Monday, 30 May 2011

Did You See It...

...did you?? Please say you did cos then I will know where to look then. What am I waffling on about huh? Mr "I am off on holiday and I don't care that you need me" Mojo... yes, he has naffed off again, not even bothering to say goodbye! How rude! Today is a bank holiday, and yes, in time honoured tradition it is siling down.. so... I thought to myself "aha, a cunning plan, a day loitering in the Room of Stash getting inky... let the rain rain down outside!"

Best laid plans and all that! So... I have been faffing through my photo files on Lionel and found this ATC that I had made for my swap with Ellen whilst at Ellen's... hence the use of Dyan's fab stamps - alas, I haven't got a single set of these *sob* But I did make the most of them while I was away... it would have been rude not to lol

Apart from faffing with photo's and generally kicking my heels, I also started to watch The Cat In The Hat... but nodded off... I am turning into my Grandma... needing Nanna Naps in the middle of the afternoon! Must be an age thing lol Right... am off to search for that old rapscallion Mojo and drag him home by the scruff of his scraggy neck (can you tell I am in a sulk with him rofl) Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Helen said...

Love those stamps - I don't have any either... It's only just started raining here - have been busy doing (shhh.... housework) and getting crafty - but I forgot to watch A Cat in the Hat - meant to as it was one of my favourite stories as a child... off to wash fresco paints off my fingers now.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love this Hels it's really arty. Must admit I'm liking these images, dam more money needed LOL. Tracy x

Artyjen said...

Great the images you used. I think old Mojo may have come round to my place for a bit of a break over the Bank Holiday! I'll send him back now ROFL
xoxo Sioux

Wendy said...

Fab ATC hun, and good stamps have just arrived!!! They are to die for and I just cannot decide on my favourite just yet.......Dolally Doris is cool but the Around the Edge ones are maybe getting my vote just now. Birthday soon isn't it?????? :))

Kirsty.a said...

You are art journaller extraordinaire. I have just posted a request for advice as I would like to start. Would appreciate your help

Yvonne said...

I seem to have lost mine as well..everytime I go and sit down at my mind goes totally blank.
Love what you did create, big hugs to you!

Linda Cain said...

I LOVE those stamps! This is just so darn cute!


Gez said...

FAB Atc..wonder if Mr Mojo could be tempted out of his hiding place with some new rubber??

Hope you find him soon.

You'll never guess!! I've just received your CJ hun..tis AMAZING!!

Ooooooh! :D

Daniele said...

I had to chuckle about your nanna naps cos since I've become a Nana I now have naps in the afternoon, the customers at work think its a real inconvience when I nod

Carrie said...

Fabulous as always!

StampDancer said...

This is so cool -- maybe Mr. Mojo is waiting on some chocolate for inspiration? I keep Godiva choc bars hidden in my craft room and allow myself a section every once in awhile when I'm kind of at loose ends. I'm going to see Stamper's Anonymous at a convention (& THE Wendy) this Thursday. I hope they'll have a few of Dyan's sets I might be able to snag and drive back home with me.

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