Friday, 18 March 2011

Chop Chop...

...actually it is more like Cut Cut... but more of that in a mo! Have you tried the new Distress Stains? I have a few colours and I lurve them and now need them all (well, a full set is always the best to work with isn't it? lol) So... I have seen loads of delish things being made with the new Papillon set of stamps from the one and only Duke of Distress... and I am a lucky, lucky lass... Grim got me a set!!

So, with said new stamps in my inky mitts, I hastened to the Room of Stash for a little play... I had this idea that I wanted to do a tag using a clear resist for the text and then having the butterflies over the top. Well, I inked with clear, embossed with clear, heated it all up, let it cool down and set... made sure that all the bits were embossed... and then I slapped a load of Distress Stains over the top, spritzed them with water, dabbed the excess fluid off and dried gently with a heat gun - so as not to disturb the resist... as I was drying I spotted the Stains were being odd... you know, not doing what I expected... they actually started to move into the lines of embossing... I was miffed because I didn't want that look at all... nope, not one ickle bit. Here is said tag:

And a close up:

Well, never being one to allow a little mishap to stop me, I started over... and yes, it worked fine this time.. because I did it a little differently... I just slapped the Stains on and didn't add water misting... this time it worked a treat, how I wanted it to... but now, looking back I can see that I misjudged the messy one - cos I actually really like how it turned out. I am going to faff with it in a bit and make it into a fancier tag... that'll learn me to judge in haste!!

Anyways, that there pic above is the piccie of the finished tag II - I used Clearly For Art to make the butterflies raised... and used the Stains to colour the Trims and the seam binding ribbon. So... yesterday was a trial indeedily. You know I was waffling on about IT arriving... well, I checked the tracker at about 9.30am and it said... for delivery Friday!!! Eeek, they changed the day!!! Well, after sulking, slamming doors and generally being a petulant child, I decided that waiting until today would just have to be accepted... anyways... guess what?? IT arrived!!! Late yesterday afternoon!!! After spending several hours staring out of the window, willing a UPS van to turn into the Close, I decided to just give up and walk away. So, diversion tactics, I went for a mooch onto the drive to look at the bulbs that are coming up... then I heard an enginey noise, looked up and sure enough, UPS is driving down the Close.. I nearly hyperventilated on the spot!!! So, the van is outside the house, and the driver is on his phone... for FIVE minutes!!! I was standing at the door hopping from foot to foot and the driver was oblivious to the mad loony looking woman - either that or he knew what was in the box... and was making me suffer rofl So, it is here, it has had a naming ceremony, it has been stickered up too.. I used that sticker that Tim gave to me when we did the class...well, he didn't actually physically give me the sticker (everyone got one) but that sounds good lol So... may I introduce... Victor!

Isn't he handsome!!! He has a new home on the "cutting station" ... ok, on the cabinet but... oooh, I lurve him... and he is soooo quiet, and cuts perfectly, I have been cutting with all my Alterations - I have to admit the first time I used it I was a bit tentative... I am not known for being light of touch and I had visions of busting it the first time I tried to cut something... but it worked a treat! I want to say... publicly... THANK YOU to my Grim... I love my new toy!!! Right, time to get back to the cutting... thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


karenm said...

You are so lucky, I want one!

Neil said...

Lucky lucky you! Victor is indeed, a handsome chappie. Who knows, I may get one too one day! (Well, I can dream !) Your tags looks great, I like the "mistake" too. Those stamps are high on my to have soon list too.
Have a great day!

voodoo vixen said...

Love the flutterbyes, both versions and I have to ask.... do I need one of those things in an old suitcase? You are raving about it... do I need to go and find out what it does? Have I been living under a rock? LOL

Artyjen said...

Victor has found a great place to it not the most bestest machine everrrrrrr!?
xoxo Sioux
Love both tags btw

Tess said...

That tag is beautiful. I have never seen a cutter shaped like a suitcase. The stickies make him look well traveled. Fun indeed!

Tracey said...

Well hellooooo Victor, what a handsome chappie you are, do you have a brother!!!
Love both the tags Hels. I have a grungy coloured tag which I'm not keen on but cannot bare to throw it away.
Take care hun.

Elaine said...

Hope you and Victor will be very happy together!!

Fliss said...

Lucky you Hels and love your butterfly tags which look gorgeous.
Probably just as well Victor arrived yesterday cos I don't know if it's the same where you are but it's been tipping down here all day!
I now have to get all wet as I've got to give our 2 bunnies their lunch time green bean treats.
Have a great weekend.

Gerri Herbst said...

Just love the colors of this tag!Thanks sweetie.

Joanne said...

Thank goodness for Grim and hello to Victor. I am excited at the prospect of seeing wonderful Hels creations now - I mean continuing because you always make wonderful creations.
Hugs Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

Your new toy looks like he's fitting in very nicely in his new home! Got mine a couple of weeks ago, & I love him to bits!!! Still need some of those stains though, your tag is luscious! xxx

Becky said...

woo hoo!!! yah for you! I just can't get my hubby to understand why I NEED one. But i do have the Stains, so I'm off to get inky!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Hels, You had me jumping up and down with you waiting for the UPS man to delievr.
What a Great name for your vagabond Victor!!!!!, that just so happens to be my DH's name. LOL
Have fun playing and Love your butterfly piece!
hugs Lynn

Daniele said...

glad Victor has found a good home, have fun. I love the tag

Piddawinkle said...

must mention how nice your Grim is to my OH, wonder if it will work, it was my bday this week X have lots and lots of fun

shirley said...

Love both tags. I want distress stains right now!
Victor looks very handsome indeed...lucky you! Have fun together.LOL.

craftimamma said...

Oh you lucky, lucky lass you!

Love the tags, even the 'messed up' one. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Lesley Xx

Lori said...

Lush tag, love that resist background. Aren't those stains GREAT? Love them! I didn't think I needed another butterfly stamp set, but after seeing all you've been doing with Timmy's new set, I might have to buy the Victor! How cool!

Linda Cain said...

YAY~for the Vagabond!!!! And I LOVE your tag...we have minds alike in what we choose to play with on certain days...ever notice that????

Great job!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous tag, I love the resist and the intensity of colour. I am liking these stamps the more I see them. I have also stopped by to leave you a link to my Sunday Stamper piece, only just in time LOL. My piece is HERE. Enjoy your weekend. Tracy Evans x x

Val said...

Or ...
it could be Victor/Victoria!!! Whatever - I am sure you will enjoy a wonderful life together.

Tags are wonderful!

Kirsten Alicia said...

And now I hate you!!! Seriously, I am joking; I am so happy for you, so delighted & thrilled that you have your Victor - you believe me, right??!! :) :) :)

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