Thursday, 3 February 2011

Do You Dream in Green???

...well, last week I got all inky and messy making some cards that are, let's face it, all the same apart from the colours... and whilst I was in a cardmaking mood... (this old Resolution is still going strong!) I decided to use a different stamp but the same technique to make a green shaded card.

Armed with only the greens from the Distress Ink range, I made a wrinkle free distress on my craft sheet and dipped the card into the ink until I liked the look. The stamp is another old fave of mine... by Stampers Anonymous and one of the first stamps I ever bought and very much ignored for most of its life with me! *baaaad Hels* Anyways, the centre has been repeat stamped twice, cut into to make a raised circled which was puffed with a paper stump... and then the D was cut around and same again, puffing... which I like the look of, makes the 3d-ing look neater. See that little sentiment? Well, that is also one of the first stamps I ever bought... in fact, I think it was the second one... and that has had a heap of use but I do still go back to it time and again because it is versatile... oh and I like what it says... which leads me nicely onto...

... my happy day today!!! Yes, indeedily, I am more than happy actually, in fact, it could be said that I am ever so slightly *oh, ok, over the top* excited because... Ellen is coming to stay again!!!! Yes, I may have mentioned before that Ellen was coming back to the Room of Stash in May... but... as a last minute (and ever so slightly insane) idea... she will be arriving here in.... FOURTEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had better start a countdown otherwise I might forget to mention it every time I blog - you know, like I hardly mentioned her visit last time ROFL Don't worry though, I won't really go over the top and bore you all constantly with my days, hours, minutes thing... much!!! Anyways... isn't that just THE best news!!! I had better go and calm down again now... thank heavens I have kept the Room of Stash relatively tidy... see, I knew there was a reason really LOL Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x

Oooh, I just remembered... the drive!!! A quick update... the sealer is going on as we speak... so tomorrow I will have some pics of it finished... the colours are amazing... it looks... well, fantastic!!!


Joanne said...

Whoohoo to you! I know some more fantastic news.
I love the card. Greens are fab, especially shabby shutters, crushed olive, bundled sage and peeled paint. Lurve those.
Can't wait to see the drive or ??????

Andrea said...

beautiful card Hels and soooo pleased that you have Ellen coming again, look forward to seeing the pics of the drive xx

Helen said...

Great card, lovely stamps. Another visit?!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gorgeous card hun ;-) For an old stamp, it's very current I think.
Have done my SS entry now lookee here
Anne xx

SusanK said...

How fun...another visit so soon! Can't wait to see the drive - the tech wouldn't work here because of the snow/cold. Lovely card!

craftimamma said...

What a lovely time to look forward to with Ellen. I love the card Hels and it would be perfect for a man's card. The green background is a great effect.

Lesley Xx

Lori said...

Love your green card, Hels! Those stamps are awesome! Yay! Els is coming back! Isn't Jack a great guy! lol!

Tineke said...

What a beautifull card on your blog!
Greetings from Holland,

Shar said...

Love it! Gorgeous look! Now, you've made me need to find my "S" stamp from the same set and have a play.


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