Thursday, 17 March 2011

VA Day... and 490... is... at this very moment (being 01.11 in the morning) at Barking... not quite sure what time it will be at Chez Sheridan but it is definitely going to be today!!! The title... V A Day... is... Vagabond Arrival Day!!! Hurrah and thrice and yipyahdidoddles... I cannot wait! Nor can I sleep... well, actually, I haven't tried yet because I have been busy playing with some new stash but... I know I won't be able to sleep because I am over the top excited... and I know I have been a right old pain in the bum to poor Jennie who has had to put up with me emailing her and texting her every hour (ok, every half hour) to see if IT is here yet... And now, I have the tracking number and it is in Barking and soon - in less than 20 hours it will be here, in the Room of Stash... **squeaks and squeals heard coming from the Room of Stash**

Anyways... more excitement on Tuesday when a very special envelope arrived from the US of A... containing... Wendy Vecchi's Book IV. I won it last week and how super fast did it arrive! I have to say it is brrrilliant! I have read it cover to cover and yesterday had a little play and made one of the projects in there. Oh... and... the book is signed too... now that is even cooler!

Get this... how clever is Wendy... this project uses up a box from a Configurations set... which I have some of these kicking about because we didn't use them all on the Tim Class... so, I won't go into how I made it because it is Wendy's project and that wouldn't be fair... all I will say is that it uses Distress Inks, Grungepaper and Board and of course, Studio 490 stamps... and Idea-ology... all my favourite things...

I seem to be talking in exclamation marks today!!! Maybe it is because I am sooooo excited!! Oh but... you should see the state of my fingers... I had a play with Distress Stains earlier... and I have lovely purple fingers... and I haven't even got the Dusty Concord one LOL I got the new Papillon stamps by the Duke of Distress... ooh, lushly they are too... and I fiddled about and made a tag... I will blog that later ;O))

Oh and the other day I found a place on eBay **if you want to know the seller, just email me and I can send you a link :O))** that was selling seam binding for a quid... so I grabbed some and it has arrived and I have dyed some of it with the Stains... works fabbyliciously indeed! Right... I suppose I had better go and try and get some kip because I reckon it is going to be an exciting day... have a FAB day yourself.. .oh and Happy St Patricks Day to the Irish readers... have a Guiness for me!!! Ta for looking... TTFN

Hels x


jacque4u2c said...

I love these projects!!!!

ellen vargo said...

FAB box!!! Can't wait to try one myself! And I REALLY can't wait to hear ALL about the VAGABOND!!! I want every single little detail... because you know I'm going to NEEEED to have one... now that you do.. sad but true... Enjoy the arrival!


Els xxx

Val said...

Fabby. I assume you have totally cleared your desk for a space for it. I am really pleased with mine.


Lynn Stevens said...

I wondered if that was you I heard screaming all the way across the pond. have fun playing with your new toy!

Helen said...

My book is on the way too!! Loving this - and good luck waiting patiently for the Vagabond... I am sure I will hear the squeals all the way down here with you open the door to the delivery man!

Lesley said...

ooooh.....thats really really delish looking!! I can see a hoard of those being made in the future!!

Charli said...

You lucky, lucky girl you! Signed book from Wendy and imminent arrival of a Vagabond - you have every right to talk in exclamation marks!!!

Love the box too, what a clever closing on it.

Hope you managed to get some sleep. Try not to tackle the delivery man when he arrives.
Take care,
Charli x

Joanne said...

Oh I can feel your joy. I'll do my best to keep up for the next few days, but we are off in the motorhome for a while. Have wonderful fun.
Hugs Joanne xx

Artyjen said...

OMG! If you are excited now just wait till you open that will be delirius!!!
Have fun...I know you will ;)
xoxo Sioux

oneoff said...

Gorgeous makes as usual, and I suspect I will hear you squeak from here when the Vagabond arrives!


craftimamma said...

What a gorgeous box. I need to see inside! I also think I need that book.

Lesley Xx

PS I hope you new arrival is all you wished for and more, lol!

jude said...

Love the book and the project.But even so i loveee my Vagabond and so will you hunni.Do hope it arrived safely!
Enjoy whihc im sure you will
hugs judex

Andrea said...

this is the Hels that never wanted that machine, to I see a change of heart then??? I am shocked Mrs but hope you enjoy it when it arrives, fab art to by the way xx

flutterbycrafter said...

Fabulous box, and I know about your excitement re Vagabond, mine came on Tuesday and I love it. xx

Lori said...

Totally lush box, Hels, isn't that book great?

sandra de said...

Your wee box is gorgeous ... I just don't get the vagabond. But it looks like I am on my own with that thought. I will email you about seam binding. I keep seeing it on sites but not able to find it at a reasonable price. thanks for the tip.

Joy said...

Lovely little box Hels. Hope V arrives soon! xx

Barb Cady said...

I am so envious, I want a vagabond so painfully! Can imagine the fun you will be having, have visions of you buried under an avalach of die cuts and embossing papers! Love the box too, really clever.
Enjoy Hels, can't wait to read about it! x

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