Monday, 25 April 2011

2 Days, 18 Hours And...

...25 minutes until... I go!!! Eeeek, that has come around sooooo quickly... which is a good thing 'cos I haven't had that much time to wait til I go to Ranger U. I am still at the "cannot believe it" stage... I am sure once I get that case packed I will be believing it a bit more :O)) So, I have to pack... I really do not like packing... putting it off to the last minute is NOT going to happen this time though... no, I shall be organised and be ready and not haring about like a loon on Thursday morning.

Anyways... in the meantime... and as a bit of a diversion, I got a bit inky last night with a mini canvas... this is just slightly larger than an ATC. I love those new Distress Stains... they have to be another "fave" product... and one thing I particularly enjoy doing is mixing them with paint... Claudine Hellmuth's Traditional Tan paint in the case of the blues/browns and Blank Canvas for the others... so... mixing a generous dollop of Trad Tan with Faded Jeans Stains... using Cut & Dry to apply it... then drying and then making some drippy bits of Trad Tan down the canvas... Ellen gave me a coolio tip yesterday, spritz the drips... they then go more splodgy on the edges... which is what I did. The flower is made of Kraft Glassine, painted lightly, splatted with Distress Stain, dried, scruched and then a Maya Road Resin Bloom, also painted, in the middle.

I used the Cut & Dry to alter the colour of the Idea-ology Trimmings... and dabbed a bit more Stain over the top and allowed to air dry... well, I had to allow them to air dry because... disaaaaahhhster... Horace Heatgun died! Yes indeedily, yesterday afternoon I went to dry something and Horace didn't work... well, I flicked the switch and a few seconds later it worked... so I turned it off (doh!) and tried again and bums... it didn't work! To say I am miffed is an understatement and I never really thought about how much I use the old thing... anyway... I have one of those nasty long blue ones but it doesn't get very hot and it is noisy and... it blows stuff all over the shop... time for a new Horace to come and live in the Room of Stash methinks!

Right... I have a date with a little project I am doing for Sunday... the Sunday Stamper is going to be scheduled next week... and I have it on very good authority (ie, Ellen said and she is really clever so it must be right) that as long as I don't change the time on Lionel, the time of posting will still be midnight GMT. If you see it at 7pm on Saturday you know I made a boo-boo... now that wouldn't be the first time lol Thanks for looking... enjoy the sunny weather! TTFN

Hels x


Helen said...

Hmmm - you were going to pack yesterday....!!
This is beautiful - I love that blue on the trimmings.
Now, go pack and then you can relax.

Kat said...

Hi Hel's,
i'm so suprised you can concentrate to make anything,
it's getting so close now,
have a grate day,
Kat x.

Daniele said...

ohhh you lucky gal off to Ranger Uni.....I'm sure you're going to have a fabbie time and come back with even more ideas to inspire us, I think Linda L. from grungy monday fame is going as well so I'm sure you'll have a blast

Vic said...

Your piece is beautiful and your excitement is coming across the web! LOL

Joanne said...

Well, Tim has already left for Ranger and is setting up just for you as we speak. All the techniques you learn will buzz around your head and turn out some real fab pieces for us to oodle at.
Get that packing done and have a rest before the off.
Hugs Joanne xx

Gillian said...

Tick Tock ... Tick Tock ... even less time now:) You are a naughty Hel's ... go pack woman .. before I glue your hands with matte medium to that case lol ...will let you off though since you created such a beauty, just waming up for the weekend eh, love it:) xx

Artyjen said...

Dearest Hels....I'm sure I would not belive it even when I was in Ranger U's room and taking the course with T!m! As for packing? I'm with cannot be done till the last minute!!!!
Tell him I love my comes close to loving RA!!! You know what I mean?!!!!
xoxo Sioux

funkycrafter said...

i am so excited for you. i would be bouncing off the walls if i was headed to ranger u, even if just to sit in the corner and watch. you will have so much fun. you are a natural for this.
please start packing now. i know you are way more organized than i am, but i was always surprised about all the little details that came to mind the last day. packing one suitcase for 2-4 weeks overseas was always such a challenge for me. i am messy even when i am not grunging in the craft room.

thekathrynwheel said...

OMG! I can't believe you ar going to Ranger U! How fab, you will have an amazing time I'm sure. Now, go and start packing NOW!

craftimamma said...

I'm not surprised you are so excited Hels. I am surprised you can sit still long enough to craft and especially something as pretty as this tag. The blues are lovely and the flower is superb.

Now that's said ................ go pack!!!!!

Lesley Xx

ellen vargo said...

Almost there!!! Only a couple more days! GO PACK!!! No more blogging until the cases are all packed and ready to go! :) I'd do it if I was there... I love packing... cos I LOVE traveling! See you SOON! Els xxx

Val said...

Hello Hels

Love the colours on this - really pretty!!

Don't forget your camera when you pack - in fact I reckon you should be getting it done NOW>


shirley said...

Beautiful! Love the blue.
Have you packed yet?

1CardCreator said...

Stunning piece Hels!

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