Monday, 16 May 2011

And There Was a Mouse...

...where? There on the... erm... LOFT!!! That is it... the scroundrel that has been keeping me awake and fair sending me to the loony bin for fear of hearing anymore of those noises! Who'd have thought it... a teensy teeny tiny mousie... obviously he WAS wearing clogs and he was definitely going Clip Clippety Clop... up there and that darned loft. And how do I know that the offending clunky scratcher is a mouse?? Well, he woke Grim up at 04:00am yesterday morning... so Grim went to investigate... didn't see the offending creature but did discover... evidence... you know, in the form of little mousey poo-poo's.

Well, I never! The cheek of it... last night I went off to bed and had a nice little snoozle, dreaming of all things grungy and inky... when all of a sudden... THUD! It sounded like the ceiling was falling in.. and then... CRUNCH... and then CLATTER... and then... I am sure that I heard the distant sound of music... so, tis obvious... he has moved his mousey friends in and they were having a disco... either that or a rave... I didn't hear any whistles so it may not be a rave... how can one teeeeeensy little thing make SO much noise!!!

So... obviously we need to eradicate said mouse/meeces from said loft... and we have had a summit meeting about the best way to achieve this... firstly, we could shove AlfieCat up there... after all, he catches plenty of meeces in the garden... but then there is the lagging, which is glass fibre.. so no, AlfieCat is staying on terra firma. Then we though... poison... but truthfully, whilst it would be effective I can't bring myself to actually.. erm... see the demise of a little cute mousie. So, traps it is. And not one of those finger snappers... I hear they do nasty things to little meeces and I won't be party to that... so it is the humane version... with a dollop of peanut butter to entice them... who knew? Peanut Butter? I heard chocolate was supposed to do the trick ... and you would think that a nibble of cheese would help... nope, all the experts say... Peanut Butter. Maybe cos it smells nice and everyone knows as soon as you start to eat peanut butter straight from the jar it makes your gnashers all claggy and speaking isn't an option for a few hours... oooh, that's just me then that eats it straight from the jar?? Ooopss....

Anyways.. today's post is interspersed with the final tag from my swap with Ellen... this time reverting to my comfort zone... browns and creams and lots of Distress Stains... yum! Right, that's me.. I best get a move on... I am working on... samples... new ones... you know... for ... classes ;o)) Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Kaz said...

This is like soooooo gorjuss!! Like the most gorjuss thing Ive seen today!! Just lovely!!

mice like chocolate so set a little humane trap with a bar of yummy chocolate or Cheesy can catch it and set him free, or just catch it and tap dance ontop of his box and see if it likes it lol!!!

Good luck with wahtever you choose to do


whyducks said...

I love the tag! Looks really good. Who would put chocolate in a mouse trap, cheezty thingys maybe, but chocolate no way! We had a humane trap for mice in the loft and peanut butter was the best for catching. We were often seen late at night with our torches walking to a local field and letting them go, often wondered what the locals thought we were up too! Now we have a thingy that plugs into the electric socket and it sends a signal all around the wires in the house making mice very itchy so they go else where, and it really works!

judith@poppy cottage said...

Love the tag Hels, it's gorgeous. I can vouch for the Peanut Butter, very successful! Good Luck, Judith xx

Zuzu's Blog said...

1st: Beautiful beautiful tag...

2nd: LOL its not just You with the peanut butter that would be me too. YUM

3rd: Yay for the humane trap. I live next to a farm and every winter we get "field" mice (someone needs to explain tot hem what a field is and in what way it looks different form under my floorboards.) but they are like ONE inch long at most. so cute and we cant go around killing them. (My cat just ignores or occasionally brings them home as guests and lets me chase them around to get them out again). good luck with the little beggars and yes they sound more like gnashing giant man-sized beavers than mice once they get going.

Helen said...

What a gorgeous tag! It is soooo pretty!
Glad you found the source of your loft intruders - believe me having had wasp nests it is good that it isn't wasps - I have a realy phobia about them. Hope you get rid of them swiftly and (for you anyway) painlessly!

Minxy said...

beautiful tag, and good luck catching micky

Wendy said...

Ode to the Mouse!

Little mousey in my loft
Just what is it you're after?
As you scrtich and scratch about
run up and down the rafter
Hunting in amongst the boxes
chewing holes in the insulation
are you hoping you might find
a bit of inspiration
Did you steal some stash from Hels
some Tim inks and a spray
were you watching her at work
in the room of stash all the day
Did you want to have a go
Make a card or two
for all your little mousey mates
their kids and mummies too
Well while its very flattering
Its keeping Hels awake
she really needs her beauty sleep
she has lots of samples to make
So please have some thought for others
trying to sleep in their bed
and take your friends and stamps and ink
and move out to the shed!!

StampDancer said...

Your tag is FAB! And your mouse story reminds of a similar situation I had years ago. Home alone and scared a burglar was coming up the stairs. Nothing happened. Two days later one of the cats left us the dead field mouse on a mat by the door. Tell Alfie to get to work!

RosC said...

Great story Hels. Anything in the roof has lead boots I reckon. Hope you sleep well after the peanut butter does its job.
We had possums in our roof (previous house) and the little buggers eat the timber boards to make breathing holes!!! To make things worse, the damn things are protected! In the end we had a whole new roof, a corrugated iron one because they lifted the tiles to get in. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Bless your mouse. It could be bigger. LOL
Do like your tag, and its antique colours.

Cheryl Grigsby said...

Oh dear. Don't love those little things. Not at all, not even a little. Not even Mickey Mouse. Rodent. Uh.

fatmonica said...

Beautiful tag.Love the colours!

PsyPenguin said...

Gorgeous tag, that colour scheme really is dreamy :0)

As for the mouse, I wouldn't want to kill him either. We had a cat that used to bring mice in and let them go - so many fun evenings listening for scratchy noises and moving furniture around to find and rescue them. Never tried enticing them out with peanut butter though.
Love Wendy's poem xx

Wanda H said...

LOL it is amazing how much noise those things can make!!! And, yes, they do like peanut butter. I just have to tell you... when I was a young girl and we'd go visit my mom's parents, at some time during the visit Grandpa would motion to me and we'd sneak off to the kitchen, he'd get us each a spoon and then we'd both scoop them full of peanut butter straight out of the jar... then we'd sprinkle sugar on top of the spoon of peanut butter and eat our spoonfuls... a memory that I love!!!!! And before I forget because I'm thinking too much about peanut butter and grandpa... your tag is gorgeous!!!!

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

perfeitamente maravilhoso!!!
amei amei

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