Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Not Just Me...

... who had a splendiferous weekend... yes indeedily, my mate Ellen, you know, Ellen, who is coming all the way from America (mmm, I broke into song then... sorry if I made your ears bleed!! ROFL) Anyways... Ellen spent the weekend with THE Wendy Vecchi... a whole two days making art and playing with inks and generally having a ball. So... when Ellen said to me that she had booked her places on the weekend I wasn't at all Peeled Paint... well, maybe just a tidgey tinge... but... I was more excited than green... but I did say... please get a piccie of you two together for me... so she did... and here it is!!! **please note, I WANT/NEED/HAVE TO HAVE that tee shirt of Ellen's... tis so ... me!! I have got visions of rifling thru her suitcase before she is even off the plane LOL**

How COOL is that!!!! And... Ellen told Wendy that she is staying in the Wendy Vecchi Suite here at Chez HelsGrim... however, I have had to tell her... it has been renamed to the Ellen Vargo Wing already... thing is, what the poor lass doesn't realise is that it is the smallest room in the world (yep, Jeremy Clarkson voice again) but I don't think that will matter cos we are planning a week of no sleep anyways... speaking of which... it is now... 39 days til her arrival and I am getting more and more excited as each day passes!!! Moving on... have you seen my Mojo? Only, I seem to have misplaced it... remember last week with the huge panic about Xmas stash missing in action? And it was found? Well, I have tidied it and sorted it and generally cleaned up the mess that is my Room of Stash... and erm... lost my Mojo along the way... so still no arty stuff today... yikes, that is two days with nothing to show... I have a whole night to get inky cos Grim is off watching his team win ( I hope!) What a to do! All this time and no Mojo!!! I reckon I will have to go and get my 490 stamps out... that usually whets the old Mojo a bit... anyways... I am off to do ... erm... something ROFL Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


Fliss said...

I can see why you're so excited Hels and hope you have a fabulous time when Ellen gets here. Lucky thing she was to spend time with Wendy Vecchi - think I'm a bit Peeled Paint too!
Hope your mojo reappears too. I know what that like as mine's gone AWOL due to a horrible morning spent with one of my clients and a very difficult lady VAT inspector (the ladies are much worse than the men!!!)
Hope to enter this week's Sunday Stamper too if there's time.

ellen said...

We SOOO missed you in the classes this weekend... REALLY! WE DID! Next time we have to double-team Wendy! Fingers crossed we can make that happen one day, would be TOO fun!

Love ya hon! 39 days!

Hugs, Els xxx

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