Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh... Deer!!!

...eeeek, that is a dreadful pun, I know, and... it was intended LOL I have just done my latest DT piece for The Stamp Attic... tis all here for you to see the deets and bigger pics etc... and have been inspired by the Duke of Distress and his amazing 12 Tags of Christmas.

So... these here 12 Tags... I am behind... three days behind to be honest and today is a new day, so that means I will be four days behind... but hey, I am having the best time making them... they are so addictive and I just have to say... THANK YOU to Tim for the FAB inspirations... and... it is just like having an online class with him everyday - this year he is doing video's too... how cool!

I have improvised slightly with this tag - mainly because I haven't got any of the green stuff he uses for the birds nest... so I used Flowersoft... which I bought about 900 years ago and have never used before this week and seriously, I nearly chucked it out when I moved house... soooo glad I didn't!!! So, I did have a reason for buying it after all ROFL

As much as I would lurve to stay around waffling on about how wonderful the 12 Tags phenomenon is... and how much I am loving making my tags... I can't.. you see, I have a date! No, not that kind of date... I have a date to skip the Skype-fantastic and am going to be reunited with my sister in art... Ellen!! Yes, indeedily, Ellen is going to be in the Room of Stash again... I know, I know, not physically but... the wonders of the modern world and the power of t'internet make the world a whole lot smaller... tis brrrrilliant isn' t it??? Anyways... gotta dash... thanks for looking... keep warm! Tis chufffffing frrrreeeezing here - actually it is more than that cos it is -6 out there... oh and yes, I forgot to tell you!!! Guess who came to visit last night??? Only THE Santa Claus himself... he was on a sleigh and had reindeer (ok, they were wooden but... who cares!) and he had Christmas songs blaring from his sleigh and ... HE WAVED AT ME!!! He so very obviously knows that I have been a goodly little girl this year... actually, I did see that he had a bulging sack, but I think that is just the way he was sitting.... *gasps of shock horror* I better go before I say anything else mucky LMSO... TTFN

Hels x


ellen said...

Oh NOOOOO you didn't.... BAAAHAHAHA!!! Tag looks great - sounds like you had an interesting visit with Santa.... you crack me up! Talk soon! Hugs, Els xx

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Have you been harboring secret thoughts about santa that a shrink ought to hear?! lol Love to hear that you and Els are in touch so quickly. Keep playing tag!

Sandy said...

Wow Hun your Tag is absolutely wonderful. Amazing design and work as always. Love it.

Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs.

Helen said...

Great tag, and you just mind what you get up to with Santa....

craftimamma said...

Oh that's brilliant Hels, I've just spluttered coffee all over my computer desk laughing at you! Good job the keyboard shelf was tucked away, Lol!

Er, -6 is nothing my friend. We've had -14 for the last three days and it's stopping the blooming white stuff from melting and I'm fed up with it now. Gotta try and get out of our road in a couple of hours as my hair has a very important appointment with a bottle of colour and a pair of scissors - not of the crafting variety I might add!

Loving your tags Hels and I don't care if you are behind, they're worth waiting for.

Stay snuggled.

Lesley Xx

Joanne said...

Santa's been already eh? Missed me again I see. Love your tag, am waiting patiently for the rest. xx

Sherry Goodloe said...

Another use for Flowersoft . . . now where did I put those little jars???? LOL

Ooooo you got to see Santa! Lucky lady you are *hee hee*

BTW . . . love both tags *smiles*

Minxy said...

See your catching up sort of he he as long as your having fun thats the main thing, and i think your tag is the spitting image of tims

Linda Cain said...

Great tags!


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oooo Hels your taggys are gorgeous!!!
Julie xx

Lynn Stevens said...

There you are! I wondered where you have been hiding! Awesome job on your DEER tag and you'll catch up in no time!

Tracey said...

lol at the santa visit story - ooooerrrr missus, another fabulous tag, the flower soft came to my rescue too, funny thing I I never used it before Tims tags either lol xxx

Artyjen said...

Can you tell Santa I've been good too?! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Fliss said...

Tee hee - who's been a naughty girl then! Meaning the Santa bit!
Another gorgeous tag Hels.

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