Monday, 3 January 2011

490 For a Copy...

...ooohahahahaaa... do you remember CB Radio??? Or is it just me that remembers that "10-4 for a copy" - cos if it is I am so looking like a right old dingbat now... actually the 490 for a copy is true! Last night I had a lovely few hours making a mini book that was actually a class kit from THE Wendy Vecchi who very kindly gave it to Ellen to bring to me!! How lucky am I!!!

I have had this lovely kit sitting here in the Room of Stash awaiting attention but that Christmas thing was getting in the way of me concentrating on it - and I so didn't want to rush this and muck it up! It came with all the pieces stamped onto Grungepaper and board so all I had to do was cut out and ink and assemble. And... in the packet were some gorgeous embellishments that I haven't seen before and I neeeeeeed to find where to get them ... check out the ickle green expoxy flower! How cute!!!

Anyways, I won't waffle on alarmingly about how I made this... that wouldn't be fair to Wendy who's design this actually is... all I will say is that I haven't varied at all from the instructions and pics - yes there are colour pictures included in the kit - Wendy thinks of everything!!!

If one of the flowers had spots on it, mine has; if one of the leaves had numbers on it... mine has! And... another thing I have learned from Wendy - you know when you cut out your flowers and stuff from Grungepaper and board? Well, I have always binned the off cuts... nope! Don't do that... use the snips as layers under your flowers etc - making gluing stuff that is 3d easier and... you can still use Glossy Accents for gluing... brilliant idea huh!

All the inking was done using Distress Inks - combo's of Stormy Sky, Rusty Hinge, Forest Moss, Brushed Corduroy and Scattered Straw with a smidge of Vintage Photo to distress the edges of the pages. So inspired am I by this gorgeous little book, I am going to make my own version, same size etc but just do different flowers and stuff inside it... and I have the 490 set that has all the little wordy's on - like Flip. Fig 1, etc... that is so going to be useful for my next project!

Anyways... I had a relapse yesterday - the Dr had warned that it could happen.. you know, I didn't get out of bed til gone midday! And I spent most of the day huffing, puffing and flopping about - I did manage to make a lovely roast beef in ale... corrr, I am still licking my lips after that... the gravy was just to die for!!! So, it was nice to be able to do a bit of "easy" creating with the kit! Shame the photo's are a bit rubbish... my camera has almost passed over to that big camera cloud in the sky... I have tested it too and for once it isn't the photography that is rubbish... I need a new camera (which means I need to sweet talk Grim into pointing me in the right direction to buy a decent one ROFL) Right... that new mini book is calling for me to go and start it... thanks for looking and have a brill day! TTFN

Hels x


ellen said...

Oooooh! It looks awesome! I remember when I did that book in class I was also inspired to do one of my own, too, that wavy scallop book! Have fun making yours! I know it will be DELISH! Hugs! Els xxx

Shoshi said...

Ooh Hels, that is gorgeous! It's so creative and stylish! You must have had such fun doing it.

Hope you are feeling better now.

ellen said...

Oh yeah, forgot to say earlier - those green epoxy flowers are from Maya Road... I could be persuaded to acquire some for you.... if you can't get them over there.... just maybe.... (*wink wink*). :D

AZviaTx said...

Breaker, Breaker: this here's redopal, are you on the channel Inky Fingers? My parents were involved with CB clubs most of my growing up years! We had both home and mobil units. Funny to hear someone from overseas use the jargon. Which I haven't heard in mannnnnyyy years. Your book is very cool, nice to have a project to do that someone else put together for you, when you're feeling all blowsy. I'm 10-10 and listening in or 10-65 which is awaiting your next message! Hope you feel tons better. Tina

Sandra said...

so sorry you had a relapse, rest up! I think you need time to just sit and play.
Take care,
Sandra ltb
lucky you, Wendy takes good care of you!

Vic said...

You're so funny! Your book came out fantastic. I can't wait to see the next one.

Take care.

Susan Allan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Hels. The book is lovely...I should think we all want one, I know I do!!
Happy New Year and here is hoping 2011 brings you all good things.
Take care of yourself.
Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Joanne said...

Amazing little book, just lovely. My fave bits are the flowers and leaves and so wish I had more of the 490 sets other than the 1 I do have. Good luck with your own version and hope the lurgy goes today.
Luv Joanne xx

Helen said...

Oh, tis right lovely that! I really need some more Wendy stamps... may have to buy some for a little treat to myself (going back to work will be such a shock tomorrow!) Can't wait to see how your version turns out.

Caz said...

That's a beautiful book Hels - looking forward to seeing your version.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - I didn't know about the chance of a relapse - that will explain why I've been feeling yuk for the last two days.
Hope you start feeling better soon

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hihun, Happy New Year ;-)
Ahh sorry to hear you've been so poorly - try some hot toddys I'm sure they won't actually cure what you've got but they'll help you feel better hehe.
Scrummy book, I love the hands is that a stamp? Absolutely stunning hangy art below too :-)
Anne xx

Lottie said...

Oh my - oh my - oh my

How stunning

What a fantastic book - you are incredible

ten four

over and out!

Andrea said...

just a great little book Hels and hope you feel better soon, I do remember the CB radio and funnily enough we were only chatting about them a few days ago, Marks mum used to have one and was known as Mothers Pride and she used to direct the lorry drivers aroung the Medway towns and was always helpful to them, she loved it, and you know even a few of her CB friends turned out at her funeral xx

Juls said...

can see why you love it! this is gorgeous!! Hugs Juls

SusanK said...

Lovely! That's one class I haven't taken but I think looking at your pics (not THAT bad!) and I can figure it out. Feel better!

Marijane said...

What a darling book, Hels and Wendy! Wendy designs the cutest mini books ever and you did a great job bringing it into beautiful fruition. I can't wait to see the book you do next using the materials with your own "spin!"

Piddawinkle said...

that is lovely and a great way to kick start your 2011 creativity

craftimamma said...

This is great Hels. Love all those little bits and bobs and of course the stamping and inky parts too. What a way to spend a few hours! Bliss!

Do hope you feel properly better very soon Hels and Happy New Year too Hun.

Lesley Xx

Lori said...

This is lovely, Hels! 10-4 roger that. Hey, I live with a truck driver, so we use 10-4 all the time. As well as other choice truckin' terms. lol. If it's really important, it's a "big 10-4". If it's really bad, it's a "10-no". lol.

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