Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I Can Barely Contain... excitement!!! Indeedily and thrice! Today... when I got out of bed at 07.30am it was... snowing!!! Yippedy-yah! Aha, you see, I have been whittering on alarmingly for days about it not being fair that we haven't had any snow... well, we certainly got a nice covering this morning... and I was like a big kid, wanting to go and make a snowman and generally roll around in the white stuff til I was covered head to foot... until... I remembered... today is the day that the nice man from the fire place (not an actual fireplace - like the Floo Network... nope not that type) was due to deliver and install our new fire!! To say I had a mini panic would be a bit of an exageration... actually I was dreading phoning them to get the time of delivery thinking that the nice man would say... no can do. However, result! He said he would be here about 2pm and sure enough, there he was... with new fire and it is all installed and... the living room is... warm and cosy. AlfieCat has got himself a new sleeping place already - right in front of the fire (stoopid he is not LOL) Anyways... we had a bit more snow and then it got a bit warmer and started to go and bit yakky and then the temperature dropped so it is like a skating rink outside... needless to say, I haven't got any sensible boots so I think I shall stay indoors until it has thawed a weensy bit.

With the excitement of the past few days I have totally lost my old Mojo - I think it is in a queue at St Pancras waiting for a train to Paris... however, I did manage to get another Tim tag made - I liked this one - like the idea of recycling packaging. I do think it was a bit wastefull of Grungeboard and won't be doing this again - I shall just chop the bits off the main one next time and not layer it... I mean, what can I do with a snowman diecut that has not got a nose or a hat??? ROFL

Oh and an update on the Volly situation... phew, I got some!!! They are only piddly little things but I kind of like that cos that means I can eat double the amount and not feel guilty ROFL Anyways... time for bed... I have a busy day tomorrow and need my beauty sleep (hey, I know, I need more than a sleep for that but a girl can dream lol) Thanks for looking... have a FAB day! TTFN

Hels x


LynneForsythe said... glad you got some snow!! A White Christmas is such a WONDERFUL thing!! once made me laugh!!

Merry Christmas to you and the fam!!

Sandy said...

Hi Hels, So glad you got snow AND fire. And all in one day!

I love, love your snowman tag. You're doing great. I'm only up to day 3, think I'm going to take a break until after the holidays and then use the techniques to make NON-Christmas cards.

Your blog posts always give me a chuckle. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ellen said...

YAY!!! SNOW!!! and more importantly ... new FIRE! So happy that the fire man was able to make it through the snow. Your snowman tag turned out amazing! OK I have to ask... what is "volly" - need another British lesson. Start a new list for the next visit (hahaha)... I'm already pricing tickets... Hope you got a good sleep... Hugs, Els xxx

Nancy said...

GREAT news - snow, fire - yea!! I've not made that tag yet - oh, do I need to catch up after Christmas! I remember reading Tim's instructions & thinking it sounded as though some grungeboard would be wasted - thank you for the reminder.

I hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

Yeah! Snow for Hels! And fire for Alfie cat (cause that's really who it's for, now isn't it? wink) And whoo! What a story at the shops! Good idea to send Grim. I have done nary a tag o' Tims's yet, so good on you for doing so many. Have a Merry Christmas! Becky #77 on WOYWW

sandra de said...

Gorgeous tag and congrats on getting some snow. All the best with the new fire.

Helen said...

See, I knew when you got snow it wouldn't suit you!! My road and the next one down are like icing rinks still, then - everything vanishes - I have to get to the station tomorrow - don't want to wear my wellies.... may have to book a taxi.
Have a lovely Christmas with your vol-au-vents and Grim and Alfie-cat!! See you soon. Oh, and the tag's ok too!!!

flutterbycrafter said...

Glad you got your snow at last, hope it was worth the wait. Great tag, I agree about the grungeboard though.Have a good Christmas, hugs Ann xx

Joanne said...

glad you got snow cos that would make your day. Ours has lasted a week 'cos it's so cold.
hugs xx

craftimamma said...

Hels, I told you if you are desperate for snow, come and fetch some of ours. I'm fed up of the stuff, Lol! AND it makes parking in the supermarket even worse 'cos you can't see the lines so everyone takes up two spaces!@*@! Sorry to rub it in but we had loads of stuff in our supermarket yesterday and no abnormal queues either!

Anyway, really wanted to say have a wonderful Christmas Hels and here's wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. See you in 2011!

BTW your tags are looking great!

Lesley Xx

Morti said...

No WOYWW? You must have been REALLY traumatised by the Battle of the Bread - that and entranced by the snow and your subsequent fire delivery.

Happy Christmas, Hels, Grim & Alfie-cat..... xx

Minxy said...

YAY for you, So where's your snowman photos then lol

Your tag is perfect, and i agree with you on the grunge waste, still unlike Tim we have to buy ours, he gets tons for free lol

thekathrynwheel said...

OOh great tag. Glad you got your fire sorted - you need it in this weather!
Happy Christmas :-)

Sarah A said...

Great tag, fab recycling and wow a new cosy and warm fire!

Sarah x

Marijane said...

So glad you'll get your white Christmas and can sit in front of your warm fireplace and enjoy all the "coziness." Your tag turned out great and I agree with you about wasting most of the 2nd snowman. I will just be coloring my arms, legs, nose and hat with ink or marker. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Soooo excited for you that you got the snow you wanted :) And soooo happy for me that the rain finally stopped . . . .for now at least.

Sandy said...

My dear blogfriend Hels,
Whishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ang NEW YEAR! I am glad that I have met you!
Many hugs for you hun.

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