Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tick Tock... Vanilla Clock..

...there's a brand new monthly challenge over at Vanilla Sugar... the theme is Clocks... so I made one using some chipboard, stamps, inks and a clock mechanism I had laying about. All the deets about how I made it etc are HERE... There are some totally divine clocky pieces of art over there too from the other designers... and as is it a challenge, you can join in too :O))

So... today... all plans of tidying the Room of Trash went out of the window... I decided to have a little Nanna nap on the sofa this afternoon... and woke up... three hours later!!! And guess what woke me up! The phone ringing? Nope! The doorbell ringing? Nope! No ... it was the sound of squawking coming from the dining room... I went to investigate and there is my little predator, AlfieCat, with a baby wood pigeon under his paw... the birdy was ok, not a mark on him and just his feathers ruffled a bit and when Alf saw me, he did a little squeaky miaow (he has never mastered the miaow) and came running towards me... leaving baby pigeon sitting there looking a bit bemused. I went to pick the bird up and it pecked me... still I had to get it out of the house... so I managed to get hold of it and went to take it out when you will never guess what I found in the kitchen!!! A Daddy wood pigeon!!! Indeedily! Standing there, next to Alfie's food bowl, looking a bit guilty (if a bird can look guilty, but you know what I mean LOL) It appears that Daddy had come looking for baby and got distracted with Alfie's biscuits... do birds like cat food? That would explain a lot... I mean, if a chicken is cornfed it makes the flavour different doesn't it? So, I figure, if a pigeon ate Kit-E-Kat crunchies, he would taste of... erm... cat food.. kinda daft for the bird cos Alfie likes those crunchies... a lot!! Anyways, Daddy sees me and waddles off outside... I am still holding baby, which by this time has pecked my hand almost to the bone... when it promptly poo's all over my foot! It is supposed to be lucky isn' it??? Try telling that to my toenails ROFL
I am just thankful that the bird wasn't flying about... I might just have had a shower of .... I will leave the rest up to your imagination ROFL Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Linda Cain said...

You're a stitch! Too funny!

Helen said...

You do make me laugh. A shower of.... hmm, wonder what you mean!
Love your clock work (see, I can do puns too..)
I am off to check out the deets right now!

Lori said...

Don't you people use screens on the windows? roflmao!!! This is hysterical, and really, you should plant a video camera in your house to record these events... you'd have over a million hits on Youtube, I guarantee it. rofl. Oh, your art is as lovely as ever, too!!!

Cardarian said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha.....oh what a laugh!

crafty creations said...

lol thanks for starting my day with a laugh Hels.

Just love this canvas - fantastic !!

x Hilda

Joanne said...

Oh really Hels, you give me a laugh to start almost every day. My Toby brought a bird in once and his dadi had to catch it. That pecked him too but he didn't get the 'foot shower'!!!
Luv Joanne xx

Susan Allan said...

You are a great story-teller, Hels. I really enjoyed that. It made me smile.

Maybe 'babybird poo' could be a new shade of nail polish and we would all go out and buy it.

The clock is is lovely, Hels. I've always wanted to do a have just reminded me. Shall pop over again and read up on how you made it.

Great piece!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Lol! Wish I'd been a fly on the wall!! Lovely artwork hun! xx

Karen said...

Awe glad Alfie gave up the pigeon!!! Hope your finger is ok...they never seem grateful do they? hahaha!!!

Adore your clock my lovely XXX

Stamping Helen said...

Spooky - I read your mail this morning and a very similar thing happened to me just now! Sitting in the lounge trying to balance my credit card bill (grrrr rather have been sleeping!) when I hear screaming of the animal in pain/panic variety. Go to investigate and find one cat with very innocent expression sauntering out of downstairs loo. Look in to find a tiny baby bunny trying to squash himself into the corner - awwww! He seemed ok so let him go, but tell Alfie cat you prefer baby bunnies over pigeons as they don't try to savage you, or redecorate your feet! Note to self - no matter how hot it is KEEP THE DOORS SHUT! x

Val said...

Sooooooooo funny!!


She said...

Love your clock Hels. Tis good luck to have a bird poo-ing on you - so I've heard!! Certainly made me :-) S xxx

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