Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Did You See It Yet???

...plllllllease say you have!!! I have hunted high and low, near and far (ok, well, not that far, actually, more nearer than farer but you know what I mean...) STILL no sign of that old scoundrel Mojo. And this is getting rather silly because I need him to be here! I have 101 jobs to do and deadlines to meet and all I am doing is faffing about pushing bits of paper hither and thither. Now there's a saying, hither and thither... what the chuff does that mean? I am hoping it isn't something rude!

Anyways... a couple of weeks ago, when I was all Mojo'd up, I made a couple of little jewellry pieces for Wendy's birthday.... the first piece is a handbag charm... I love these BTW - I can't pass a Next without whipping in and having a rummage to see if they have any new ones. I do like to make my own too and seeing as I have some of those rather splendid Steampunk Charms from Wendy to play with, I thought I would make something with them. Next came a bracelet... I wanted it to be a "wear everyday" kind of piece so there aren't any mahooisve dangly bits (now that really does sound rude!) All using Idea-ology and Steampunk Charms and Jump Rings... lots of Jump Rings.

So, what to do now huh? I have exhausted my supply of things made and not blogged... I have started about 682 new projects and chucked them all onto the "Started But Not Finished Pieces That Will Probably Never Be Finished" Chair. I have tidied up the Room of Stash again - took me all of five mins after my halo polishing the other day. I have sorted out the storage for Idea-ology. Oh and I sorted out my Colorwash and Perfect Pearls sprays... they now have a co-ordinating circle of paper stuck to the lid. I have re-inked my Distress Inks AND my Archival Inks. I have even sorted out my stamp collection, they were in baskets in manufacturer order, they are now in alphabetical order too... see, nothing is helping. I ate a kilo of chocolate (as advised to by several peeps yesterday) and have set about squeezing the subsequent spots that appeared overnight. I need help... like seriously hoooge amounts of help!! **not squeezing the spots I hasten to add... no... help finding Mojo!** Right, I have a pressing engagement with a box of Jump Rings that need sorting into size order and colour order... oh deep joy, the things I do for a distraction huh! If you see that old git Mojo, give him a kick and push him back this way please lol TTFN

Hels x


Kaz said...

Oh Hels...:O( its not nice is it!! Well you know my answer.....SHERRY!! Yep pour yoursef a large one and Im sure mr Mojo will join you....love this make by the way xx


BLISS angels said...

I don't know Hels it looks as if your MOjo is still around to me... the charms are wonderful ... maybe he's just waiting, for you to ask him to come back ... you know what men are like... you have to nag... OOps I meant to say Ask! and then ask again.... LOL Hugs Wendy

Artyjen said...

OMG! You do need help! All the organising is no good for you! LOL
xoxo Sioux
Great charm bracelet ;)

Marjie K said...

Aaack. All that organizing hasn't brought him back? Maybe you just need to pull 3 supplies and force yourself to make something using just them. Or something like that. Good luck! Meanwhile, I think the bracelet is great!

Daniele said...

not nice when your mojo takes a hike which is kinda of refreshing to know that it happens to everyone and not just you, I know you'll dazzle us pretty soon

Grim said...

It's actually 683.....you forgot the one hiding under the desk x

Caroline Hallett said...

I had a problem with mr mojo last month - and the solution was to write a list of all the people with birthdays in the next month - I then resolved to "making myself" think about what to make them - kicked mr mojo in to touch - hope this helps xxxx

Zuzu's Blog said...

Walk away.. forget about it. do something else and show your mojo you dont give a stuff. When it realises you can live just fine without it it will come running home and BEG you to make something with it. (you maybe need a craft holiday. every single thing we do we cant do constantly all year round. we need time out to rejuvenate. Cut yourself some slack... you do a fantastic job most of the time its probably long past due that you had a bit of time out. the more you fret on it the further the mojo will run in the opposite direction. x

Helen said...

Love the bracelet it is fab! Now, go find a tag, and three distress inks and one set of Tim (or Wendy) stamps and - stamp!
Hope Mr Mojo comes back soon!

craftimamma said...

Judging by these two lovely pieces (especially the bag charm - I love 'em) you don't need your Mr Mojo Hels so if I find him I'm keeping him 'cos mines been awol since last week too, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Wendy said...

These were amazing presents Hels, just lovely. The handbag charm is on my bookcase door handle, firstly it looks great there and secondly I don't do handbags!! or shoes!! I am a rubbish girl lol and the bracelet I wear, its perfect, so dainty but full of steampunk charm.....and with not too many long dangles I can wear it and not trap it in the till!!!

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