Monday, 18 October 2010

A Splendiforous Weekend...

...indeedily was had by me... I had a weekend of playdates with some loverly ladies... and yep, I remembered to take the camera, to put the battery in it... even to add the memory card into it... what I neglected to do was remember to take loads of photo's... so we have...erm... two... one from Saturday and one from Sunday...

This is Saturday's messy table... check out the jar of Quality Street... and there were still some left, even after being next to me all day!!

THANK YOU... to ALL the ladies who came along and made both classes such fun... AND... I do apologise again for that...erm, rolling and flicking a bogey description I gave out when trying to explain how to curl Grungepaper... mmm, maybe not my finest hour LOL

And this is Sunday afternoon - just before the Quality Street made an appearance LOL

And... I am pleased to say... me and Wendy are planning the next lot of playdates for November and December... and they will hopefully be online later this week/weekend... so, if you fancy seeing me be a total numpty and call things "wotsits, doodah's and jobbies" *cos my memory ain't what it used to be...* then I can guarantee that you will have a goodly time... I can say that cos I just know that the combination of making stuff, chattering away about all things crafty, eating chocolate and making new friends equals... a good time! Well, I have spent today lounging on the sofa watching TV recorded last week...and... you all kept THAT quiet didn't you... you know, that ... Colin Salmon was in last weeks episode... *I just watched tonight episode but alas, not there... resorting to looking at RA again (sorry Sioux... had to say that ROFL)* Anyways... tis time for bed said Zebedee... I have not a single piece of artwork to blog today... so I shall say... erm.. thanks for reading... and... get myself all inky and messy!! TTFN!

Hels x


Artyjen said...

Well...he is very watchable! :)
xoxo Sioux

ellen said...

WOW looks like you had great classes on both days! If you plan a class in November when I'm there - I promise I'll your your "Mario"... Hugs! Els xxxx

ellen said...

OOPS!!! Meant to say I'll BE your "Mario".... which is to say... I'll be your little helper... :)

Jennie said...

Looks like lots of mess and things and err whotsits ..rofl

Daniele said...

so glad you had a splendiforous weekend (loving that word) inks, stamps and quality street hhmmm crafting heaven

Susan Allan said...

Hi Hels
Looks like you all had great fun.
Have a good week
sue xx

karenm said...

Ha-ha, I used the same description to some of my students once. Most thought that it was funny, but some were quite disgusted. But it really is the best way to describe the process.

Joanne said...

One day, somehow, I WILL manage one of your workshops. I just love playing with all those wotsits and thingymebobs.
Luv Joanne xx

Joanna K said...

That was such a fantastic weekend, thank you soooo much! I learnt loads, including a new way to the Stamp Attic and a location of the microwave - okay, okay, confession time. I didn't click at first it was there either... but no need to admit it straight away, is there! ha ha ha lol! :) I had so much fun, lots of chocolate and a really good laugh! Will email you the piccie later today! Thanks again! x

Joy said...

Looks like you all had great fun xx

Pat said...

That table looks like a lot of fun is about to be had!

Hugs, Pat

susie f said...

We loved it!!! Mum and I both agreed it was soooo worth the journey! And I ROFL at the bogey rolling comment.....maybe I should say sorry too *hangs head in shame*.
I can def say we'll be back (in a fake Arnie, but less threatening than him way)
And as soon as I've made food I'll email the piccies to you!

Alisonw30 said...

Well one of your photos drew me in to have a read of the post (it was all the stash that did it...) so just taking 2 wasn't so bad was it?! Looks like you had fun x

Caz said...

Sunday was brilliant, thank you so much Hels - at least now I have no excuse not to use the metalwork tools!!
Just back from my 3 days in Leeds/Drax so hopefully I'll get a chance to put a piccie or two on the blog by the weekend.
Looking forward to doing some more f your workshops - it was so much fun.


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