Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday The 13th??? is it the curse of Friday 13th or... just a coincidence that Mr Blogger went bonkers overnight and removed loads of posts and made sure that I was checking if I could get on and waffle... I mean post.. todays chatterings... anyways... whatever it was ... I am sure hoping it is back to normal again now!!! Typical that I get over the jet lag meaning I am feeling a bit talkative and I have no one to talk at.. I mean, talk to, of couse... to rofl

Anyways... yesterday I showed you a tag I made using Colorwash Sprays... said post has been gobbled up and I can't remember what I waffled about... so today is the next in the series of tags for my swapsie with Ellen... this one was made using Lettuce and Stream Colorwash Sprays... aren't they just luuuush!!! I also did a bit of stamping using Broken China Distress Stains... am loving the combo of these colours together. The stamping is from the Papillon set by the Duke of Distress... oooh and BTW, have you seen his news? All the deets etc are HERE on his blog... I am peeing my pants waiting to actually see some of this new product... so... does anyone know exactly what it consists of... and if you do... can you please email me and put me out of my misery... just as well he hadn't mentioned this at Ranger U otherwise I would have been that annoying person in the corner asking constant questions and guessing wrongly... you know the type... there is a teensy bit of that person in all of us... well, that's what I reckon... do you think so? (mmm, about this time I am thinking that I should shut up and hope that everyone knows exactly what I am waffling on about)

Right... moving on... last night I had a fit of the vapours!!! Like a "serious heart pounding, oh my goodness I am scared silly and can't actually move for the fear of it" fit of the vapours. Because... I was sitting quietly mooching about t'internet and I heard a noise. Like a scraping against bricks kind of noise. Then I heard a creak from above the Room of Stash... and then I heard a clatter from above the Room of Stash. And all the while Grim was fast asleep in bed and oblivious to it all. I pondered if I should wake him up... but then the noise stopped. So... I relaxed a bit... went to bed... woke up early with Grim and because I was still suffering a bit of jet lag (ok, I am a lazy cow) I went back to bed for 40 winks. Well, low and behold, there I was, snuggled under the duvet with my AlfieCat keeping me warm when I heard that noise again!!!

Eeeeek... I am now alone in the house... and I know that AlfieCat may be uber intelligent but a guard dog he ain't. SO, I sat up, stopped breathing for a few mins so I could listen more to the noise and it was definitely coming from the loft. And it got louder and more frantic... like a serious amount of scraping and clonking going on. I grabbed my book... I am reading Breaking Dawn again... and it is the hardback version... and crept onto the landing... ready to bomp the clonky scraper on the bonce (no, not to read a chapter about Edward and Bella to him lol) and then... it stopped... not the book... the clonky scraping. And... I didn't hear it again!!! So, when Grim got home from work I pestered him to go up into the loft and have a look... I am not sure what I was expecting to be up there but it was more than... nothing! Nowt, nada, zipededoodah... nothing there!!! I had thought it could be wasps because I have seen them buzzing in and out of the mortar... mind you, how big would those blighters have to be to make that kind of noise!!! No, it was probably a birdy that has managed to escape... well, it can stay escaped, I need my beauty sleep and don't need another early morning of the clonky scraperings going on... with that, I shall say... thanks for looking... and... TTFN! I am off to lay down in a darkened room!!

Hels x


Minxy said...

Simply stunning hun, love the colour for fri 13th It's a lucky day, its the day blogger got fixed not went wrong, that was 2 days ago lol

Gillian said...

Friday the 13th ... it certainly has been one of those days,anyways thank crunchie it's friday. Amazingcolour combo, it's toooooo LUSH for words, specially with that Papillon stamp, yummylicious Hel's. Wonder what your gremlin was above the room of stash .... maybe it was a lost Cheeto looking for it's loved one's ... naughty Hel's rofl. xx

whyducks said...

Oh Poor Hels, been there heard that and it turned out to be a birdy that was creeping in at night, moving stuff around to get comfy, snoozing a bit, forgetting where he came in, so fumbling around in the morning before flying away to find his friends! So we had to sneak up in the loft while he was on walk about and block up his doorway up! Back to crafting, I love your tag, the colours and style are wonderful!

Kaz said...

Loving the colours Hels!!! YUMMY!!! Favourite stamps too!! I likey alotty!!


Gez said...

Scrummy tag :)
Hope all's quiet tonight..xx

Mary said...

I feel your pain, once I thought someone was invading my house, and it turned out it was just a crow on the roof! =P

Joanne said...

Tried to comment from my phone when I saw this as Blogger was playing away but couldn't. I just wanted to know how you got that gorgeous background. Did you just use the sprays 'til you got the required look or some magical other way?
Hugs Joanne xx

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