Monday, 6 December 2010

The Snowman & The Swallow...

... which actually is what I shall be popping on here today! I was a bit disappointed by all that snow last week... cos, not only did we only get about 1cm of the stuff thru the whole week, on Friday night it blizzarded and was nearly an inch thick, oooh, I gets all excited thinking I can make a snowman on Saturday morning... humph, woke up, it had all gone - we had had rain! I do love a good snowman, I did make one earlier in the year and he was rather handsome, even if I do say so myself LOL So, I decided instead to use my Bobby Snow Stitchels design to make a card - all the deets are over on the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog... as well as bigger pics too :O))

So... the swallow... an unlikely addition to anything Christmassy methinks... or at least, I did so til I saw Tim's Tag #2 from the 12 Tags of Christmas... I am hideously behind already with these, having only made the first two! I am planning on putting that right later today but then again, I said that yesterday too LOL

I love the 12 Tags - the fact that it is a tag is good, and that it is designed by the Duke of Distress himself makes it even better but, what I like more than anything is that literally 1000's of crafty peeps join in, which makes blog hopping even more fun at this time of year.

Are you doing the 12 Tags? Are you a purist like me and must make them identical to the original??? Or, are you adventurous and use other stuff on them but keep to the design? Do tell!!! I have, on occasion, ventured off to make my own versions but I always seem to gravitate back to the original... that is me feeding my inner copycat ROFL Anyways... bedtime for me... thanks for looking... have a goodly day! TTFN

Hels x


Kathy Eddy said...

i have to say, I do both. Sometimes I have to sub so many things, but still try to keep the general idea there and use the techniques. Yours is great.

ellen said...

You did the black enamel on the letters after all.... :) Knew you couldn't resist.. haha... I still haven't done ANY of the tags - what's up with that??? Hope you have a lovely day - talk to you soon. Hugs, Els xx

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Beautiful pine cones and luverly techniques.

Sue said...

Hello Hels
I was so inspired after seeing all the tags everyone was making, that I am making them, but I do not follow the sketch one bit. I like to do my own thing, but I think the theme is there. I love yours by the way. Hop over to my blog and tell me what you think!

craftimamma said...

Well, you're two tags up on me Hels and at least one card too! I cannot believe how far behind I am this year.

AND ............. if you want some snow pay me a visit and you can have some of mine (pics on my blog). I'm sick of the stuff! After a week of being hemmed in I'm hoping we've chopped and dug enough out to be able to get my car out tomorrow. It's -14 this morning so I don't think much of it will be melting.

Take care Hun!

Lesley Xx

Joanne said...

Glad you are doing the tags Hels. I'm trying but have to improvise on some because i don't have all his goodies.

Charli said...

Beautiful tag Hels, and so similar to Tim's lol -by the way, am loving your title for him, the Duke of Distress he is indeed!!

Following the 12 tags closely, but having no time to do them at the mo (too behind on Xmas cards lol) but have decided that as there are 12 of them, I will do one a month for the coming year, keeping tecniques and layouts but themed appropriately for the time of year!

Look forward to seeing your other tags (day 6 already, where does the time go?)

Charli x

Helen said...

I love your tag and your snowman too. I try to stick to the original but don't have lots of the things I need so always end up substituting..... am back at work now, (boooo) so won't get to play today. (also, booooo!)

whyducks said...

Hels I will pack up a lorry full of snow and send it your way, still really bad here. Bobby is great and the tag is lovely too. I can't write any more my fingers are frozen!

Anonymous said...

Smashing tag Hels! I'm keeping up with Tim's tags with my mate Minxy, you'll have to come skyping with us!
Off to see your snowman!
Alison xx

Jennie said...

great tags Hels, and love the card :))
We had lots of snow! nah nah nah
Hugs x

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

another lovely tag Hels :D
Julie xx

Tracey said...

Another gorgeous tag Hels, and the card is cute too, yes I am doing the tags but not a purist like you - mine tend to wander way way way off track lol xxx

Artyjen said...

Another fabby tag ;)
xoxo Sioux

Fliss said...

Another gorgeous one Hels.
I'm madly doing catch up as I didn't do this yesterday and there are now over 100 more - eek!!!

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