Friday, 5 November 2010

Hanging On The Door...

Cor blimey, already... it is November 5th! And it is Friday... which means it is my day for the Bubbly Funk DT. This week I have been playing with paper and chipboard with a little bit of bling thrown in for good measure and made a door hanging. To see all the deets and more pics, please CLICK HERE and you will be transported, as if by magic, to the Bubbly Scrumptious blog. *erm... the Glossy Accents wasn't quite dry when I took the pic... actually, it looked clear but the flash picked up the milkiness of it... tisn't like that really LOL*

So, November 5th already... remember, remember and all that. Are you having a bonfire party? Have you got any fireworks? We usually have some fireworks and I make sausages and baked spuds and tomato soup *actually, that makes me sound like I am a culinary queen - actually, Mr Sainsbury makes the sausage, Mr Farmer grows the spud and Mr Heinz makes the tommy soup LOL* Anyways, this year, alas, no fireworks for us *sob* I know that they are a contentious issue... some peeps hate them, others love them... I happen to love them and always have been a bit of a big kid on Bonfire Night... and so is AlfieCat, he sits on the window sill and watches them... never known a cat not be spooked by the whizzbangs! So... do tell, are you going to a display or staying indoors keeping warm? Whatever you are doing... have a brilliant day! Right, it is 05.25 and my peepers are closing... tried to sleep earlier, pain horrendous - I deffo need to get this backside of mine checked out now... so I got up and watched a bit of TV, faffed about blog hopping - isn't it addictive? Tripping all over the world looking at so many talented artists... anyways, off I go at a tangent again, waffling away when actually I should be snuggled down in my bed... Grim has gone off to work so I am thinking... sleeping in until he comes in from work at 2pm? Or... is that just tooooo lazy? LOL Thanks for looking... have a goodly day... TTFN

Hels x


Helen said...

That's just fantastic!

Jennie said...

this is lovely :)) and missus get your back checked out when Grim gets home!! that's an order
from the boss!! lol
hugs xx

Joanne said...

That is really delicate and very pretty. Hope you are listening to Jennie 'cos she is so right. Don't like fireworks, the smoke from them used to make me sick when I was little. I never let my kids have them after hearing about a little boy who lost his eye with a rocket that came through the kitchen window!! Ok in a proper pyrotechnique situation, but not the back garden. Soz, didn't mean to sound all political, but they are a pet strong hate of mine. Remember again though, Jennie is the boss..........
Luv Joanne xx

Tracy Evans said...

Lovely piece Hels, love the glossy accents. I would get your back checked out, not worth causing anymore damage. Lie in until 2pm I would LOL. Tracy Evans x

ellen said...

Love the DOOR hanging! We don't have bonfire day here - I like it!! Sorry I'll miss the fireworks. And yes... get your back checked. Definitely sleep in... it's not lazy when you're up til 5:30! Hope you got some good rest and your back is feeling better soon! Love ya hon. Els xx

Caz said...

Another lovely piece!
That answers my question of yesterday about the state of your injuries.....Jennie's right - GO GET YOURSELF CHECKED OUT!!!!!!
We'll all just keep nagging until you do!
Don't mind watching the fireworks through the window but not into having our own - I'm too much of a meanie to buy them - think of all the stamps/ink/paper you could buy with the money instead!
Enjoy your sleep - then go see the doctor!!
Caz xx

Brenda Brown said...

It's gorgeous Hels, love the contrast of colours and the elements added to it.
Just what you need when you want a lie in!!!!
Staying in tonight, family coming over for dinner. We will probably watch some fireworks over the weekend somewhere.
Luv {brenda} xxx

Anonymous said...

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