Its keeping Hels awake
she really needs her beauty sleep
she has lots of samples to make
So please have some thought for others
trying to sleep in their bed
and take your friends and stamps and ink
and move out to the shed!!

Isn't that the best comment ever?? And... isn't Wendy clever!!! Anyways... a little mousey update; Grim went and got a couple of traps... they trap the mousey inside and then you just get rid of mousey without having to handle it... they are set with peanut butter as bait... and, I haven't heard any mousey clunkings since last night so I am hopeful that said trap has done its job.

These pics here are of a tag I made before I went away and had completely forgotten to blog... I used those lush new Fresco Finish paints, painted, crackled, painted, stamped and then added some stamped "Metal on Card" ... the new coolio stuff from PaperArtsy... painted with Fresco paints and then stamped and cut out and a bit of refining with a TSS tool. The colours used are London Night for the base and then Vintage Lace over the top. The birdycage is Old Gold and the flower is the same as the tag... with Toad Hall leaves. The flower is inspired by the gorgeous flowers from Lin Brown... if you click her name you will be whizzed off to her blog where there are several fab tut's on how to make them :O)

I had a bit of a scare this morning... last night I had been playing with Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints (and no, not a drop of Trad Tan in sight!) and stamps... and had been using Dash of Red. Well, my hands were covered in paint... and Dash of Red was all under my thumb nail... so I spent a few mins scrubbing away with the Craft Scrubbie (if you haven't got one, get one, they are THE best, they get rid of painty & inky paws with little effort) Anyways... off I went to bed... obviously not looking in the mirror on the way... because I woke up this morning, went to put my contacts in and nearly passed out when I saw a big red gash right across my cheek! Gingerly I dabbed at it... and it wasn't blood... no, it was Dash of Red paint... all crusty and flakey... mmmm, attractive! Oh and the Sky Blue under my chin could only serve as an addition to the attractive look I was sporting. Thank heavens no one had come to the door before I spotted this... goodness knows what they would have thought! Right... back to the Room of Stash and the very messy desk to crack on with more projects... I am in the middle of playing with some Kraft Resist... I am just lurving this paper! Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Zuzu's Blog said...

Crafting mice. I bet i have those. there has to be a reason i need to buy new supplies all the time.

lovely tag Hels
Z x

whyducks said...

Oh the tag is so pretty, are you sure it wasn't the mouse that made it!

Gabrielle said...

If the traps really have worked then you'll no longer have the excuse, when you buy too much stash, to say 'the mouseys told me to buy it'!!! Fab tag - really lovely flowers. Feel inspired but wish I wasn't at work so I could make some!

ellen vargo said...

OMG that poem Wendy wrote was amazing!!! So clever! Hope PB traps have done their job. Have an awesome, inky, mouse-free day!

Els xx

Candy C said...

Wow....this is just so cool! Love the poem and the tag is luscious! <3 Candy

Wendy said...

Tag is divine x Hope the mouse left you some stuff to play with as I am looking forward to our new classes x

Kirsty.a said...

Love the poem and the tags, but the thing thta made me smile most was the image of you opening the door with paint all over your face. Sorry, but it funny!

Helen said...

What a great tag! and a superb poem too. Hope your meeses are gobbling up the peanut butter (yuck!)

Lori said...

I've been a terrible commentor of late, but of course, your recent pieces are just fab drool material, gf. Thanks for the comment on my SSS piece, it means a lot coming from the Queen of Ranger U! lol!

StampDancer said...

Love your tag! And Wendy's mousie poem - too hilarious! Hate having to sneek peeks from work - Thank God! for weekends.

Suz said...

Oh, my,
That is just the cutest! Tha poem is so amazing. What a fun post.

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