Friday, 15 October 2010

It's The Funky....

*hands up who thought I was going to say... Phantom? Do you remember him? He was a cartoon when I was a kid and I used to annoy my parents by saying "it's the Funky Phantom" all the time LOL* Anyways... goodness knows where that came from... today is Friday.. meaning it is a Funky Friday... meaning it is my day for the Bubbly Funk DT... so, I have been getting inky and painty and made a little wall hanging using... well, I shalln't say what... cos all the deets are HERE if you would like to have a look :O))

The other cartoon I remember was... ooooh, cannot remember what it was called but it had a character called Grape Ape... do you remember him? I am seriously hoping you do and it isn't just me being a numpty... go on, you must remember, he used to say "GrapeApe, GrapeApe" in that voice... ah... a drawback of me waffling on on the t'internet... you can't hear me .. maybe there is a way of getting a voice recording onto a blog... now that would be coolio! *actually that is probably a good thing... can you imagine if a Blog was voice recorded... I would be here for hours ROFL* Anyways... nope, I haven't taken leave of my senses... just feeling a bit exhuberant today for some reason... maybe cos I miscalculated the days left til Ellen comes to stay... and it is actually 43 days today... yipyah and thrice... I so cannot wait! Right, chores to do... boooohisssss... and a box of Christmas Stash to unpack *even bigger boooohisssss ROFL* Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


ellen said...

Those gold roses are just TO DIE FOR.. love them!!! 43 days to go! Love ya... Els xxx

Lori said...

Yup, I'm with Ellen, the roses are scrummylicious. Love the plaque part, too, 43 days? whoohoo!

SusanK said...

Oh, I do remember Grape Ape! Cool flowers, btw!!!

Sandy said...

Oh wow your roses are absolutely unique. I´m a fan of it. I love this.

Have a lovely weekend too hun.

Kat said...

oooh how cool is this piece of art hels,The gold roses are just to die for, I love, love, love them

(the ATC is still missing in action)

Have a grate day,

Pat said...

Oh, how I love those roses! Hels, they would look so good on my 74th birthday card! nudge, hint, whine!

Hugs, Pat

She said...

LOVE these Gold it all actually! S xx

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